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Santa's bringing us a baby! Due December 2014! First time mummies!

(239 Posts)
EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 04-Apr-14 20:37:08

Hi ladies here's our special December thread for our special Xmas bundles of joy for us first time mummy's!
This is where we can worry about symptoms, how our first child is going to change our lives, what are we going to do about work, how has our partners reacted to our pregnancy, how long have you been trying to concieve, is your car big enough and all other dilemmas!!
Look forward to sharing this special journey with you!
Emily Ttc no 1 cycle 2 edd 4th dec!!

Josheffield Mon 08-Sep-14 06:27:41

Hi everyone, I'm due in Christmas Day! Was born on Christmas Eve myself! I am so so excited to be a mum for the first time and it all feels more real now I am feeling little kicks! X

liesal79 Tue 24-Jun-14 14:59:53

Hi Everyone - Had a dating scan yesterday and my EDD is 23/12/14!! smile eeeekkkk

Lucy90 Tue 10-Jun-14 18:32:58

Hello ladies!!
Im going to be a first time mummy in december, due the 22nd!!
Still havent got my head round it yet, got my first scan this thursday maybe itll sink in then!!

Theo131214 Mon 09-Jun-14 22:56:30

Hi all! First time post on MN and so lovely reading through everyone's stories regarding Xmas babies smile been for our 12 week scan today and found out we're due Christmas Eve!! Argh!! Also been told that due to a past blood clot on my lung (last year) I've got to inject with Clexine throughout sad anyone else had to do this? Not looking forward to that part
Thanks ladies xx

VintageDiva82 Fri 30-May-14 13:58:51

Hi Everyone, So nice to see so many other new mums who are due in December. My EDD is 23rd December 2014. The same birthday as my Dad!

Rejjie Tue 20-May-14 20:01:36

Welcome Josheffield. This thread seems to have gone a bit quiet lately. I think most people are on the other December thread.


Is this your first? I'm due my first on 19th December, the day after my husband's birthday. I have my scan three weeks today and I'm finding it really tough being patient. I'm just completely paranoid and what to know that everything is ok. When is your scan?

Josheffield Sat 17-May-14 07:00:12

Hi ladies, I'm new to MN and was happy to find this thread. My EDD is Christmas Day... I was born on Christmas Eve myself so I know what a Christmas bday is like!
I'm trying to be patient as I await the 12 week scan but it's not easy! I've been feeling really sick 24/7 for the last 3 weeks and have a wedding and friend's big birthday celebrations to deal with (ie not have anyone guess although the fact I won't be drinking will make it obvious!) between now and then!
Anyway, happy to join in with you all smile

nickyjlees Tue 06-May-14 13:05:06

Hi all, lots of new people here!
I haven't logged on in a while as been driving myself bananas with what if this, that or the other goes wrong scenarios so have tried to just focus on other things and relax.

Symptoms very on off at the moment, mainly just totally knackered and falling asleep every 5 mins which is making me feel incredibly demotivated at work and in turn making me feel very guilty for not getting much done :S

Quick question, I have my booking appointment next week at which point i will be 11 weeks, is the midwife likely to listen for the heartbeat or is this not a usual thing done at the first appointment?

Hope everyone is well today!

Rejjie Tue 06-May-14 08:58:31

LadesC I'm sorry you're worried about the spotting. Everything I've read says that it's pretty normal but I know that it is still a big worry.

I haven't split my trousers yet but that's only because I keep undoing the zip! I'm terrified that it's going to happen when I'm at college (practical horticulture) in front of all my fellow students, none of whom know I'm pregnant. They'll definitely just think that I've been eating too many pies.

LadesC Tue 06-May-14 06:40:40

We took ourselves off to the beach yesterday... After a frantic breakfast and shower etc, I swung myself into OH's passenger seat and heard a huge rip as my combats had ripped from waistband to crotch! He found it hilarious...i comforted myself with the fact that they were old and getting thin in the arse (the opposite to me clearly!!). Im going down the legging route I think until such time that I (hopefully) need to buy a bigger size. Started spotting last night so darent be too optimistic at mo.

Rejjie Mon 05-May-14 23:30:40

I hope everyone who is feeling sick is starting to feel a bit better. Mine's still a bit on and off and definitely worse in the afternoons. I'm forcing myself into brisk walks to try to snap out of it.

I read the booklet sent to me about all the scans and tests you can have when you're pregnant. Felt utterly depressed by the end of it at the thought of all the things that can be wrong with the baby. Not really helped by seeing the statistics, yet again, of the possibility of Downs with mothers over 40. I know they have to make you aware of everything but it didn't make for much of a cheerful read!

On a completely different subject, what are people doing about clothes? If you are still managing to squeeze yourself into your skinny jeans then congratulations but if, like me, you're finding it too much of a squeeze are you just buying trousers a size up? Ideally I'd get some adjustable maternity trousers but I can't see them anywhere. Everything seems to have these big stretchy bits attached, which obviously I'm not quite ready for. I really need something practical as I do a lot of gardening and everything is starting to dig in a bit now. I also can't spend a lot so yummy mummy websites are out of the question. Any suggestions would be really welcome.

linzi1980 Sun 04-May-14 20:14:28

Hi All, just hoping to join in.....I'm due 2/12 initially thought I was due in November so have already had a scan at Kingston Hosp thought I'd make anyone else who's going there aware that their preference is transvaginal scans (not sure if this is the same everywhere??). Because I thought I was 12 weeks she did a tummy scan & it turned out I was only 8 + 3 and I asked why use a TV scan would you see more & she told me no nothing else that we haven't seen here so did think it was weird to try & do a more invasive procedure if the same can be seen?? When I go for my next scan will defo just ask for the tummy one, feel like I'm gonna be prodded & poked down below enough during PG so no need for unecessary ones!

