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January 2015 - New Year, New Baby, New Thread! #2

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fancyacupoftea Tue 13-May-14 19:26:39

Thread #2 for the January droppers.

Here are the stats!

fancyacupoftea Tue 13-May-14 19:27:42

Hmm those stats might not work. Try this link instead

lindamagoo Tue 13-May-14 19:28:47

WOOHOO! New bus smile

ChineseFireball Tue 13-May-14 19:30:16

Ha I was 3 minutes too late! I'll post to ignore the other one!

ChineseFireball Tue 13-May-14 19:32:21

fancy the first stats link works fine for me on the android app smile

fancyacupoftea Tue 13-May-14 19:33:04

Went for a nice walk this evening but now cannot stop eating. The extreme hunger with no nausea is going to end up problematic.

Saraswati Tue 13-May-14 19:33:32

Just marking my place!

Who asked about bringing DH to booking in? I didn't even think to ask him to come! Did anyone take theirs?

fancyacupoftea Tue 13-May-14 19:34:50

I asked Saras! So you didn't take yours then?

fancyacupoftea Tue 13-May-14 19:35:27

I can open the first link Chinese but can't edit it for some reason. Can edit the second link though.

ChineseFireball Tue 13-May-14 19:38:18

sara mine came with me first time...and was spectacularly ignored by the midwife! He won't be joining me this time. smile Be prepared for the MW to ask whether your DP/H is the baby's father if he's not there, and also whether you are related, and also whether you experience domestic abuse. I was a bit taken aback when they asked me (at an appointment when DH wasn't there).

ChineseFireball Tue 13-May-14 19:40:20

Ah yes fancy good spot. Editing can be useful, eh? blush

ChineseFireball Tue 13-May-14 19:41:32

Also if gingy is still about, I'm sorry it wasn't more positive news. Keeping fingers crossed for you thanks

Saraswati Tue 13-May-14 19:42:57

fancy my appointment is Thursday morning, he's not planning on coming and I figured I don't need him there so haven't asked him. He's just started a new job so wouldn't be able to get the time off anyway!

I can't edit the stats on my iPad, anyone know how to do it? I need to add my EDD and move myself up the list ;)

Shallan Tue 13-May-14 19:48:58

Signing in smile

I think it's only worth taking OH to your booking in appointment if he has a complex medical history, or family medical history to talk about. Otherwise tbh it's a lot of sitting around and not much for him to do.

MademoiselleG Tue 13-May-14 19:52:20

Yay! New bus! Thank you fancy grin

Gaaaad...I have this really unhelpful, toxic colleague at work I just want to exterminate (and I am generally speaking quite pacific). I think I feel even more resentful now that I am pg and just want everything to be as peaceful and straightforward as possible. I need strategies to ignore her - but sadly she is my deputy so I actually have to work very closely with her. Uuuurgh.

I just got my 'Baby on board' badge through today, hurray! I thought I was going to puke on the guy eating McDonalds on the tube this evening (seriously...manners!) so I might take it with me and wear if necessary, but feels a bit fraud-like at the moment. And all the students get on the tube too, certainly don;t want to be spotted by them!

RPopz Tue 13-May-14 19:54:50

Here you are!!

Fancy - to answer your question earlier. I did take DH as he usually has Tuesday morning off work anyway and he wanted to come. I was a bit dubious about him coming in the appointment with me in case they thought it was a bit tragic haha... But when the mw came out to get me from the waiting room she sent me off to the loo to pee in a pot and took DH back into the app room with her! So I gathered from that it was expected/ normal for them to be there grin

MademoiselleG Tue 13-May-14 19:56:19

fancy the reason you don't get ms is probably because you are eating quite regularly and keeping your sugar levels high! I balloooooned last time in the first trimester because eating bland, white and starchy food (think pasta with philadelphia, rice with cream...) was the only way to keep ms at bay. I ended up putting on over 20 kilos, which was a nightmare to lose, so I am definitely being more careful this time round and did not just totally demolish a pizza !

RPopz Tue 13-May-14 19:57:03

The midwives didn't ignore him either!

MademoiselleG Tue 13-May-14 19:58:50

Re scans: DH is 100% coming, he didn't really give me a choice! Tbh, I really don't want to be on my own facing potentially bad news so I guess it's a good thing. He is looking forward to seeing a hb smile ...

Dec2013mummy Tue 13-May-14 20:00:44

Hugs gingy thanks

Hello new bus smile

mendandmakedo Tue 13-May-14 20:03:50

Hi everyone mind if I join? I think I am due around 21st Jan with my third. Still getting used to it but feeling really happy about it. I am booked in with the midwife in a couple of weeks. I have so farfelt tired and sickhope its not z sign ofsevere morning sickness as I had it really bad with my first and notas bad with my second.

cheshirem2b Tue 13-May-14 20:09:44

Yay! New thread!

My DH asked if he should come to mw appointment and I said there was no need. Wonder if I should I ask him to come now.

I've done a full day in work and am on call tonight. Only managed to eat half my dinner as felt a bit sick and I've got to go out to work again! I'm shattered and could fall asleep here and now! Zzzzzzz!

Saraswati Tue 13-May-14 20:09:52

Welcome newbies!

DH will come to scans for sure but sounds like he's a bit surplus for booking in, will just double check there's no genetic nasties on his side though!

mademoiselle your colleague sounds a nightmare and the hormones won't be helping. I've been very snappy and impatient, DH called me evil the other day because from nowhere I looked at him and said 'you look really old in this light' I didn't even flinch before saying it - what a bitch!!

LadyCottington Tue 13-May-14 20:13:17

Evening all, can't believe we're onto thread two!

Just been catching up, I'm really sorry to hear that gingy, I hope the next scan brings better news.

I called the midwives today to make an appointment.. For the 10th of June! Seems like ages away. I couldn't do the week before as we're on holiday and they're booked up before then. In the mean time, I have to pick up a pack from the reception to start filling in forms. I don't think my husband will come along, mainly because I don't want him to start chatting to everyone there. He's in the healthcare profession (not a dr though) and likes to make contacts/talk a lot.

The tiredness has really hit me hard today. I could barely get through work this afternoon, and this week is not going to get any better busy-wise. I'm in bed already and planning on going to sleep shortly!

lindamagoo Tue 13-May-14 20:19:02

I'm shattered tonight aswell, just putting the boys to bed then I'm off to mines to read for half an hour then lights out

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