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December 2014 Thread #4

(976 Posts)
miraculous2 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:01:31

Stats anyone?! grin

CatFaceCrayola Mon 02-Jun-14 23:05:35

Phew. Was too nervous to start it myself. Stats were on page 2 of last thread...on phone though

miraculous2 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:19:38

Sorry I don't know where to find the stats link - I've never seen them. Newbie... blush

espa we're in Glasgow!

ladylel I thought maybe 37/38 weeks but the registrar at my booking appt said they'll schedule me in any time from 36 weeks. Meeting consultant at twins clinic next Monday and again 23rd June for 16 week scan appt. Then I'm in every two weeks (apart from being away weeks 18-21) until week 28. Pretty hefty on the scanning up here... And no, there will never be enough time!!!

Is anyone else Rhesus Negative? That just came through with my bloods.

Good luck with scan tomorrow, bighairy

PolytheneGirl Mon 02-Jun-14 23:24:16

Stats Page

Somersetgirl1990 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:32:22

Miraculous I'm rhesus negative.... Dp's mum thinks he is as well though so am forcing him down to the doctors to have a blood test! Did you get a phonecall to say that you're rhesus negative?

miraculous2 Mon 02-Jun-14 23:40:34

well done polythene - I added myself and you got the link up while I was doing that.

somerset it was just a letter with an info leaflet. My mum and wee bro had big problems with this when he was born. I'll ask DM (when I can remember two things at the same time) confused

Really long day tomorrow. Must. Sleep. Not. Chat.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Tue 03-Jun-14 06:00:46

Somerset I don't think it will affect your dp. It only matters if you are pregnant doesn't it? My dp's blood type is A- it doesn't mean anything except the blood donor people harass him almost daily for his super rare blood. (I also get harassed for my super common O+ blood of course).

ChineseFireball Tue 03-Jun-14 06:24:00

Morning everyone smile just marking place. Off to catch up on the last bits of the old thread now


SassehMonsta Tue 03-Jun-14 06:28:14

Marking my place!

So, over the weekend I seem to have gained a bump - eeek! Quite excited about it, and really looking forward to my scan this time next week. Haven't been sick since last Thursday (fingers crossed) but have spent almost all of that time away from home so will see how or if that changes now I'm back home and back to work.

Holiday was lovely, I've started walking in slow mode, and started getting a sore back at times, though think this was down to a awkward step I took on Friday. Nice to be away with the family, even if it just confirmed to me just how little contact my youngest sibling is going to have with my child - none! Mid-strop (he's 14!) He turned round and told me he hoped I die and that my baby dies inside me.... No way is he coming to visit! Luckily only my mum heard, pretty sure my dad and other brother would have disowned him or killed him at that point. Mum took him home a day early. Grrr. But that was the only downside to the holiday, so a good time was had.

Anyone else started eating for 2 when they can?


LisaC2611 Tue 03-Jun-14 06:41:16

Morning all marking my place x

espa Tue 03-Jun-14 06:52:41

miraculous aha that makes more sense! Think there's a few of us from Scotland on the thread smile

Still feeling icky this morning. Was hoping by 11 weeks it would be gone. 10+6 today and with what feels like an ever increasing tummy. At least once the news is public I won't need to worry about hiding it (or failing to!).

BigHairyLeggedSpider Tue 03-Jun-14 06:53:27

shock @Sassehs brother! What brought that on? You'd obviously pooed om his pillow or something!

Added mwswlf to spreadsheet. Reassuring to see so many in late 30s!

Cramping still here but no blood so shant worry till scan otherwise will go mad. Seem to have developed a very pragmatic streak since being pregnant.

BigHairyLeggedSpider Tue 03-Jun-14 06:54:51

Is anyone else around 13 weeks having cramps? 13+2

SassehMonsta Tue 03-Jun-14 07:24:37

Was having cramping over the weekend but also no blood etc.

And no big, he was having a strop over doing badly at crazy golf and I was closest person to lash out and hurt. At least it's no longer a physical lashing out anymore, he's learnt to control that, which is good as he's quite a lot taller than me (I'm only 5ft!). He has issues, but nothing diagnosed he's just a very difficult child. Lots of agencies now involved to help him in last year or so, but it's going to be a long process! Dh really despises him.

