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November 2014- thread 4- 12 week scans and blooming in the second trimester!

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barmybunting Sun 27-Apr-14 12:04:55

Hi everyone, we have run out of posts on our last thread so hopefully we'll all find this one easily enough.

Here is to more positive 12 week scans and enjoying our second trimesters, all feeling more human hopefully!

Loaf99 Fri 02-May-14 08:03:30

Thanks utopian and good work on the 'multitasking'!

alita7 Fri 02-May-14 08:22:25

the vests are surprisingly flattering!

my brother had a huge head, but he's grown into it now :p

im not eating brilliantly so ill continue with the vitamins.

I am also having strange dreams, not always nice ones!

I do not want to get out of bed!!

alita7 Fri 02-May-14 08:24:41

wombat you're son sounds so cute and lovely! He even wants to share bless him!!!

PosyFossilsShoes Fri 02-May-14 08:32:25

Haha alita and random we should definitely meet… now I'm pg Corsets UK are going to be wondering where their regular instalments of money have gone!! I also was getting ID'd for wine / fags before pregnancy. Although I had given up smoking my own before trying to conceive.

This is something I've been trying to reassure DP about…. I grew up in a fairly hippie household (no TV, wooden toys, flat out ban on "commercialised" toys like Barbie and anything else that could be called "plastic crap" - I think this would prob be impossible now but was feasible then) and so I don't think parenthood is going to force me into conformity. But DP grew up with the archetypal Surrey parents that you describe in your earlier post random and is terrified that one or both of us are going to turn into "Cath Kidston mummies" which is her shorthand for parents who do not have lives of their own, never have sex, become extremely boring and then emotionally blackmail the children with "I gave up everything for you!"

[And with no offence to those who like Cath Kidston - so do I.] blush

PosyFossilsShoes Fri 02-May-14 08:33:26

Six hours to scan appointment!!

Miskate Fri 02-May-14 08:35:25

Ha Posy "given up smoking my own" that was me exactly before I conceived. It doesn't count as a habit if you nick em off a friend/random outside a pub! Hahahaahaaa. Good luck today x

alita7 Fri 02-May-14 08:37:20

Hehe posy just think how much we'll need those corsets after birth!
I tried to wear one (not a steel one, just one of the cheaper acrylic ones) when I was about 5 weeks but I just didn't feel comfy squishing my tummy.

I don't think I can afford to be a stereotypical cath kids on, Boden mum anyway! I will be a Primark, ebay and Internet mum, I'm already that kind of step mum smile

alita7 Fri 02-May-14 08:38:23

Good luck posy! I also gave up my own :p I did cut down drastically though AND dp has even quit except the occasional one socially!

WheresMrMonkey Fri 02-May-14 09:07:13

Good luck posy!!!
Having lots of very vivid dreams here too!

weeonion Fri 02-May-14 09:24:53

Meant to say random - you sound like half us parents at DD's school!

I dont think having a baby suddenly forces you into being a certain kind of woman - we can all follow our own path. I too have given up my corsets while pg but .... there are some nifty pg ones out there (not that i can imagine myself in one of them!)

Good luck posy - look forward to hearing about it later.

TwigletFiend Fri 02-May-14 09:37:50

Good luck Posy smile. Let us know how it goes.

I've had some weird dreams too. We live in a part of the UK that is rampant with wild boar & nearly ran over saw a whole pack of babies on my way home last night. Promptly went to bed & dreamed I gave birth to Pumba & wasn't even that bothered by it not being a human baby hmm

Promptly freaked out when I woke up, obviously, but never mind!

As to age issues, I'm 24 but regularly get carded for buying pain killers, lottery tickets & not that long ago nail scissors. I clearly have the face of a 15 year old. Which I'm sure I will be grateful for in 10 years time, but have to say I think it's going to be hard to take the looks I'm bound to get when I start to show. Especially given the hormone-induced rage that still hasn't quite left me.

On the plus side, 11+4 today & finally, FINALLY managed to do my teeth without gagging this morning! grin I'm holding out hope that things might be looking up! Especially as I was feeling bloaty/fat all the time but I've somehow lost nearly 2kg in the last 4 weeks. I can stuff my face guilt-free now!

weeonion Fri 02-May-14 09:50:32

Just had to cancel my birthday pressie from DP for a Zorbing session sad - dont think that would be advisable but have put it on hold until december!

MummyV18 Fri 02-May-14 10:12:06

Morning all smile I had a good scan yesterday and all is well.

I've tried looking at the scans to see if I can work out that nub theory but tbh I can't see a nub lol

mismylinford Fri 02-May-14 10:17:10

Twig - im 25 and still get id'd for lottery tickets, buying calpol, often get asked in shops if i have had a nice day at school.... And even buy a door to door sales man... Hello are your parents in.... To which i replied i am the parent! .... I.always say if i still get asked when im 30 ill be happy!

