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February 2015

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fraggle84 Wed 21-May-14 16:19:52

ive just got my bfp!!!!

from dates im due 1st feb smile

EMac66 Wed 28-May-14 09:14:45

Is anyone else feeling a mix of emotions about their pregnancy? Yesterday I was thrilled and felt like sending out a 'copy all' email to my office telling them before running out on to the street and announcing it haha! (resisted, don't worry). But today I feel quite emotional about it, a bit scared about how it will change things with me and my husband (time together etc). Also a bit worried about this weekend - I am going away on a girls' weekend with some close friends and have no idea how I'm going to hide the no drinking thing from them. I will allow myself one very small, heavily diluted glass to last the whole evening that we go out for dinner, but that's it (don't really even feel like a drink!). They are close enough that I could tell them, but I don't want to reveal anything at this vulnerable stage. Argh!

kalidasa Wed 28-May-14 09:34:17

I think it's pretty normal to feel up and down EMac, especially with a first baby. It is a big change. I think common excuses for not drinking are being on antibiotics, or you could just say that you are trying for a baby, without revealing that you are actually pregnant - some women do avoid alcohol when they're hoping to conceive.

It does mean much less time alone with your husband, but on the other hand you have this wonderful thing that you share, it gives you such a common purpose. And actually if you prioritise it, you can make sure you still have a "couple" life, even early on with a fairly difficult baby, if you want to - it was really important to us as we hadn't been together long and my pregnancy with DS had been so difficult, so we started going out for the evening together once a week or fortnight when DS was very small, and we have even managed to get away on our own a few times.

JacktheLab Wed 28-May-14 09:54:29

I remember when I waste weeks with my first totally freaking out about what we had done, but it passed I promise it will for you too.

Life will never be the same but in more good ways than bad. My ds is such a fab little person I couldn't tell you how he has changed our lives there are so many!

You will have less time together as a couple but agree, it's important to carve out time together as grown ups minus small people, we have managed several nights away and even a couple of days away on Venice and have booked three nights in London in sept. DS will have a wild time at his grandparents and we will get to mooch about holding hands and talking grin

JacktheLab Wed 28-May-14 09:55:15

Sorry not waste weeks I meant was ten weeks!

EMac66 Wed 28-May-14 10:06:50

Aww thanks ladies. I'm sure it will pass - it's early days and was a bit of a shock - we were briefly ttc but seem to have managed it just 9 days after having my IUD removed and with a family history of fertility issues, we hadn't expected such fast work! It's wonderful and my dh is so excited which melts my heart. We've been together 5 years so had plenty time and adventures together already - I guess now we're just embarking on a new one!
How on Earth are we supposed to pass the next eight months patiently?!?

kalidasa Wed 28-May-14 10:53:29

I understand that EMac, of course it's lovely to conceive quickly and my heart goes out to people who struggle with fertility problems, but there is something disconcerting about conceiving very fast, especially the first time. It happened to us too and then I was very very ill as well (in hospital for the first time at just 5 weeks). It was quite a test of our relationship but we have come through it! I think in a more normal pregnancy the idea is that the pregnancy itself gives you lots of time to come to terms with the big change . . .

Is anyone else still doing reassurance pg tests? I did another one this morning, just to be sure!

JacktheLab Wed 28-May-14 12:51:23

Oh yeah kali I have plenty of internet cheapies and one expensive test and as I don't feel much different really at the moment I'm going for plenty of reassurance here wink

Have phoned and booked a doctors appointment for week on Friday so hoping to get myself into the "system

Grotbagstwin Wed 28-May-14 15:15:47

Emac66 with my first I really wanted a baby then when I fell pg I sobbed and sobbed, what had I done? How will I cope? Etc. my dh was thrilled.
Our time together is so much better now, we set a routine very early on and ds goes to bed without hassle at 6.30-7 giving us the evenings and on a Sunday we have family day, I still go out with friends a lot, date nights are better now as we make it count, we are going Morocco next week for our honeymoon (got married recently) without ds as he wanted to go seaside instead!

We have been ttc for so long now it is here I am worrying it won't stick and every ache im worrying! Im feeling achey today like dull period pains (apparently normal)

EMac66 Wed 28-May-14 16:08:01

Oh Grotbagstwin, that makes me feel better - glad I'm not alone, thank you. Feeling better about it every time I talk to my DH and I think part of the trouble is having to keep it a secret - when everyone knows, it'll be so lovely to share the feeling out a bit. It's a tad overwhelming at the mo!
I also think we'll set date nights and the like. We have to do that now as my DH and I both work so much so we'll just have to be extra vigilant about keeping that going and try to chill out a bit.

I am also having the period pains today. It feels a bit different to normal though so sure it's ok. Seeing doc tomorrow to make it official (hopefully!!) then it will start to feel VERY real.

EMac66 Wed 28-May-14 16:09:25

Kalidasa, I think disconcerting is the exact word for it! A bit hard to believe yet. Sorry you had a rough time sad Fingers crossed for this time though!

jdr1234 Wed 28-May-14 17:05:51

Hi All, hope you don't mind me joining, had my bfp on sunday and had a blood test to confirm it yesterday, from my dates am due around 28th Jan so 5 weeks pregnant- this is my first and sorry if tmi but has anyone else experienced a pinky tinge in discharge occasionally on wiping, not a large amount and no blood but mild cramps every now and again. Should I be concerned, I have been having this for past 5 days and the discharge is normally just in the evenings after going to the toilet. Any 2nd time mums reassurance would be welcome right now!