Good luck to all the first timers, it's v nice to hear others experiences to make you feel 'normal' as others are going through the same as you grin)

Cineraria Fri 02-May-14 13:51:37

Congratulations, Bobbi & Birdy!

Bobbi, your date is the same as mine. Should make for an exciting Christmas!

birdy1978 Fri 02-May-14 11:00:52

Hello ladies, I hope you don't mind me joining. I'm new to MN, and feeling quite terrified about all this (and a little bit excited!). I'm due 9 Dec and saw the midwife for the first time yesterday. I was really looking forward to it, but it was all a little underwhelming. No symptoms at all so far, so this doesn't feel very real. It still seems like an age until I can actually tell anybody!

EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 02-May-14 10:10:40

Congratulations Bobbi! smile

BobbiF Fri 02-May-14 10:02:47

Hi Ladies, I am 6w+1 today, due December 25th; Merry Christmas indeed ! New to forums, but I don't know many ladies in London and looking forward to sharing the fun/scary/crazy ride. :-) I work with lots of neonatologists and OBGYNs in my job (medical research) and it helps with my nerves having people the ask, but they don't have the same excitement. Hope to get to know you all :-))

Treaclepie19 Thu 01-May-14 17:47:02

Thanks kate, work wasn't too bad. I'm guessing ill have to wait til Tuesday for blood results. Just hope my hcg is rising well.

KateJ28 Thu 01-May-14 14:34:01

Hope today at work isn't proving too painful treacle.... It's good they are keeping an eye on you anyway... if you're still worried after the blood test I'd ask for another scan to put your mind at rest. Im sure they'll do one anyway if they're worried for any reason. At least the appt is only tomorrow anyway, not long to wait.

Smudge hope the new job is going well, even if you are half asleep smile

Smudge1606 Thu 01-May-14 14:13:06

Hi ladies,

Have been very quiet as started my new job and it's been manic.

Had my first gp appiontment earlier this week which went fine. I am however finding it extremely difficult to stay awake during the day and have had some quite bad stomach pains this morning, hoping they don't persist.

Glad to read we all seem to be going through the same and I'm not going crazy.

Treaclepie19 Thu 01-May-14 07:46:20

They're just doing a blood test. Then I don't know where we go from there. Already wishing I wasn't at work today.

KateJ28 Thu 01-May-14 00:01:10

Are you going back just to have your blood done treacle, or for another scan? I hope they're scanning you again to reassure you smile

I don't think you need to worry about there not being much to see if you think you might be less than 6 wks anyway. And it's gd the sac is in the right place. The docs said to me it wasn't worth doing a scan before 6 wks as you wouldn't see anything, so they're leaving it until next week - on Tuesday I should be 6+2. However, I sometimes have long cycles so my timings could be out, so I may well have the same situation as you treacle, and see v little. Who knows. Feels like a long way off, but I'm going abroad for the bank hol weekend so I hope I'll feel distracted....and I hope I feel well.

Somerset, the cramps I've had are stronger than normal period pains, but aren't constant - they come in waves, mainly in the afternoon. And when the doc felt my abdomen it was sore and made me wince. I've had no bleeding though, and the cramp is all over my lower abdomen though, not in one place, which she said it would most likely be if it was eptopic. Anyway, I'm glad they're checking it out - so hard to know what's normal, esp never having been through this before!!!

I 'd def mention any symptoms to your midwife - if she just tells you it's fine & not to worry there's no harm done & you might feel reassured!

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 30-Apr-14 23:05:14

Sorry to hear that you didn't see what you were hoping for but if you ovulated late then you probably wouldn't see anything this early anyway would you? Finger crossed for you!

Treaclepie19 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:49:36

Thanks everyone smile
They did an abdominal scan. It couldn't show much. The sac is in the right place but they said its too early to see anything else. They've taken my blood and I have to go back Friday to have it done again to compare the hcg.
Not feeling positive as there was nothing else to be seen and I'm meant to be 6 weeks (I know I'm less than that from ovulating late).

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 30-Apr-14 20:42:12

Are you just having normal period pain type cramps Kate? I keep getting jabbing pain where my left ovary is, I had the same pain about 3 months ago but far more intense and constant for a few days rather than the occasional jab now and then. Not sure whether to mention at midwife appointment on Friday? I know it's not ectopic as I've had an early scan but might try and wangle another free one grin or is that really cheeky??

KateJ28 Wed 30-Apr-14 20:40:28

Ps welcome LadesC and congrats! Mums can sometimes say such the wrong thing can't they..?!

I'm planning on telling mine tomorrow :-/

Think she'll be really excited, but want her to stay calm as too much expectation to provide the 1st grandchild is stressful!

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