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November 2014 Thread 3- Counting towards the second trimester!

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barmybunting Sun 06-Apr-14 06:56:02

Hi everyone,

A new thread for us chatty bunch due in November. Could someone repost the stats? I'm on my phone so can't do it. Thank you!

WinterLover Sun 06-Apr-14 07:11:51

boo grin a shiny new thread

MrsWombat Sun 06-Apr-14 07:20:39

I'll have a go at the stats. Scared I'll get it wrong and add/take off the wrong people! blush

pinkgirlythoughts Sun 06-Apr-14 07:30:18

grin place marking!

MrsWombat Sun 06-Apr-14 07:49:21

MammySam DC2 due 31st Oct
RandomInternetStranger DC2 due 1st Nov
ToonLass due 1st Nov
Canweseethebunnies DC2 due early Nov
BatCave DC3 due 2nd Nov
Hopeful83 DC1 due 2nd Nov
Annarose2014 due 2nd Nov
booksshoescats DC2 due 3rd Nov
CraziesTogether DC1 due 3rd Nov
RhiBee29 DC1 due 3rd Nov
Babybump0411 DC1 Due 3rd Nov
WinterLover DC2 due 4th Nov
annatha DC1 due 4th Nov
caravela due 5th Nov
Donkey36 DC3 due 5th Nov
weeonion DC2 due 6th Nov
alita7 DC1 due 6th Nov
Littleyewtree DC2 due 7th Nov
Greenstone DC2 due 7th Nov
flipflopsonfifthavenue DC2 due 7th Nov
AussieGoingHomeSoon DC3 due 7th Nov
SazHoopz DC2 due 7th Nov
Snook99 due 7th Nov
ElleOhElle DC2 due 7th Nov
AveryJessup DC2 due 8th Nov
MabelMay DC3 due 8th Nov
edwardcullensotherwoman DC3 due 8th Nov
Emzzy26x due 8th Nov
nogeybose DC2 due 8th Nov
Polkadotscarf due 9th Nov
RecklessLadybird DC1 due 9th Nov
MumaBex DC3 9th Nov
Nessalina DC1 due 10th Nov
ladydolly due 10th Nov
PosyFossilsShoes due 10th Nov
LittleRedDinosaur DC2 due 10th Nov
MrsY87 DC1 due 10th Nov
Giraffeski lo DC3 due 11th Nov
BJZebra DC2 due 11th Nov
MrsCuppa DC1 due 11th Nov
nickiswiss due 11th Nov
Mathssssteacher123 DC2 due 11th Nov
HRMumness DC2 due 12th Nov
LadyMillion DC1 due 12th Nov
Amyrose82 DC1 due 12th Nov
bunnykitten DC1 due 12th Nov
MrsWombat DC2 due 12th Nov
Pandamom DC1 due 12th Nov
FurryScoob DC1 due 13th Nov
Tigsy DC1 due 13th Nov
Lauraparsons233 due 13th Nov
WutheringTights DC2 due 13th Nov
Grayby due 13th Nov
movingmovingmoving DC2 due 14th Nov
Petal26 DC2 due 14th Nov
Misslaughalot DC2 due 14th Nov
jellybeanjemima DC1 due 14th Nov
amy83firsttimer DC1 due 14th Nov
Laura1410 DC2 due mid Nov
happyjessie due mid Nov
BeetleBeetle due mid Nov
Kairos DC3 due second half of Nov
Baxter2014 DC1 due 15th Nov
33goingon64 DC2 due 15th Nov
SeaSaltMill DC1 due 15th Nov
theduchesse DC2 due 15th Nov
Wineandchoccy DC1 due 15th Nov
Barmybunting DC1 due 16th Nov
selsigfach DC1 due 16th Nov
Getyourflipflopson DC3 due 16th Nov
pinkgirlythoughts DC2 due 17th Nov
StudyFullTime DC2 due 17th Nov
Snooky17 DC4 due 17th Nov
EmiliaS DC1 due 17th Nov
daisydalrymple DC3 due 18th Nov
DilysMoon DC3 due 18th Nov
stowsettler DC2 due 19th Nov
Whenwillwe3meet again DC1 due 19th Nov
utopian99 DC2 due 20th Nov
Bubba84 due 20th Nov
robynarmstrong92 DC1 due 21st Nov
Glossolalia due 21st Nov
GoooRooo DC2 21st Nov
twiglet2 21st Nov
HoracePondle DC2 due 22nd Nov
ChirpChirp DC2 due 22nd
NorthernExile DC2 due 23rd Nov
likeaboss DC1 due 23rd Nov
keeponkeepinon DC3 due 24th Nov
Blamber DC1 due 24th Nov
Moffit DC2 due 24th Nov
amylou82 DC1 due 25th Nov
maeanne DC2 due 26th Nov
ImBrian DC5 due 26th Nov
Loaf99 DC1 due 26th Nov
Sleepingstarsmommy DC1 due 27th Nov
Marzipan81 DC1 27th Nov
DanielSan DC2 due 28th Nov
WhatWouldCaitlinDo due end Nov
CarmineRose1978 due end Nov
TheWildOnes DC3 due end Nov