SassehMonsta Tue 03-Jun-14 07:25:41

Oh yes, here's the bump that appeared almost overnight at 11+5...!

SassehMonsta Tue 03-Jun-14 07:27:31

Silly kindle... try again!

Ladylel Tue 03-Jun-14 07:32:48

They did mention lots of Scanning but ATM it's just the normal mw appts and the normal anomaly on 15th July, spose it depends once I see mw in 2 weeks what'll happen between now and then. 36 weeks is very early nov for me :/ altho if that's the case it means I can go to my friends wedding on the 28th nov wahey! Obv dependant on how I'm feeling but I'm adamant I want to go/need to be there. Altho resigned myself to the fact I am missing the ceremony sad

BigHairyLeggedSpider Tue 03-Jun-14 07:39:46

Sasseh my sympathies. I have a very difficult sibling, and its tough as I'm torn between frustration, anger and hurt at her vile behaviour, and the fact I still love her as shes my sister. I hope the support he is getting helps.

I did read that the uterus moves out of the pelvis at 13 weeks, which could account for the cramping...

Pepsiaddict Tue 03-Jun-14 07:58:48

I'm rhesus negative and DH is positive so I had to have anti-D at 28 weeks last time. DD was neg as well so didn't need any more after birth - thank goodness, it's a horrible injection! There's a new blood test that they do at 16 weeks to look for free foetal DNA which can tell them the baby's blood group - if neg you don't need anti-D but if positive you'll be offered it. There's a chance it could be inconclusive.

Cramping and round ligament pain is quite normal as the uterus stretches and can be really uncomfortable.

Glad the sickness has eased a bit Sasseh and sorry that your brother was being so difficult. Easier said than done but at 14 I'd ignore him and don't give him the attention that he seems to be seeking with inflammatory comments.

Whatsonemore Tue 03-Jun-14 07:59:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LissieD Tue 03-Jun-14 08:20:51

Can I join? Expecting dc2. Due 26 Dec unless scan next week gives me a different date.

DrewsWife Tue 03-Jun-14 08:39:04

miraculous im in Ayrshire. at least there sre enough of us to arrange a coffee morning one day.

today I am 11 weeks. grin very excited. I got my taste back yesterday. it felt great so I ate too much and felt sick hahaha.

boss apologised in his own way for his temper tantrum last week. I looked like utter crap and he panicked. I didnt get an actual sorry but I understood he wanted to say it.

scan in 2 weeks. looking forward to seeing baby is ok. hubby is still continuing with his reading to baby plan. baby doesnt get hearing until 16 weeks grin but he reckons baby will already feel the vibrations and recognise him when he does finally hear

littlepickly Tue 03-Jun-14 08:47:29

Hi all,

Just marking my place and have updated my stats too smile

Have just been to see my friends 8 week old twin boys at the weekend and am in absolute awe of her - she is doing amazingly well!!

And also this morning we have a new niece - my bro and his wife have just had their 2nd baby girl - babies everywhere at the moment!

Hoping for a boy now otherwise it's going to be girly overload in our family!

Hope you all have a lovely day and those with scans all goes well smile

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 03-Jun-14 08:47:48

I'm rh- too, I was told when I had a termination about six years ago and it meant nothing to me then! I think I'm also A- but I can barely remember! Going into London today for work and dreading it. Need to figure out the bus stops from my new house and just cannot be arsed.

ffallada Tue 03-Jun-14 08:48:05

Hi Lissie, welcome and congrats! Have you added yourself to the stats sheet?
My scan is at 10 and despite myself I am looking forward to it.

miraculous which hospital are you going to? It was one of the first questions the GP asked me and I said the southern general as the parking is easier there than at the PRM (the PRM has that PFI car park but it costs a fortune! Parking is free at the southern) In hindsight that's a crappy reason to pick a hospital! I've heard good things about the PRM but very little about the southern so am planning to change after my 20 week scan.

I have another Glasgow question but I won't bore you with it ATM!

I'm off to put on some good underware - just in case (it would make my mum proud)

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