Venus2 Fri 02-May-14 11:03:40

Twiglet, glad your scan went well yesterday. My EDD was also bang on - Nov 17 smile
Re Vits, my MW said to take Vit D throughout the pregnancy and that I can stop the Folic after 12 weeks.
Got my blood test results yesterday and my iron levels are a little low. Not sure how this is the case as chocolate is high in iron and I have eaten heaps of that! Was told to eat more broccoli and spinach :p

TwigletFiend Fri 02-May-14 11:49:58

Hmm, I've seen 2 community midwives so far. Not too impressed with first one as I specifically asked her what, if anything, I should be eating & she rambled about the list of 'stuff you should not eat' (including peanuts, which is no longer even the current advice!) & made no mention at all of supplements.

When I saw the second one, she asked if I was taking folic acid & when I said no, she was shocked & asked why not. I said 'Um, because I didn't know I was meant to?' and she instantly slapped a pack of Pregnacare in my hand & told me to take it for at least the first three months - though I was at 8 weeks at that point, so presumably after 12 or so weeks it is not so urgent?

Should hopefully have blood test results next week, and also hopefully prescription for antibiotics because I have the beginnings of a UTI, wah sad

TwigletFiend Fri 02-May-14 11:50:46

Oh, matching due dates Venus! grin Exciting, all seems a bit more real now!

RandomInternetStranger Fri 02-May-14 12:27:19

It is quite astounding the lack of I formation given by health professionals. I guess they think a lot of it is so basic that everyone knows it and if you have an app or are on forums or read baby magazines it's all in there but if it's your first and a surprise then you're not going to know this stuff. It's only basic and obvious if you've been trying a while or you've had a baby before or something. And even the dozen apps I downloaded the day of my BFP have all been deleted one by one as they didn't mention folic acid, diet, drinking or smoking till weeks in when it should have been the first things said on the first days, plus I felt like it was treating me like a moron - 13 weeks in and it says did you know that maybe smoking is not very good and you should give it up?? Really?? Because I though it would give the baby boosted brain power and superhuman strength!! hmm And you're saying this at 13 weeks. Delete. hmm

TwigletFiend Fri 02-May-14 12:45:47

Glad it's not just me, Random. My DP was fuming, particularly as I had a vague notion that I should possibly be taking ante-natal vitamins but wasn't really sure what in particular was advisable, which is why I asked her about it. If I hadn't seen the second midwife I probably would have still twigged eventually, but it made me feel like the first one was a little incompetent - not great as she is leading my care & I only saw the second one because she'd been called out.

Greenstone Fri 02-May-14 12:51:57

At my 12-week scan I was told it would be fine to finish up the folic acid at around 14 weeks. Probably just to cover all bases, I guess, in case dates were slightly out.
I'll be taking vitamin D here too - it's needed in Ireland just as much as in Scotland! And actually, at DD's 2 year check-up, it was found that her skull hadn't completely closed over her soft spot yet (forget what it's called) so they said be vigilant with vitamin D for her and come back in 6 months. I confess we had been pretty lax with giving her vitamin D before then.

I got anaemic last time around too - I think it's quite common in the 2nd/3rd trimester so I'll be watching out for that and probably eating a bit more red meat this time around. I was like a ghost leaving hospital after having DD - the midwife took one look at me and said 'get home and take some iron tablets right now!'

Pumpkin seeds are apparently a good source of iron too.

alita7 Fri 02-May-14 13:17:22

Do we know if there's any benefit to continuing with folic acid after 12- 14 weeks? I'm going to keep taking my asda pregnacare anyway I think as im not eating brilliantly and it has other things like vit d in. I'm thinking of continuing the omega 3 oils which I had as I heard it can help prevent miscarriage as it must be good for brain development ?

Venus2 Fri 02-May-14 13:17:34

Re iron, nurse told it is very common in pregnancy for this level to drop. Nurse also recommended taking Spatone (iron supplement) in orange juice at night as Vit C helps with the absorption of iron.

TheWildOnes Fri 02-May-14 13:23:50

I haven't been on this thread much due to constant bleeding but had my second scan today and im 9+6, and all is fine with the baby so I feel like I can finally be excited! I am actually in shock that all is ok. They found where the bleeding is coming from but have said it is having no detrimental affect on the baby.
Haven't even seen my midwife yet, got an appointment for next Wednesday, hospital were quite surprised that a midwife hasn't seen me sooner after all the problems I've had.

alita7 Fri 02-May-14 13:40:45

That's good news the wild ones!

I'm looking very pale still despite not feeling so nauseous and Ithink I feel tireder than I should considering the pregnancy things keep saying I should be getting a burst of energy now I've got to 13 weeks... I think I'm a bit anaemic as I can't stomach (or think about) meat atm, I can just about do chicken legs or thigh, prawns and battered cod.

just got my downs results letter and It says 1 in 10000 which is pretty good :D

RandomInternetStranger Fri 02-May-14 14:51:06

I'm not continuing so much for the folic acid as I am for everything else. The extra folic acid can't hurt and the benefits of the other vitamins and minerals plus omega 3 and 6 are significant so I'm sticking with it through pg and BF.

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