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Due May 2014 the Maybies are IN THE DROPZONE!!

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ClearlyMoo Thu 17-Apr-14 23:44:27

All welcome if you baby is due to make an appearance in and around May 2014! We've had a few already! Congrats to all. Hang on tight everyone the next few weeks are going to roll...

Our Stats Page Is Here!

If you're new do not fear come along and introduce yourselves!

NannyPlumForPM Fri 18-Apr-14 00:00:29

Thanks clearly!!

Vikks Fri 18-Apr-14 00:30:45

Happy belated birthday Clearlyand thanks for the new thread.

Big congratulations to all the new mummies! Those FB photos are so lovely. LTT absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to hear the details. smile

Moomin hope you're sorted soon, it does sound like an infection. thanks

Hello to all newbies!

36 weeks today for me and I feel like I'm in the drop zone. My pelvis has suddenly decided enough is enough and I've developed the pregnancy hobble now, painful!! God know how you ladies that have suffered all along have done it. I now know what you've been dealing with.....but the end is in sight! Who's next???grin

dobedobedo Fri 18-Apr-14 00:35:29

Happy birthday clearly!!! cake grin

I am now officially in the drop zone!!! Woohoo! shock grin

37 weeks precisely. I'm so ready for him to be born now, I'm tired of spd pain and being too fat to put on my own socks and shoes and heartburn and being too uncomfortable to sleep and the rest. This baby has well and truly been handed his eviction notice. GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!

ohdearitshappeningtome Fri 18-Apr-14 03:25:14

First night feed success!!!

Off to sleep a happy mummy xxxsmile

CbeebiesIsAboutToPop Fri 18-Apr-14 06:14:02

Checking in so I don't loose you. Can't believe most of is astr going to be giving birth on this thread!!

Chip86 Fri 18-Apr-14 06:37:21

Thank you for the new thread clearly
well done ohdear that is great news
dode i agree with you
im 37 weeks today she can come now im ready and i dont want her getting fatter so the sooner she is out the better GET OUT ... bounce bounce ...

eggsnbeans Fri 18-Apr-14 06:38:12

Wow it's so exciting checking now to see all the new maybies grin

Beautiful pic lamu and love the 4 push birth! Send those vibes to everyone I reckon! wink

Congrats psynl how are you feeling after the big blood loss? Takes a while to recover ay!

Congrats Pixie and sorry your birth wasn't quite as planned (esp the horrible tear!)

Love the pram MrsFoo and how amazing to have a 3rd generation using it! Don't think any of the modern prams will get that far!

Great to hear your scans went well dobe and loopy It's such a relief to hear that everything is fine after you've had a scare. I was hoping you were just measuring smaller as bubs had engaged dobe

Clearly the same thing happened to me with DD! She was 1/5 engaged then popped back up around 37/38w. Silly child wink Didn't reengage again until I was in labour.

Moomin how are you feeling?

MasterFlea Fri 18-Apr-14 06:46:54

I think my miniflea is doing the yo-yo jig too. It felt really low down the other day and I was sure it was engaged. Then lots of movement and now the hiccups are over on my righthand side. But at least it knows when the exit door is now. Hopefully, finding it again won't be hard.

Happy birthday Clearly

I wonder if I'll have the baby during this thread? So bloated these days. My hands, feet and legs look like they belong to someone else.
DH is off today so I will get lots of rest today. Maybe the swelling will ease off. Then visitors coming tomorrow and staying until Monday. They are the last visitors now and I've warned DH not to invite anymore.

hobbjobb Fri 18-Apr-14 06:50:45

Checking in!

SarahJinx Fri 18-Apr-14 07:56:38

Me too, happy birthday Clearly thanks for new thread.

bushprincess Fri 18-Apr-14 07:58:07

Happy belated birthday clearly!!! cake sounds lovely! and thanks for the new thread!

so excited for all the new mummies - congrats on the night feed ohdear! and moomin let us know what the Dr said - agree it does sound like potential infection... fingers crossed not or that they've got you straight on the antib's

Having a lovely/hectic time with loads of family around for easter and the sun has been shining so we've been on the beach and out on the cliffs loads - I do love being home!!

DH had a premonition yesterday that bushbaby will arrive on the 10th May and is now thinking of getting his flight earlier!!! No idea why but he's adament that it's going to be then!!! (now watch me sail 2 weeks over my due date and end up with a grumpy husband waiting around for the whole of his paternity leave!!!!)

Have a lovely start to the easter weekend and all the new mummies enjoy those newborn snuggles!!

MoominIsEightNinthsManatee Fri 18-Apr-14 08:14:32

Called to book an out of hours appointment and got a call straight back telling me to get to A&E as soon as possible... Got there, rushed through triage and up to the labour ward and its my old friend, nasty midwife!!

She said its normal afterpaina and im only a week postpartum, im not going to be feeling great already... No but I shouldn't be getting worse, and I should probably be able to straighten up! She recommended breastfeeding, cue me in tears when she leaves because it says in my notes I tried really hard but she wouldn't latch on! They didn't take my temperature and ignored me when I said I felt really hot and sick.

Curled up in bed now while OH gets up with Callie. Obviously glad its not an infection or anything serious but it seemed very un thorough, and im worried they shuld have taken my temperature.

ClearlyMoo Fri 18-Apr-14 08:18:45

Oh Moomin. I'm sad you weren't taken seriously. Please do call 111/ go to A&E again if things get any worse. Hopefully you managed to get some sleep. Thinking of you xx

impatientlywaiting Fri 18-Apr-14 08:28:00

Thanks for the new thread Clearly and happy birthday for yesterday.

Moomin how are you feeling today? If you've still got a temp I think you should call back, hopefully you'll bypass the mean midwife this time.

