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Due March 2015 - on the way to booking in, scans and morning sickness ahoy!

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notoasthere Tue 22-Jul-14 05:42:18

New thread ladies since we are nearly bursting the seams of the first one!

M27J5M Fri 25-Jul-14 09:36:23

Oh my :0 I've missed loads on here!

Doubt my ds will give me a chance to catch up on everything so I'll just say hope your all well and welcome any newbies smile

Can say today is defo gonna be a grumpy day for me :/

MGFM Fri 25-Jul-14 09:42:24

smoke you need to get that boy in the kitchen! You will be exhausted running round after him and a baby.

smokeandglitter Fri 25-Jul-14 09:42:41

Can I just say (a lot of GPs aren't aware of this) that if you suffer with Bipolar or a mood disorder, Cyclizine should be avoided as it has been linked to causing mania/hypomania in a similar way to SSRIs. I was offered it in hospital (not for pregnancy) but should never have been as it could have been very dangerous for me. There have also been reports that if you suffer with Depression or have suffered with it then you are more likely to suffer the 'low mood' side effect, so may want to discuss this with a Dr who is well read on Psychiatric care.

Thinking of all of you with terrible morning sickness.

Thanks Keeper, I just don't understand why and how some people don't notice. I mean, if they lived alone (without us housemaids wink), would they just live in squalor? Yes, if I ask for help with housework there's a lot of huffing, puffing and sighing as well as moaning, groaning and then arguments when I suggest a way that might be easier and more efficient (like not mopping a floor with washing up liquid or using cold water to wash up). It's good to know I'm not alone, thank you. smile I just wish I knew how to tackle it in a way that wouldn't cause disagreements and upset!

MGFM Fri 25-Jul-14 09:46:34

Just had my booking in appointment :-)

I think I am spoilt with my dh. Although I do the cookingwhen I am home. My dh can hold his own in theKkitchen and he makes a really good chocolate fondant. He is also pretty good with the vacuum and has def cleaned the bathroom more than I have. In my defence I have been away for most of this year. He is a super star. Available for loan in the Portsmouth area :-)

smokeandglitter Fri 25-Jul-14 09:55:14

Cross posted. Yes, that's a good idea re helping in the kitchen. Thanks Foscar! You're right, maybe a slow sort of build up would be good. I think it is definitely a case of too lazy and not seeing the importance rather than inability. I mean, my cousin who has Down Syndrome knows to read a packet and use the cooking instructions from there and DH seems to have gone without starving the times I've been ill and gone to my parents/into hospital.

MGFM, I know. Sometimes I want to strangle him. wink It's the only thing that's unnerving me about the future if this little one inside me goes to plan I don't want to 1. Have unrest in the house through having to remind DH through the little but important tasks of life and 2. Have to concentrate on looking after an adult that should be perfectly capable when I'll want to focus on a little person who needs me. At the same time, I do feel for him that he hasn't grown up understanding just how important these things are to learn for reasons including employability, self-respect and ability to cope if your partner is away/ill. I love his family, but due to the house really, they were never able to teach him that.

Rainbow555 Fri 25-Jul-14 10:00:21

Wow ohfourfox that is a very accurate description of how I am feeling too! It is very depressing to try different things and nothing works still nausea! I am getting tired of crackers, bread etc but can't face much else
butter I too got drugs and I felt worse, very depressing
Ssoooooooo glad it is the weekend hoping for a sleep in and a blob on the couch!

Sp1rals Fri 25-Jul-14 10:29:38

For those asking, the sleep bra I got was from asos. It's Emma Jane maternity. The sizes are just 32, 34 etc (which made me think pah this won't work even as I was clicking Buy) but it fits great. I'm normally a 32d and I got the 34 size if that helps. There's probably lots of different brands floating around out there.

I'm finding the nausea quite debilitating tbh. It's constant. During my last pregnancies I was violently sick a lot but actually that have some relief! This time it's just constant extreme nausea,

Ok I swear this just happened,, I stopped that sentence because I had to run into the bathroom and get sick. It was horrible but right now I am feeling a teeny bit of relief. So, live updates on the vom situation lol. I'm 6w3d, from experience this will be me for at least another 8 weeks.
Honestly, we all deserve medals. I swear if men did it there would be an honour roll.

Rainbow555 Fri 25-Jul-14 10:34:30

Live vom updates oh dear spiral things are bad! Glad that you maybe got some relief...happy to dish out the medals!!

Just been reading the nausea posts to dh so that maybe he can understand a bit more and I'm not just making it up or somrthing

ohfourfoxache Fri 25-Jul-14 11:04:32

Oh Butter that sounds even worse - nausea/sick/nausea is not a pleasant cycle sad

Rainbow I know - I used to love crackers but I'm beginning to detest the sight of them!