Grotbagstwin Wed 28-May-14 17:14:44

Jdr I haven't had it but I know a lot who did, I think around week four its implantation bleeding and shouldn't be anything to worry about.
Em we went out for the first time alone when ds was 4 weeks, we had a child free wedding a drive away to attend when he was 6 weeks so went out twice before then so I didn't meltdown!

JacktheLab Wed 28-May-14 20:30:17

Jdr not happened to me either but it apparently happens a lot so I'm sure everything will be okay grin

How's everyone doing this evening?

Skye89 Wed 28-May-14 21:07:01

Hi everyone and welcome jdr1234
Good to hear the advice about the early pregnancy feelings. After wanting this for so long, the last couple of days I have really been wondering if I know what I'm letting myself in for... but then I think about what will hopefully be waiting for us in January/February and I feel ok.
I also feel fine, no real symptoms to speak of (apart from very frequent weeing) and so this doesn't feel very real. I know that if nausea kicks in I'm probably going to kick myself for wishing I had more symptoms! How is everyone else feeling?

WarmSummerBreeze Wed 28-May-14 21:15:26

Hi all,

I'm going to stop lurking and actually say "hello". 27, Baby no 1 here.

I'm pretty sure we conceived on 1st May which gives me an EDD of 22 Jan 2015. I would go on January board but I feel a bit discouraged when I read how many more symptoms those ladies seem to have. I only have very hard sore nipples - no morning sickness at all. It makes me concerned that pregnancy is not 'viable'. I hate that expression.

My concerns are compounded by the fact that I'm showing 2-3 weeks pregnant on clear blue when I should be showing 3+.

Sorry to be a worry merchant - just can't relax.

I have gp appointment on Friday so will ask for hcg levels to be checked.

Skye89 Wed 28-May-14 21:28:02

Welcome warmsummerbreeze! I know what you mean about the Jan thread, a few of us are due late Jan here so you'll fit right in smile
Good luck with bloods tmrw fx all will be well.

WarmSummerBreeze Wed 28-May-14 21:34:07

Thanks Skye. So nice to have people to talk with. As we're keeping it secret I only have DH to discuss with - think he's running out of comforting things to say!

Are most of you keeping things quiet until scan or are you telling nearest and dearest?

Skye I see you have no ms either. We should be glad but in a way you want it to rear it's ugly head to confirm things are progressing! Famous last words though.

Skye89 Wed 28-May-14 21:43:11

I'm going to tell my mum and maybe mil and then that's it until maybe 10 weeks. It's quite hard not being able to talk about it openly and I did read somewhere that it's a good idea to tell people you would want to be there to support you if anything went wrong. I still feel like I wouldn't want to let anyone down though if that makes sense.
Yup the no morning sickness has also made me feel as if this pregnancy isn't viable (also hate that phrase) but then as we all know every woman is different and we might just be some of the lucky ones!

Memphisbelly Wed 28-May-14 23:19:13

Hoping my name change worked, if it did this is grotbags.

My boobs are sore and still got the period type pains, these are the only symptoms I have at the moment. Nice to see a few more people joining the thread it makes it more real.
I won't be telling the inlaws until the scan hopefully, last time mil made me scared stiff when we told her by bringing up her past, don't want anyone bringing me down!

Skye89 Thu 29-May-14 00:21:49

Liking the name change memphisbelly. People's reactions are pretty unpredictable aren't they. I'd rather not tell anyone apart from my mum but I think dh wants to feel included in the sharing...

JacktheLab Thu 29-May-14 06:28:27

Morning all,

I think it's probably a little early for morning sickness, I would expect that to kick in in the next couple of weeks though!

Warm the tests date the pregnancy from the date of conception not the date of your last period, which is what everyone else uses, so it will be lagging behind a little, try not to worry smile

I have inflated and slightly tender boobs and I did feel a little bleurgh last night, but that's about it I think, although def having some streching too, but I'd expect that given this is a second pregnancy.

Have a good day everyone smile

mrshjb Thu 29-May-14 06:57:52

Hey everyone I'm going to stop lurking and say hello smile I got my BFP a week ago today and I think I'll be due around 27th/ 28th January, but as a few of you have said the January thread is way beyond me! This is baby one for us and we're very excited and I'm trying not be optimistic and not think about what might go wrong as hard as it is!

kalidasa nice to see you here, do you remember our lengthy conversation about temping earlier this month?!

Have any of you managed to get a midwife appointment yet? I've been trying to get through to them since last Friday with no luck!!

mrshjb Thu 29-May-14 07:03:57

Haha I'm trying to be optimistic

WarmSummerBreeze Thu 29-May-14 07:04:35

Morning ladies,

Memphisbelly, I like the name change!

Skye, I am envious you are getting to tell the mums. DH is adamant that we keep it secret. Last night I explained that if anything goes wrong I'll need to tell my mum because I'll want her support.

I see there are a lot of sore boobies! I work in an office with a lot of very nice ladies who like the air conditioning up on high at all times. The cold makes my already sensitive nipples agony! Yesterday I was forced to bind a couple of scarves round my booby area. Got some very strange looks!

Thanks Jack - I figure no bleeding so trying not to worry (and to stop googling missed miscarriage)


WarmSummerBreeze Thu 29-May-14 07:08:31

Hello MrsHjb! Welcome.

Nice that the thread is getting chatty!

When I phoned the GP they said that GP sees you first, then they refer you to midwife. I am not sure if that's the same in all health boards.

I've got my GP appointment tomorrow - will make it all seem that bit more real.


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