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November 2014- thread 4- 12 week scans and blooming in the second trimester!

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barmybunting Sun 27-Apr-14 12:04:55

Hi everyone, we have run out of posts on our last thread so hopefully we'll all find this one easily enough.

Here is to more positive 12 week scans and enjoying our second trimesters, all feeling more human hopefully!

MrsWombat Sun 27-Apr-14 19:32:36


11+4 today.

MummyV18 Sun 27-Apr-14 21:08:52

I'm 12+2 and got my 2nd dating scan on Thursday smile little one was too small to do checks last time.

I'm only just starting with all the bad nausea hmm which I'm gutted at as I thought I'd bypassed that.

We are definitely finding out as I can't wait smile I feel it may be a girl. What is the bicarbonate soda test???

I wish we could have a cleaner. I might have to look into it smile

alex7149 Sun 27-Apr-14 21:17:02

mummy v 8 you pee in a pot and put a couple of table spoons in it, apparently if it fizzes it's a boy If it doesn't then it's a girl.

RandomInternetStranger Sun 27-Apr-14 21:19:51

Put some bicarb in a cup, wee on it, if it fizzes it's a boy, if there's no fizz it's a girl. Supposed to be fairly accurate too!

There's also the cabbage test:
Buy a red cabbage. Cut into chunks. The smaller you cut the chunks, the better your results will turn out.
Boil some water on the stove and put in the chunks of cabbage.
Let the water and cabbage boil for about 10 minutes or so. When the ten minutes is up, remove it from the heat. Mix 1 part of your urine to 1 part of the water that the cabbage was boiled in. If it turns pink or red then it's a boy, if it turns purple, it's a girl.

Then the ring on a string - hold a ring on string above your tummy, if it moves straight up & down, boy, in circles, girl.

Theres so many silly tests - Chinese gender prediction calendar, craving sweet vs craving savory, skin good or bad, etc etc. There was a funny video I saw on YouTube about it - I'll see if I can find it.

RandomInternetStranger Sun 27-Apr-14 21:21:05 grin

alita7 Sun 27-Apr-14 21:21:46

Sorry everyone, it changed my name without me telling it to by the looks of things- I never changed it to alex7149, which is a username for something else, unless my baby brain put the wrong thing in or something???

Oh dear. Anyway anything by alex7149 was me alita smile

RandomInternetStranger Sun 27-Apr-14 21:27:35

lol! I was wondering how alex knew me so well!! grin

Elliekins Sun 27-Apr-14 21:27:50

Just marking my place, I had a BIG panic when I couldn't find you all for about 3 minutes! ��

TeaNCakes Sun 27-Apr-14 21:31:21

This is where you've all got to!

Random, I'm so horrified that anyone would say something like that, let alone your postman! What an ass! SPD sounds dreadful too, hope you are managing to get comfortable.

Before I was pregnant I'd always thought that it wouldn't want to know the gender, but I'm now way more interested than I thought I'd be! My mum is convinced it's a girl, she felt tired in the first trimester when she had my brothers but only felt sick with me, and since I've been almost continuously nauseous for nearly 6 weeks, she thinks I must be carrying a girl. And my MIL has only sons, so she'd love it to be a girl too. I'm not bothered, but realised I'd started thinking it was a girl, and then was really desperate to know either way! Maybe I'll buy a red cabbage tomorrow.... Think I might have some bicarb in the cupboard too....

alita7 Sun 27-Apr-14 21:51:17

haha tea and cakes dp was an only child and mil said she wanted a girl as well so when he was having kids she wanted a grand daughter, she ended up with 3 and what looks like a 4th girl on the way :p

other than wanting to know myself, I just want to avoid all the guesses as quickly as I can, I don't think I could manage going to 40 weeks with everyone telling me they're certain of the gender! I want that nipped in the bud :p

RandomInternetStranger Sun 27-Apr-14 21:58:05

I need to know, I'm a control freak and need to decide on names, clothes, schools, career...! wink

I already have my boy name and said I'd let DD choose the girl name... hmm

weeonion Sun 27-Apr-14 22:08:22

good evening folks! new thread already - hope we dont lose anyone in changing over!