If your name is not on the list or your details are incorrect/missing, please post and we'll change it.

Here's to thread three!!! brewwine (decaf and schloer!)

barmybunting Sun 06-Apr-14 07:50:43

Thanks MrsWombat!

WheresMrMonkey Sun 06-Apr-14 08:10:52

Thank you!!
I'm due DC2 3rd Nov

chirpchirp Sun 06-Apr-14 08:20:57

Thanks for the new thread.

amy83firsttimer Sun 06-Apr-14 08:37:45

Right, I have a scan question. I'm exactly 12 weeks while I'm away at a punk festival in Belgium for 2 nights over May bh weekend (1st/2nd). I begged midwife at booking appt to try and squeeze my scan in before I go just for peace of mind but it came through for the 6th May. Do you think if I phone and try to bring it forward to just before I go away it'll work? Can't cope with having to explain sobriety at a festival without the reassurance that there's a real baby there! (booked festival long before I knew I was pregnant btw!)

WinterLover Sun 06-Apr-14 08:44:01

amy you could try. No harm in giving them a call

WheresMrMonkey Sun 06-Apr-14 08:47:21

Would definitely say it's worth a try!

amy83firsttimer Sun 06-Apr-14 08:56:02

Right I'll phone on Monday. Obviously it'll be 'Work commitments' not festival timing that's the reason. I did tell the midwife though and she just got obsessed with me wearing compression socks on the coach trip there!

ladydolly Sun 06-Apr-14 09:05:08

Amy I had the exact same problem (although it really is a work commitment) but they wouldn't see me until after the 12 week mark so I had to book a private scan a week earlier. Could just be my hospital's policy though.

Tigsy Sun 06-Apr-14 09:21:31

Amy you can try but they probably gave you the earliest available appointment. If you say you can't make it because of work commitments, I suspect they'll offer you an even later appointment instead! Might be worth a try though....nothing to lose.

amy83firsttimer Sun 06-Apr-14 09:34:47

Has anyone else had their scan date through? Are they all slightly after 12 week mark?

Miskate Sun 06-Apr-14 09:59:46

My scan date is on my 10 week mark. I think they do it a bit earlier in wales? I've had a private scan at 7 and a half weeks as it was in clouded in my private treatment (I used clomid).
Please can you add me to the list, 1st baby, due 9 Nov.
Thannnnnnks x

