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38+6 weeks, feet the size of boats and swearing like a bitch!!!! I'm so ready for this baby!

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Lilimum2be Fri 25-Jul-14 04:34:08

Well a bit of a moany ranty thread to just say I'm bloody fed up!!! Can hardly walk, tired all the time, toes now have rolls of fat, currently sporting cankles, sweating here there and everywhere and cannot sleep for anything!!!!
What can I do to make this happen I'm so over this, please say I'm not the only one! XxxxX

Cisforcat Sun 03-Aug-14 01:18:17

I don't have any advise except sending my sympathies!
I had my DD in dec who was ( very rudely) 15 days late and so I know exactly how you feel! I also had bad SPD so couldn't walk or do anything.

I tried everything- sex, pineapple, bouncing on a ball, curry, raspberry leaf tea etc etc to no avail So I can't offer any solutions.

I hope your not waiting too long but in the mean time try and rest up and enjoy the peace and quiet as best as you can.

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