Another week and more scans coming forthis group - cant wait to hear how you all get on
14 weeks today! I got a cancelled appt for CUBS test yesterday and nuchal was 1.8. happy with that. EDD is still 26th Oct but still thinking I am more November. With DD - the EDD moved around a bit as time went on so we shall see!

Managed to get a Harmony booked for next saturday so will have to wait for results of that before can relax I guess. Cant wait to hear how the others Harmony have went.

Like others - the sickness has eased a bit but not the grinding tiredness. DP and I took DD and 9 friends to cinema this afternoon as birthday treat - lovely to get an afternoon nap in the darkness grin and barely made it through their dinner at our local Italian. It was lovely though - have known some of these kids from birth and its fab to see what kinds of wee characters they have become. DP was a total star and allowed my pg brain to have a few minutes respite.

I have felt quickenings over the weekend. The same tickly sensation I had with DD - like small velvet gloves were tracing inside my stomach. I knew it could be earlier with pg 2 but totally caught me off guard especially as have felt so unconnected to this pg. DP got quite emotional when i told him. I know he has been keeping his excitement under wraps to not put pressure on me. smile

I hope we all have a good week and who knows - we could fill this thread with a 1000 by then...

Nessalina Sun 27-Apr-14 22:14:54

Hi all, just checking in smile
12 weeks tomorrow! Have scan on Tuesday and my head is all over the place confused Counting down the minutes...

amylou85 Sun 27-Apr-14 22:15:03

Aw so nice to see you all on a new thread, I saw it approaching 1000 and didn't dare post as didn't want the responsibility of naming a new one!

I was so excited this morning as woke up to my pregnancy app on my lock screen saying 'Hello Amy, you are 9 weeks pregnant today and your little embryo has now become a foetus' It made me smile so much!

Random and Alita I am totally going to try the bicarbonate test!!! I've always wanted to find out, i'm so impatient, also allows me to buy more clothes when I find out!!

Weird symptom today and not sure if it's just an oncoming col or something....has anyone else had aching calves/thighs? Feels like the onset of flu but the the rest of me feels fine (apart from nausea)

amylou85 Sun 27-Apr-14 22:29:03

P.s Random just watched that youtube clip, hilarious!!

ElleOhElle Sun 27-Apr-14 22:45:04

caught up with you chatterboxes grin

RandomInternetStranger Mon 28-Apr-14 00:30:42

Oh bum. Just noticed a few new tiger stripes appearing tonight. Best get busy frantically rubbing the Bio Oil in!

Greenstone Mon 28-Apr-14 07:14:45

Whoops found you all! I think I must have been last to post on the other thread but didn't realise. Thanks again to barmy for starting the new one.

Thursday -- A cleaner, you say. I've been thinking very strongly about this too. These last weeks the house hasn't been great at all and DH has been tired from work so doing vv little in terms of everyday/maintenance housework hmm although he's his usual great self when it comes to anything related to DD. DH and I are both naturally untidy people, but mess has really bothered me since becoming a parent and I've done a lot to change my ways (lots done, more to do). He however could still go months without it occurring to him to clean the bathroom and as for hoovering?!

I think that we could afford a cleaner coming once a week fairly easily if we just gave up something else or had a stricter budget for food shopping. It's one of those things that sounds like a great luxury but in reality probably fairly affordable if you just jiggle things around a bit. However I do think that it would end up still being loads of work having to constantly declutter and tidy up before arrival of cleaner? (But maybe that would be a good thing...) Also I have no idea about the whole etiquette around the whole thing. But yes for the newborn days it could well be a sanity saver. I'd say we'll definitely get one in before the new baby comes to help with a big final clean and then for the first few weeks after.

At the moment DD spends 20 hours a week at a childminder while I work, and we'll probably keep this up. She's been going since she was tiny and she wouldn't know what to do with herself if all of a sudden she had to hang around with boring old mum all morning.

After all my moaning had a lovely day yesterday. Cooked a beef stew in the morning, had a nap mid-morning and finally slept off my headache, had a lovely lunch, went for a loooong 2.5 hour walk and did a few bits around town, then a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant.