Sp1ral I hope you were able to get even a little bit of relief from talking to god down the big white telephone

Well, i saw the GP and showed her the list of things I've tried - her response was that I'd tried everything and there were things on there she wouldn't have thought of sad Bugger. So she's put me on metoclopramide (10mg 3x per day) and has signed me off for a week.

I was hoping she'd be able to suggest something miraculous - feeling a bit down tbh.

And just to bring me down further, the fabulous asos bra goes up to dd. I was <hollow laugh> an ff a couple of weeks ago - now I have to hold a boob in each hand when I get up from lying down sad

How the actual fuck can women say that they enjoy pregnancy?

Just cos I'm in one of these moods, can I offer everyone a <hug> please? And decaf brew and cake

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 25-Jul-14 11:09:54

Hello March antenatalers (much sympathy/empathy on the nausea - bleurgh)

Hope you don't mind us barging in like this, but in case you hadn't seen, we wanted to flag up Mumsnet's inaugural Bumpfest on September 27.

It's our one-day event all about birth and your baby's first 6 months. It's going to be packed with talks, workshops and activities to prepare you for becoming a parent - and, we like to think, also useful for those who've done it before but fancy a refresher. 'No fluff, no guff - just the facts you need from those in the know', as our tagline has it <twiddles glasses>.

We'd love to get some of you along (it is in London so apologies to those for whom that's too much of a trek) and can offer a group discount of one-third off the ticket price for bookings of three or more tickets (chance for a meet-up? grin).

If you take advantage of Early Bird offer too and book before August 3, that means tickets for £43.55 per person - a price that includes lunch, drinks and snacks (all guaranteed pregnancy-appropriate) PLUS a goody bag filled with swag worth more than the reduced ticket price.

If you fancy it, one person needs to book the tickets (in groups of three or more: you'll need the names & email addresses of those in your group) and enter the discount code BumpGroup in the promo code link.

The BumpGroup promo will continue to apply (one-third off!) but remember that the Early Bird offer runs out on August 2.

Here endeth the promotional message. Thanks for listening and hope you see you there - and very best of luck to everyone.


smokeandglitter Fri 25-Jul-14 11:10:00

((hugs to you too ohfourfoxache))

KeeperOfTheZoo Fri 25-Jul-14 11:23:10

Oh no OhFour - makes me moaning about being pretty much symptomless seem even more pathetic now! We can't win can we - we moan when it's hot, we moan when it's cold; we moan when we feel sick, we moan when we don't... aren't we a hard bunch to please?! grin

I guess somewhere in the middle for all of us would be quite nice - enough of a feeling to make us "feel" pg, but not enough to really make us feel bleurgh.

PickledPorcupine Fri 25-Jul-14 11:35:15

Just had to tell my hairdresser because I'm wretching and he thought I was dying! Feeling so sexy ��

persepolis123 Fri 25-Jul-14 11:39:53

Sp1rals you have my sympathies. The sickness has really kicked in for me this week too. In a way I’m relieved because it means everything is ticking along as it should but with DS it carried on until 20 weeks so I might still have a way to go. However, last time I didn’t feel nauseous all day every day like I do now, I would be sick and then feel better. This is much worse. There seems to be no let up.

smokeandglitter thanks for mentioning that. I was considering asking for something to help with the sickness but I have a history of depression so it might not be a good idea. I’ll just have to ride it out. Have been sick six times already this morning!

persepolis123 Fri 25-Jul-14 11:42:17

Now everything tastes funny. Even my glass of water!

NotAQueef Fri 25-Jul-14 11:48:10

persepolis123 I know what you mean. I have taken to drinking filtered water only now. NOTHING tastes right.

I feel less sick now and even a bit hungry but for the first time since being pg I haven't brought lunch with me - what to buy?

I had a mcdonalds really healthy dinner last night and regretted it almost immediately. Should have known as I seem to only want to eat sour fruit (and get v disappointed when it's sweet).

charlieis30 Fri 25-Jul-14 11:51:00

Hi everyone! Bad day today. I'm still in Singapore, spent the day on the internet sobbing at the pictures from the Dutch commemorations of the MH17 crash. Pregnancy hormones ahoy! Then got worse-than-normal (but not super painful) cramps, so freaked out and tried to get in to have an ultrasound somewhere here but no luck. DH was off in meetings all day. Tried to go out for a walk but it's over 30 degrees and very humid so made it for about 10 mins before giving up.
Flying tomorrow and really freaked out about 12h+ flight (mostly because I'm terrified I'm ectopic and am going to bleed to death on the plane, obviously being super rational right now). Have primed my DH to get them to re-route the plane if I do(!!!). 5h flight last week was awful so not looking forward to longer one.
At least then I'll be home in Blighty and if things go wrong I can see my GP. Thinking about trying to move my Friday 1st private scan up to Monday or Tuesday just to calm me down a bit.

