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bleeding and other weird stuff going on help!

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starchild992 Tue 29-Jul-14 04:39:07

Hi I'm 7 weeks pregnant my ultrasound is next week I had a miscarriage two years ago doing ultrasound early. Can't wait a week though driving me crazy. Last week I had a light brown fluffy looking discharge the next day about three times as much and with red. Few days after I had sex and the day after I had a lot of pink fluffy looking discharge then stopped for a day then had leakage for a couple days panties getting wet no odor some small spots of blood when I wiped now that has stopped and I had sex again more pink discharge came today what is this? I have been cramping the whole time also not very painful but pretty frequent the last time I had a miscarriage only thing that happened was I bled bright red with sex after two months said baby stopped growing had dnc. This seems more normal is it?

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