OK, DD calling, need to go attend!

amy83firsttimer Mon 28-Apr-14 08:49:27

I had horrible hormonal meltdown last night. Got all worried that I was going to get depressed and burst into floods of tears expecting hugs and comfort from DH. When will I learn that crying just makes him freeze and go silent????!!! Ten years together and it still catches me by surprise every time!
He managed a hug in the end which made me feel better
better. By the way I have no valid reason to worry about PND, think I was just being hormonal. Scary though


amy83firsttimer Mon 28-Apr-14 08:50:14

11+3. X

TwigletFiend Mon 28-Apr-14 08:56:29

Amylou, I had this the other day! Felt like I'd overdone it on the treadmill for a couple of days, really sore muscles all down my quads & my calves. Only lasted 48 hours then just vanished hmm.

11+1 today, scan on Thursday very early. Eek!

utopian99 Mon 28-Apr-14 09:22:17

Don't worry amy I think we're all pretty hormonal and ghastly at the moment. I had a pretty snippy call to the plasterer this morning, and I know half of it was just hormones. and half the ever present joy of dealing with contractors

Only just catching up on the new thread due to manically busy weekend of work. For what it's worth on the pram front we love our Stokke. They're not cheap but are super adjustable, plus can be parent or outward facing, and really high up when the LOs are tiny, which is why we chose it. Now have their high chair and cot too, again because of being so adjustable it means no more furniture buying for years, so the costs balance out over time really.

random quite shocked about how forward your postie was - you don't comment on his life choices! I do hope you don't write men off as a gender though - you sound like you've had an awful time of it but there are plenty of brilliant wonderful men worth kmowing as friends, just as there are great and not so great women too.

Hooray for all the positive scans coming through! And huge hugs to those with bad news. Still waiting till 8th of may for ours, urghggg. DH and I both suspect this will be a girl as I feel so much worse than with ds, but are going to wait to find out as last time everyone seemed quite disappointed we found out prior, so they can have fun guessing this time and I don't mind either way.
Although the first person that says "I bet you hope it's a girl this time" is getting a poke in the eye!

RandomInternetStranger Mon 28-Apr-14 09:45:23

utopian I think it's too late for me! I think deciding I've had enough of men and am never going to do any of that again so I'm having a baby on my own is a pretty big middle finger up to the whole male population! grin I don't think there's no such thing as a decent man, I just think I've never met one and I must either be a magnet for nasty men or have a radar homing me in on them, either way I've given up on the whole blessed lot of them. There's not one ex boyfriend I can talk positively of, every single one has either been violent, a cheat, stolen off me, betrayed me in some way or treated me like shit or just been on another sodding planet. I look at my attached friends and again there's not one man I think is good enough - not that I'm demanding perfection but, you know, someone who isn't abusive or a cheat would be nice!! I can only name maybe 2 or 3 men from the last 20 years I think is decent and I don't know them very well to be honest and actually I don't trust my judgement anymore, I've been catastrophically wrong every time. I give up! But I'm happier having accepted that and made the decision to carry on my life plan without a man. It's actually really liberating! grin

Greenstone Mon 28-Apr-14 10:05:34

weeonion just saw that you got some clarity on the nuchal, that's brilliant! Hope it's helped you to relax a bit and I'm sure the Harmony will bring good news. Like you I still don't quite trust my new EDD of 2nd November (I think it should be more like 6th/7th November) but I'll go with it for now. I know it's not a big difference and that an EDD is just that, but DD came a day early and all of my mother's came early or on time...ach, I'm just being a control freak grin

amy83, I always worry a bit about women pregnant with their first who are 100% blissfully excited and full of talk about how perfect it's all going to be. Those who have occasional worries and meltdowns, on the other hand? Completely, completely normal flowers

Annarose2014 Mon 28-Apr-14 10:05:35

13 weeks today!!!!

I keep telling myself to get excited now. DH has started to. Getting beyond 12 weeks was the magic event in his head. But for me its 16 weeks cos of that bitch coworker who (as you prob all are bored hearing about) cursed me really hoped I wouldn't lose it at 16 wks like her.

Even this morning he was all "well thats it now surely!" And I was like ".......Hopefully" and he gave an exasperated face. But only 3 wks to go to my magic number, & am now daring to hope I'll get there.

weeonion has your stomach changed yet? Or is it still just bloatiness? DH was looking at my stomach last night and is convinced its starting to look proper pregnant as its perfectly round at the front but nothing at the sides. He claims "just fat" is a bit blobbier all over.

But I can't see how it could be! Its only the size of a peach! Surely that wouldn't make much difference!

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