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Help me - am I stupid - I can't put my cot together

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Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 10:28:45

I have been given a cot, a Mamas and Papas what looks like a Sherwood, but I cannot figure out how to put it together as there are no instructions with it. Has anyone got any instructions they can post for me? Any help gratefully appreciated!!!

I don't want to have to wait til DH comes in, need to prove I can actually do something without him!

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:20:39

Hi devongirl,

I dont have the sherwood, but have got the calypso mamas and papas cot..and instructions. I wonder if all mamas and papas cots are similar?

Would you like me to sort out the intructions, I could post what the component parts are and see if they are the same and go from there, if you would like..

Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:29:12

Saka anything would help! Even just the order that things need to go together in! I can see where everything is meant to go, and i know what the end product is meant to look like, but the slidey side doesn't stay up, and I just doubt that it's right! So if you could just post a rough version of the instructions for me that would be a godsend!

Thank you so much


saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:31:44

Ok..hang on and Ill crack open the box, Ive not attempted it yet!

one second...


Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:33:52

Aw you're lovely, thanks!

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:35:59

8 assembly screws
4 base brackets
4 base bracket nuts
1 allen key
head end 1
cot sides 2
foot end 1
base 1


KBear Sun 10-Sep-06 11:38:17

Ah, the Krypton Factor event of cot-assembly. I remember doing this as 8 months pg and struggling, trying to do it before DH got home. Take a tip from me, wait for another pair of hands to arrive!

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:38:38

My pleasure devongirl!

Step 1
Attach the head end to one of the cot sides. Ensure that the plastic teething rail is at the top and the matress height mark faces INTO the cot.

Slot two assembly screws through the top and bottom holes in the cot side and into the holes at the head end. Tighten them with allen key?

.....Assembly screws are long and straight with a kind of nut/disc thing...

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:40:03

Step 2

Attatch the foot end to the cot side.
Slot two assembly screws through the top and bottom holes in the cot side and into the holes in the foot end.
Tighten them with the allen key

trinityshiftingherleatheryarse Sun 10-Sep-06 11:41:24

good ness, if your stupid then I'm really dumb cause when I bought my cot and HAD instructions it still took me and my friend what seemed like hours to figure it out

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:41:56

Step 3

ok so far?

Attatch the remaining cot side to the head and foot ends, ensure that the plastic teething rail is at the top and the matress height mark faces into the cot.

Slot 4 assembly screws through the top and bottom holes in the cot side and into the holes i the head and foot ends. Tighten with allen key


Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:42:19

Yes this is kind of right, except I don't have base brackets and I DO have two metal poles for the side to slide up and down on. But so far the instructions make sense, so carry on if that's ok!

Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:44:52

Oy Kbear, no negativity!! DH must think I have turned from a pretty hands on DIY ish kind of gal to a lump of useless lard in the space of 6 months cos I can't finish a job, so I am totally determined to crack this today!

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:46:00

step 4

get the base brackets (xs 4)

They are bent L shaped screws with one smooth arm and one twisted screw type arm...

Slot the unthreaded ends of the four base brackets into ONE of the four base heights in the cot ends. Ensure they are all at the same height.. After fitting the unthreaded ends must be facing upwards.

Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:46:20

Trinity, maybe the instructions put you off! Maybe I am better off winging it! - it's the right shape so far, it's just that the side doesn't stay up... which kind of defeats its purpose a little bit

trinityshiftingherleatheryarse Sun 10-Sep-06 11:46:44

lol whoops

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:47:07

Ohhhhh typo! The THREADED ENDS should be facing upwards...
its fine! really my pleasure!

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:48:23

OK...step 5
Attatch the base with the information label facing upwards.

Lower the base onto the brackets so the threaded ends of the brackets fit into the holes in the corners of the base

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:51:59

Step 6

Push the base bracket nuts into the holes in the corners of the base and screw them onto the threaded ends of the base brackets using the allen key....

mamas and papas customer service 08708307700....

That should be it...

erm...mine has allegedly sludy mention of how to fit them so they slide..perhaps something to do with the base being th eright way up ... one sec..Ill read again..make sure I havent missed anthing on the picutres..

Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:52:10

Right, all making sense so far - I can see at least one place I have gone wrong (the base is upside down!)

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:55:04

Just got out the catalogue....ohhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooo my cot doesnt have 'unique one handed drop side/' In fact it appears my sides dont drop at all! I thought that was standard on a 150 pound mamas and papas cot! What a mistake...sorry to waste your time, devon girl....My sides are fixed! Nightmare!

Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:56:37

No don't be daft, you haven't wasted my time because you've sorted out at least one problem for me!

I am sure someone else with a drop sided cot will come along sooner or later,

Thanks again

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 11:57:00

Wondering if I can send cot back...Ive only got the intructions out the box..I had no idea the sides didnt drop..and after having one baby, I know that that isnt really an optional extra...

Can I cry now please?

Sorry devon girl....

Devongirl Sun 10-Sep-06 11:58:51

Oh Saka, I'm sorry - what a shame. I am sure you'll be able to swap it as it's a genuine mistake. It's weird that they even make fixed sides ones. At least you've found out now x

saka Sun 10-Sep-06 12:04:56

Its fine, Im just relieved I found out now, not when I had scratched it putting it together. It is definately going back!

I really hope you get your cot put together. Once I start doing a job like that, I cant just give up either...hug!

So actually, you did me a huge favour, by prompting me to get the instructions out! It is a pretty cot...but no drop side, that is just silly!

Ill be fine...get there in teh end..this is my second cot - the first had to go back as it was delivered water damaged!

When is your baby due devongirl?

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