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really tough decision

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chiliplant Sun 10-Aug-14 12:44:19

Hi all, I have a really tough decision t make at work..whether t hand in my notice or not. Basically I have a boss from hell. Undermines what we do,lies, intimidates and has just said everything we have doe is rubbish.I basically don't have time t do the job I do let alone redoing all the work we have done.
I spend my time worrying and trying not t cry. The carers who work under me can see what's happening and have said I need t look after myself. My husband has said leave n get a bank job.

I'm just worried about losing SMP and letting my immediate boss down.she would have t cover all my shifts non top of her job.
Need some advice please. I just want t feel happy again.

BrixtonBunny Sun 10-Aug-14 13:24:14

Chili if you're having a terrible time at work I really think you should quit if you can afford it. In your current job will you get any other maternity pay apart from statutory? I think statutory pay is quite low anyway (around £500 a month) so you may find it doesn't make much difference financially.

Having had jobs which I've desperately hated in the past, I'd say if you can at all afford it then get out, and fast! X

chiliplant Sun 10-Aug-14 13:54:31

I don't think its much more than statutory pay. I've found I'm making mistakes because of staff shortages a and lack of time. I now spend a lit of time worrying about this.
Because its an area of work that requires lifting I'm worried about getting another job if I'm pregnant, even if its bank work.

T hank you for replying. It helps t hear an outside perspective.

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