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Heavy bleeding in early pregnancy :((

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SandySandy78 Sun 08-Jun-14 21:16:53

I found out I was pregnant on wed started light spotty wed evening some cramping fri and heavy bleeding so went to a&e they took bloods which confirmed I was pregnant and levels were 72. I'm still bleeding heavy and have lost some tissue like stuff but no big clots I've got an app tmw at epu but not feeling very hopeful sad anyone else been thro this or similar xx

eurochick Mon 09-Jun-14 12:33:33

Hi Sandy. There are lots of threads about bleeding in the Pregnancy Topic. I had a lot of bleeding (every day for 3 weeks) in the first tri and this pregnancy is still going at 28 weeks. When I mc'd I had no bleeding until after the mc had been discovered by a scan. So although it is worrying it doesn't always mean the worst. I hope your appointment today goes well.

Lanabelle Mon 09-Jun-14 12:36:48

Yes and its horrible but it worked out ok. Just don't immediately think the worst and go to your appointment tomorrow. I had a scan at 6 weeks to confirm pregnancy was ongoing

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