I think I've congratulated all of the new arrivals? Will say congrats again to psynl in case I forgot her, can't believe all of the babies we've had so far.

Brilliant news on a good night's feed OhDear, so glad he's out if special care unit. Hope you are home soon.

JuniorMint Fri 18-Apr-14 08:36:23

Hello, can I join up again?! I posted a couple of times on the early thread/s way back and am on the stats page, but then the threads just moved too fast for me to keep up with properly, though I have enjoyed browsing them when I could! Now I'm on maternity leave (yay!) and have plenty of time to mumsnet relax grin

Congratulations to all those who have had their babies so far! It's very exciting. I'm 36+ 5 today, and generally feeling good. I was at the midwife earlier this week, and she said she'd like to see me again next week as blood pressure slightly up but she said "if you don't need the appointment please do ring and let me know". I said "what do you mean if I don't need it- if my blood pressure comes down? How will I know?" and she said "No, I mean if you go into labour and have your baby before then!" That really brought it all home how close it could be now!!


Spirael Fri 18-Apr-14 08:43:44

I'm here! Sorry, been manic busy lately and sort of lost track of everything going on in the past few days. blush Congratulations to all those with lovely squishy newborns! I'm not jealous at all.

Just reached 34 weeks here, so still a while to go yet before I reach my drop zone. I could feasibly still be pregnant in June if I go over. I imagine by then I might be rather on the grumpy side. wink

Had some fun yesterday as DD1's nursery announced an outbreak of slapped cheek and that they suspect DD1 has it. If she does, it's incredibly mild. The girl seems to have the immune system of a rock.

But anyway, after all the fun with Chicken Pox a few months ago, it was the same again as I frantically tried to reach a health professional that could tell me whether or not I should worry. My doctors surgery uselessly offered me an appointment next week. hmm

Finally got through to someone and they're not worried because I'm past 20 weeks. Apparently it's early pregnancy when catching slapped cheek can be a major issue. Still hoping I don't get it - doesn't sound like it's nice for adults to have even when they're not pregnant!

In better news, I finished work yesterday! grin Mostly the reason why I've been so busy - lots of things to finish up and handover to do. Succeeded though and left work with everyone pleased by my efforts. Always a good situation to be in, given that I'll be going back-!

SarahJinx Fri 18-Apr-14 09:20:53

I would also call back moomin or can you call community mw team and ask someone to come to you? Mine were brill post birth, I had an infected episiotomy (tmi sorry) and they were amazing.

I don't know much about after pains but also thought they were for second timers, never had them last time.

Welcome back junior and happy bank hols everyone.

PotatoPolly Fri 18-Apr-14 09:23:20

Morning all, feeling very excited over here that I managed to sleep in until 830!
Thanks for the new thread clearly Welcome back junior
Sorry to hear you're feeling ill moomin but like the others have said, make sure you go back if you're not happy/better.
All these lovely squishy newborns are making me very jealous, i want to meet my lovely squishy newborn!
Heading well and truly for the drop zone now, 36 weeks tmo so almost there... I've noticed my fingers are like big puffy sausages, almost hanging over my wedding ring... when should I become concerned about puffiness??

MoominIsEightNinthsManatee Fri 18-Apr-14 09:25:17

Happy birthday Clearly !! And thank you for new thread smile

Got loads of OH's visitors coming today, I'm dreading it sad

moobaloo Fri 18-Apr-14 09:39:30

Thanks clearly! Happy birthday too!

Welcome new maybies and returning maybies!!

Moomin - just go to bed when you've had enough, I would! Second the "go back to hospital" if you don't feel better soon!

Great news ohdear!

35+4 today, I want my baby now! [impatient smiley] !

ClearlyMoo Fri 18-Apr-14 09:45:43

Moomin it's totally ok to ask people not to come if you're not feeling up to it! Don't go along with it just bevause you feel you have to. ALSO make the visitors work and look after/wait on you. Don't go rushing round to try and make flat tidy etc. you and Callie are #1!!

I'm so glad we went in to have movements monitored last night. Baby is still having crazy (painful) disco in my womb this am and at least I know that this is in realms of normal!!

Re blood pressure. Don't think MW in hospital looked at my notes. My BP is very consistent and usually 120/65 and never been higher than 125/70 at all my antenatal appts. At hospital it was 154/89 on arrival and 135/83 after 30 mins reassuring monitoring and me lying still. Surely that should've been cause for concern such a change from norm? Ideas anyone? Luckily have MW appt Tues so at least don't have too long to wait!

loopylou52 Fri 18-Apr-14 09:53:15

Thanks for the new thread clearly and happy belated birthday. I'm afraid I don't know anything about blood pressure so can't advise there.

ohdear - great news on the successful night feeding! moomin - sorry your concerns weren't taken seriously. Do you have a community midwife appointment some time soon? Hope all the other new mums and babies are doing well.

spireal - fingers crossed it's not slapped cheek. Welcome back junior.

JuniorMint Fri 18-Apr-14 10:09:04

Happy birthday clearly! spireal I had a slapped cheek "scare" early on (primary school teacher, suspected case in my class). As you say, it's before 20 weeks that it causes concern and it's also very rare for adults to get it, especially those who've been around children (for work or their own children etc) because it's likely they've been exposed to enough of it to build up immunity without necessarily suffering the symptoms. I had a blood test and found I'd previously been exposed and have immunity, despite never knowingly suffering from it.

Ditsydebs Fri 18-Apr-14 11:14:18

Feeling very deflated. 37 weeks today but at midwife appointment yesterday baby was laying oblique breechsad scan booked for Tuesday so just hoping she turns and stays head down. She is a little wriggler and has been in every position possible so very worried I might end up having a section.
Congratulations to all the safe arrivals xx

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