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October 2014 - thread 7: blooming or just blooming hot?

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YellowWellies Sat 31-May-14 15:14:54

Hello all new thread! grin

TheBuggerlugs Sat 31-May-14 15:15:38

<marks spot>

<oiks up new maternity leggings that keep falling down for the millionth time today>

FlipFantasia Sat 31-May-14 15:47:25

New thread - yay!

magichandles Sat 31-May-14 15:53:32

Marking spot. I've had a shit week - two ill children so I didn't leave the house for 5 days - so I took myself out today, only the tube lines I needed weren't working so I ended up trekking round loads and I'm now knackered! Was nice to get out though!

tothesea27 Sat 31-May-14 16:08:58

Thanks for the new thread! 21+1 today, feeling the baby kick a lot at the moment. My husband felt it for the first time last night...which was exciting. We still argue a bit over names... I blame my husband, as he's terrible at compromise haha!

ldt87 Sat 31-May-14 16:15:00

Hi all, here's my blue bump at 21+2. Starting to see changes now, feeling lots of movement too xx

gunwalloe Sat 31-May-14 16:30:00

Has everyone got a bump now? Im still in normal clothes and haven't put any weight on being tall is a bummer when it comes to getting a nice bump

diamondbutterfly Sat 31-May-14 16:54:10

How tall are you gun? I'm 6'2 with a lil bump, 20+5

fedupofrainydays Sat 31-May-14 17:01:55

Marking spot.

Knackered today. Managed trip to supermarket and that's it. Second trimester 'energy' is a myth in my book

gunwalloe Sat 31-May-14 17:05:44

6`1 diamond ive got a wide pelvis to so plenty of room for her to hide I never showed with my other 4 either until the end, during the scans shes always lying deep in my pelvis. Ive got a repeat scan on Monday as she wouldn't move for the anomaly scan and they couldn't see her heart properly ive been told to eat chocolate just before the scan to get her moving. Do you have big feet? Im saddled with size 9s sad

YellowWellies Sat 31-May-14 18:08:42

My best pals are both six footers and never showed until 7-8 months as there is more room in the torso for organs to move. One is expecting at the same time as me (well a couple of months behind). She will look vair glamorous until she pops whereas I'm already encroaching the side of a house soon to be back end of a bus phase! confused

mrsb87 Sat 31-May-14 18:49:09

I have the opposite problem, I'm not short as such but am really short bodied and long legged so I'm all bump! My trousers stopped fitting comfortably at 14wks!

mrsb87 Sat 31-May-14 18:55:17

I have the opposite problem, I'm not short as such but am really short bodied and long legged so I'm all bump! My trousers stopped fitting comfortably at 14wks!

binkybunny Sat 31-May-14 19:20:50

Me too with the bump. Quite tall at 5'8 but long legs short body so until the last week or so I've been big on top with normal legs. My thighs seem to have caught up with bump though now and I've now put on 6lb. My Mum told me it cant be all baby and I'd better start watching what I eat!!! I didn't think 6lb at 21+1 was too bad?!

Anyway spurred on by the thought of getting fatter I managed my first mini mountain today. My hips and lower back are agony now though :-(

Pregnantagain7 Sat 31-May-14 19:24:19

Im really short waisted too mrsb I always look massive! Someone asked my the other day how long I had left! sad
Just gave them a smile and said 19 weeks think she was a bit blush!

Sparkle9 Sat 31-May-14 19:27:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsb87 Sat 31-May-14 19:36:35

I've had similar comments pregnantagain! I've also been suffering badly with heartburn already, I'm not entirely sure where my insides are going to go confused

ExcitedCJ Sat 31-May-14 19:42:57

My issue is my stomach muscles are shot after DD! I can tense my muscles & be 1/2 the size but its too sore to keep it up for long!

YellowWellies Sat 31-May-14 19:43:46

Binky 6lb at 20 weeks is brilliant. Your Mum's right its not all baby you got a fecking great placenta and your blood volume has increased by 20% (it'll increase by 40% at term), and your norks should be growing and your body will need to put on fat stores (typically on your hips / thighs) if you want to BF - which burns 700 calories a day!

I've put on a stone! With J I put on 3 stone blush

tak1ngchances Sat 31-May-14 19:45:35

All the bump pictures are fabulous! Makes me so happy to see them.

Made a holy show of myself yesterday. I had Mexican food with my friend and straight afterwards felt very strange and went to the loo in the restaurant. Clammy, sweating, ringing ears, dodgy vision...then I passed masses of wind and felt a bit better.
We left the restaurant and popped over to sainsburys to get some bits & bobs (it's all glamour in this story) and suddenly the fainting feeling came back. Friend dragged me over and put me on a bench whereupon I sort of sank on my side and threw up violently. Everywhere.
The shop basically came to a standstill. I kept just saying I'm pregnant I'm pregnant in case they all thought I was some kind of drunk weirdo.

Friend eventually got me home. I am very tired today. Going to have to find a new supermarket...mortified.

tak1ngchances Sat 31-May-14 19:46:25

PS I've put on a stone as well and think that's fairly normal

mum2kiss Sat 31-May-14 19:49:25

I'm in the shirt body crew too at 5 bump looks and feels huge to me.

Lots of walking around today and I've arrived back at our hotel to find my knickers are soaked...amniotic fluid? Sweat? It wasn't very warm out and I wore a dress so would be surprised if I sweated that much...

ExcitedCJ Sat 31-May-14 19:56:50

21 weeks & 6lbs too. I thought that was a rather modest amount to put on. Good to have some reassurance. I know that I put on heaps more with DD at this stage.
Only another 19 wks to go Binky if you average a lb a week from this point that is less than 2 stone gained. I think that is pretty good in anyone's view. I put on 3 stone with DD & it all dropped off pretty quickly.

LondonJen Sat 31-May-14 19:59:50

Thanks ladies for comments re pramsuit for coming home. Feeling reassured that normal layers plus one of grandmas knitted cardis and a blanket just in case will be enough!

I have put on half a stone I don't think that's much but may be biased! & I am only 5'3"! It's weird to me that you can't see it in my face as when I have previously weighed 9stone I had less cheek bones than I do now!

I am exhausted today. Been getting a lot of movement the last few days. Been uncomfortable at night and long to lie on my front. Bump is bigger. Hope the tiredness is due to a growth spurt and will ease.

DP finally felt a kick tonight though! At last! After going quiet every time he put his hand on bump baby has finally rewarded him. Makes me very happy. Lovely to hear you had the same tothesea

By the way I have been meaning to say that the chinese gender prediction was right for me! Kept forgetting. Baby brain!

YellowWellies Sat 31-May-14 20:01:16

I had lost all 3 stone in 4 months but I BF and had to go on a dairy free diet to stop his CMPI / reflux. Its amazing how much weight you lose even eating copious haribo and pork pies if you can't have even trace milk in your diet. grin

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