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Just Shagging Grads Thread 9 - Roll Up, Roll Up all you graduated Viroids!

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HungryHorace Sat 07-Jun-14 21:41:14

Welcome to the 9th grads thread...celebrating the success of Just Shagging in getting us viroids upduffed. :-)

The thread we have graduated from is here in its 24th outing!

There is also a Just Mumming thread in postnatal once your babies come along, or to keep up with the graduated graduates!

For those not in the know, a viroid is an autocorrected version of 'ladies' from the 1st JS thread, which then stuck.

So, roll call below please, viroids. :-)

HungryHorace Sat 07-Jun-14 21:43:43

Just Mumming here

HungryHorace Sat 07-Jun-14 21:44:34

Link fail!!

HungryHorace Sat 07-Jun-14 21:45:36

In date order...

2nd Child
EDD 07.08.14 (ELCS date to be given 11.06.14)

1st child
EDD 21/10/2014

First child
EDD: 8/11/14

Third child
EDD 30/11/2014

Name: Minion
1st child (after the man child)
EDD: 10 DEC 2014..

1st non furry child.
EDD: 5/1/15

1st child
EDD: 09/01/15

2nd child
EDD 18/1/2015

RPopz Sat 07-Jun-14 21:47:31

Wahey! Thanks Horace grin

JuniDD Sat 07-Jun-14 21:49:22

hurrah! hello shiny new thread. smile

DulcetMoans Sat 07-Jun-14 22:13:17

Yay! Thanks horace!

wilhelmeaner Sat 07-Jun-14 22:25:03

Thanks Horace!

Nessalina Sat 07-Jun-14 23:43:24

A new thread! Hurrah!

1st child (a boy!)
EDD 4/11/14

Minion Sun 08-Jun-14 06:17:22

Oooh me likey!

Minion Sun 08-Jun-14 07:27:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JuniDD Sun 08-Jun-14 07:46:29

So nub theory would suggest that's a girl? I don't think mine has a nub! I think it's a boy (but I think they're all boys!).

HungryHorace Sun 08-Jun-14 08:48:22

Ooh, are we going to play that game?!

I'm going to dig out my 12 week scan. :-)

HungryHorace Sun 08-Jun-14 08:52:27

Here we go!

RPopz Sun 08-Jun-14 09:47:47

Ooh Min I missed yours! I wouldn't be any help anyway I'm a scan novice! Hehe.

HungryHorace Sun 08-Jun-14 09:53:01

Min, I was going to suggest you may want to crop yours to remove detail. :-)

Nessalina Sun 08-Jun-14 10:18:29

Lol! Did I just miss Min outing herself? grin

zenry Sun 08-Jun-14 10:18:40

So this is mine. See that thin white line pointing down? Apparantly thats a girl nub! Still convinced its a boy though.

Nessalina Sun 08-Jun-14 10:22:33

Here's my super fuzzy offering - we know it's a boy so there should be no nub then?

RPopz Sun 08-Jun-14 10:32:22

Aah now I see why you removed it hehe!

HungryHorace Sun 08-Jun-14 10:45:07

So, what's mine then, zenry? I'm crap at nub theory!

And yes, you did, Ness! Not that I saw as you can't enlarge photos on your phone, but I could tell the header was still on the scan picture.

zenry Sun 08-Jun-14 11:03:10

Right nub theory is- boy: at an angle of 30 degrees or more to the spine
Girl: parallel to the the spine or pointing down.
My boys never had a nub visible on their scans.

horace not sure I can see a nub but im feeling a girly looking at your scan

HungryHorace Sun 08-Jun-14 11:08:07

Not long til we find out! I love the guessing games, but I'm impatient to find out now too. :-)

Sick of being told I'm huge and the jokey asking if I'm sure it's not twins. Sigh.

Then there's the 'will you have a third to try for a boy if it's another girl?' Answer to that is, 'God, no...too old and too knackered for a third!'

Besides, the sex doesn't really matter to me.

Nessalina Sun 08-Jun-14 11:12:54

I'm determined that me & DH won't become one of those couples with 5 sons still going for a daughter, but we would love a girl... Next time TTC we'll be trying all the old wives girl-conception tricks, lol!
We do want a boy too (luckily!), I'd just be sad if we didn't have a girl, so currently imaginary baby number two will be the clincher, lol.

zenry Sun 08-Jun-14 11:18:07

We would love a baby girl but have both decided 3 is enough. Plus I will be 36 when they are all old enough to fend for themselves grin

I do like the idea of three boys but I will have to get some extremely female scents to cut through the wall of link when they are teenagers grin

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