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It's all balls, bicycles, and babies for the PESH!

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evilgiraffe Fri 27-Jun-14 15:39:25

Antenatal fred for BESH graduates


Faith - pinky faithlet arrived 14th April 2013
Pinkr - suitably pinky one arrived 25th August 2013
Jethro - blue one arrived 23rd September 2013
Noks - pink one arrived 12th January 2014
Frankel - large pink one arrived 10th March 2014
Merks - pink one landed safe and sound 21st March 2014
Sinky - Stubborn blue one arrived 26th March 2014
Driz - blue one arrived 12th June 2014
Kat - pink one arrived 21st June 2014


Draf - Expecting a late pink one EDD 19th June
Winks - EDD 26th June
Ginger - Miniginger due 13th August
Dor - A very special pink one expected 18th August
Euro - eager Centime expected to arrive a lot sooner than 28th August
Buggerlugs - Buglet due 20th October
Fankle - ESHlet expected 4th January
Cunty - Minichops expected 7th February

So the June cluster is halfway through laying, and then we're on to the July/August batch! Are we even going to have time for Wimbledon and Le Tour and the World Cup in all this excitement?!


TheOriginalWinkly Wed 03-Sep-14 20:29:22

New fred here, sorry if there's any errors in dates

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 20:16:37

Please Winks, I'm not near a laptop tonight to do it....unless Fankle or Cunty want to.

TheOriginalWinkly Wed 03-Sep-14 20:10:22

How long until the histology results are likely to get back? Please please don't beat yourself up, there was no way you could have known it wasn't IBS.

I can fling on a new fred if that suits everyone, unless an actual PESH wants to do it.

ALittleFaith Wed 03-Sep-14 19:19:03

sinks I'm so sorry this is happening. Don't beat yourself up though, you know these things are often masked by stuff like IBS. I hope you and R are ok.

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 19:17:38

It's out. Waiting for him to get returned from theatre to itu. Need to wait for histology. I forgot to ask the surgeon what GHJ knows. Fuck. He's always complained/joked about his ibs. Turns out it was a great fuck off tumour. Fat lot of good both of our medical training did there, eh?

FrankelandFilly Wed 03-Sep-14 18:49:02

Oh god Sinks I'm sorry. Can any of us do anything to help?

Can someone start a new fred pretty quickly? We're running low on posts.

ALittleFaith Wed 03-Sep-14 18:32:13

Oh sinks sad

TheOriginalWinkly Wed 03-Sep-14 18:29:52

Oh sinks. Fucking fuck.

GingerScouse Wed 03-Sep-14 18:24:31

Oh god sinks <clutches a toe>

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 18:22:44

Oh God Sinks. Being of the medical profession you will know a lot more about this than I do but it may not be the worst kind. We're here for you always.

eurochick Wed 03-Sep-14 18:22:02

Fucking hell, sinks. Have they removed it?

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 18:21:03



evilgiraffe Wed 03-Sep-14 16:23:47

Bloody hell, sinks, that's frightening. Fingers crossed the consultant gets back to you promptly. Have you got any sports drinks in? They're quite good for rehydrating you without making you feel sick, I find.

We had to take Oldcat to the get this morning as HOTB came downstairs for breakfast and found her almost unable to stand and when she did, she can't walk in a straight line and can only turn to the left. She's been given cortisone and antibiotics, but diagnosis is infection or tumour or stroke. If the antibiotics don't help it must be one of the other two, so only reasonable course is to put her to sleep. Taking her back in tomorrow for reassessment. Poor HOTB was in bits this morning, I feel like a callous bitch by comparison (she's always preferred him to me).

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 16:20:32

So the doctors receptionist called me back. The doctor has said that I've to go to my local chemist and ask the pharmacist what pain relief I can take.

So bad advice from the dentist and a bit of a shrug off from the doctors.

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 16:01:56


TheOriginalWinkly Wed 03-Sep-14 15:51:15

Aw fuck blush

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 15:37:11

I will do my very best to nipple a biscuit winks

TheOriginalWinkly Wed 03-Sep-14 15:32:14

Bloody hell sinks that's scary stuff. Do try to at least sip some water and nipple a biscuit or something. Hope GHJ makes a very speedy recovery

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 15:03:33

Agree with Faith Sinks. Make yourself a cup of tea and some toast if you can face it just to get something in you.

Faith I saw the dentist 2 weeks ago who diagnosed haw clenching and teeth grinding and advised soft food for a while. The pain eased thankfully but just came back last night. Spoke to the dentist again today and the receptionist told me to take ibuprofen..... worryingly since its not advised in pregnancy. She also advised to speak to my GP so I'm waiting for a call back from them now.

I'm wondering if the relaxin hormone that makes everything more supple makes it easier to strain the jaw. I did eat a few chewy sweets yesterday and had some quite chewy meat for tea in a pie so maybe my jaw is just over sensitive atm?!

ALittleFaith Wed 03-Sep-14 14:59:29

Leave it til you really know what's going on sinks. Give yourself some time.

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 14:58:38

A friend phoned after she missed me at a baby class, offering childcare if needed, which is great.

Can't face ringing people and having to explain everything though.

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 14:54:00

Lost my reply when posting. angry

Summary - head fried. Likely hysterical inlaws enroute. Splitting headache, prob dehydrated but can't face anything.

Consultant has promised to ring me when ghj's out of theatre. Not really sure when that'll be. They think he'll go to hdu or itu after. Fuck.

ALittleFaith Wed 03-Sep-14 14:53:58

Oh my goodness Sinks that's awful. I hope it's nothing too serious. Let us know if there's anything we can do.

bugs might be worth a trip to the dentist?

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 14:46:38

Jeez Sinks that sounds scary. Have you got any support to help you out?

Am thinking this is more than an over worked jaw as there has been no respite from the pain since last night. Temps 36.5 so not looking like an infection. Bit puzzled what to do TBH.

FrankelandFilly Wed 03-Sep-14 14:33:22

Oh god Sinks that's awful. I hope things improve rapidly, we're here for handholding.

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