FoscarC Fri 25-Jul-14 12:47:02

Oh charlie I hope you are ok.

I am still feeling so much better. But still have some symptoms which is making me happy. Am finding it harder to find things that I want to eat. My wonderful dh has signed me up to get graze boxes twice a week and today's one had olives in. I normally love olives but they nearly
Made me Vomit. Gross!! And I've gone off all tea and coffee and nuts. I used to love nuts. I seem to just want beige carbs. Marmite on toast. Breadsticks, Peanut butter on rivettas. Crisps. And pear drops, wine gums, and other sour fruit sweets. And I was never a sweetie person before. Someone brought in apple puff pastry things and I can't do it. Too mush sweetness and apple. My appetite has dropped off but I have to eat otherwise I do get nauseous. I feel for those of you really sick. A few weeks of constant nauseous was enough for me. I'm still shattered but so so much better. It's a relief.

pinkandstripey Fri 25-Jul-14 13:27:39

Massive sympathy to everyone puking and nauseous thanks, sounds grim sad

Last week, DS had HFM and has just stopped being contagious. This week, dp has HFM. 2 weeks ago I'd never heard of it!!

Yes to food misery, I keep trying to eat various things and on the first mouthful realising that I hate whatever it is sad green vegetables and plain carbs are about the only things I don't hate.

charlieis30 Fri 25-Jul-14 13:29:15

Hi FoscarC! Mmmm, beige carbs. I bought a Moleskine notebook today to start a pregnancy diary and I started with food aversions. This week: rare meat (actually all meat esp chicken), eggs, milk, cheese, ice cream (*sob*!), coffee. So basically all the stuff I can't eat anyway, how convenient for me!
Foods I can/want to eat: carbohydrates! Today's breakfast 2 slices of toast with jam and a couple of glasses of apply juice, lunch was chips and mashed sweet potato, sooo healthy. Appetite is see-sawing, starving then nothing at all. Plus I hardly eat anything before I feel full.

charlieis30 Fri 25-Jul-14 13:31:54

DH is sick at the moment with something he's picked up somewhere over here (you never really know in Asia) and I've (sorry TMI) had the runs for the 3 weeks we've been here. Trying to drink a lot of water to compensate. Hope it's a bug rather than a bigger problem. Can't WAIT to get back to England!

pinkandstripey what is HFM?

smokeandglitter Fri 25-Jul-14 13:56:24

Anyone interested in BumpFest?

Thanks for the advice, lovelies, re: DH. We are going to start cooking a couple of times a week in the evenings together so I can teach him skills in the kitchen. Housework I have mentioned but will attempt to tackle later. <3

Foscar the graze boxes sound great! Such a shame about the olives! Sorry to both pink and Charlie about your DHs and hope everyone's ms improves!

Butterpuff Fri 25-Jul-14 14:23:01

All I wanted was a quiet Friday......oh no, not a chance. Just as I am getting to the eat or vomit, or eat and vomit or not eat and vomit part of the day, the skies opened and work flooded. Nice.

Butterpuff Fri 25-Jul-14 14:26:03

oh foscar I used to get the graze boxes. Yummy, though I wouldn't do it now that I only eat beige food.

Charlie sounds really rotten, loved Singapore when we went, but also had a travel bug and it was painful. I couldn't imagine doing it now.

KeeperOfTheZoo Fri 25-Jul-14 16:05:39

Somebody at work gets the Graze boxes, I am tempted...

Butterpuff oh no!! Whereabouts are you?? Think we're supposed to get some hefty showers on Sunday here in the North west - on the day we're planning on having a big family BBQ and telling our parents/siblings about being pg!! angry sad

In other news, I need a really big, hard, virtual slap!! I admit it, I've been bad. Really bad....I took another test! blush Obviously I know I'm pregnant for God's sake, I even did a digi last week so I could see the actual word. It's just that I have been pretty much symptomless for a couple of days, apart from exhaustion and breathlessness, and I found myself worrying myself stupid over it.

In my defence, I did only succumb to buying tests from the pound shop. And in further defence of my indefencible actions, technically the test was only 50p as it was a 2-pack for a pound. Although that does now mean that there's a spare test sitting upstairs in my knicker drawer....
<feels herself being deservedly slapped countless times by everyone reading this>

Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering - it was positive! of course it was you bloody fool grin

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