Nessalina Sun 06-Apr-14 10:06:02

Lovely new thread, thanks barmy! smile
I've had my scan booked with the consultant (coz of ishoos last pregnancy) for ages for 29th April when I'm 12+1, but just got through a letter confirming scan and it's on 7th May! I'm guessing they've just got confused and booked me in as a new referral rather than matching me with the existing record, but I'll be super pissed off if the date has changed - I can't even do 7th!!
Had a teeny bit of brown when I wiped this morning. First time this pregnsncy so trying not to be freaked. Was on my feet at a wedding most of yesterday, so hoping it's just a bit of stirring...

alita7 Sun 06-Apr-14 10:11:54

my scan is exactly 12 weeks. I would try...

only thing I can think of to get an earlier appointment is to lie. say you've had a loss of symptoms and you're really worried and would like it earlier.
you could also say your partner is going away between week 12 and 14 with work and would be unable to attend and that you need dp there in case you get bad news.

It all depends on if you can cope with lying. :p I don't know how I'd manage a festival with no one knowing especially if you're friends can be unpredictable, it's just safer if they know.

barmybunting Sun 06-Apr-14 10:45:04

Amy I would try. My scan date has come through for 13+1 but DH is away that week with work. I really want him there so I'm phoning on Monday to ask if it can be brought forward. It can't be a week later either as I think the NT test needs to be before 14 weeks. If they won't bring it forward, we are booking a private scan for 12 weeks before DH goes away.

Elliekins Sun 06-Apr-14 10:53:18

Please can you add me to the list too Nessalina?
DC1 due 9th November!

Elliekins Sun 06-Apr-14 11:00:16

Sorry, just seen it was Mrs Wombat that did the updated list! Thank you. smile

RandomInternetStranger Sun 06-Apr-14 11:54:32

Hi all.

Thanks for all the support and nice comments on the other thread. I need to speak to the MW about how I'm not coping with stress. It's ridiculous. Just because of my cousin & Facebook on Friday I've spent the entire weekend under the duvet trying desperately to get my blood pressure down because I can just constantly feel it POUNDING in my whole body from my toes to the top of my head, my chest & neck, I feel dizzy, hot & sweaty, and the pulse feels really gritty, not smooth like normal, it's really frightening. And it happens over the silliest smallest things and lasts days. It's happening every day now & then anyway, but the stress thing is really out of proportion. Is anyone else getting anythung like this? The only thing I've had before which was similar is when I had the spinal block with DD it made me pulse for a few seconds till it took effect then for a few months after I'd get a mild pulsing now & then but it didn't feel scary or wrong, this does.

I've noticed I'm having to wear my glasses a lot more but according to Google that could be as normal as just temporary increased pressure in my head (which would make sense with my constant stuffy nose!) or as bad as pre-eclampsia, which I had with DD. I get violet flashy lights in front of my eyes too but I've had that constantly since DD. All things to mention when I see the mw next week.

My skin is disgusting. I look like a pizza from my waist up, it's so embarrassing. I hope it clears up before the weather brightens up! I'm not looking forward to wearing a polo neck and full make up all summer!!

For all my moaning though I am happy and grateful to be pregnant, it's just physically and emotionally a lot harder than last time round. I felt fantastic last time, I feel like shit this time, just not right at all. I hope it passes soon, I'm at 10+1 now, only 30 more to go!

StudyFullTime Sun 06-Apr-14 12:06:37

Hi all,

checking in on the shiny new thread, I have a scan tomorrow morning to check viability, I'll be 8 weeks by my dates so we'll see what's in there.

alita7 Sun 06-Apr-14 12:07:14

random I think the struggling to deal with stress is normal, dp has gone from super supportive to a dick head in the past 2 weeks and I am not dealing with told I'm whining too much or that I need to tone down the 'woe is me' apparently. but I think all the physical symptoms sound a bit much ans you should get it checked out. I don't think you can get pre eclampsia this is early but if it's a sign you might get it later then it's worth mentioning.
I hope you feel better! its such a difficult time without other people adding to it!

MrsWombat Sun 06-Apr-14 12:26:18

I'll update the list this evening when I'm on the laptop again. Will give a chance for a few more people to pipe up! smile

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