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Santa's bringing us a baby! Due December 2014! First time mummies!

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EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 04-Apr-14 20:37:08

Hi ladies here's our special December thread for our special Xmas bundles of joy for us first time mummy's!
This is where we can worry about symptoms, how our first child is going to change our lives, what are we going to do about work, how has our partners reacted to our pregnancy, how long have you been trying to concieve, is your car big enough and all other dilemmas!!
Look forward to sharing this special journey with you!
Emily Ttc no 1 cycle 2 edd 4th dec!!

ffallada Fri 11-Apr-14 11:21:13

nicky sorry to be a complete ass but could you explain the 6+4 - everyone seems to use it and I cant figure it out blush

somersetgirl I'm not going for an early scan, although I've had one mc before I am happy to wait (although I'm terribly excited) for the NHS one. I know a lot of people on the other December thread are going for scans. I cant really afford it and I think from reading the other thread a scan at 8 weeks is more conclusive than one done earlier.

SassehMonsta Fri 11-Apr-14 17:26:49

Weeks + days - so 6+4 is 6 weeks & 4 days

nickyjlees Fri 11-Apr-14 18:45:53

ffallada so many acronyms and stuff eh! Took me ages to figure it out. It's like learning a new language :s

cooperbug Sun 13-Apr-14 16:54:43

Hi, ladies can I join please

Got my bfp at 10dpo on Thursday which makes me about 3+6. Still can't get my head around it, this is our first baby and first month that we tried too. Edd from my last period would be 22.12.14.

Was a bit worried as I had no symptoms but think I might have spoken too soon as have a very watery mouth today and boobs starting to hurt a bit.

Doctors surgery have booked me in with the midwife in three weeks time for booking appointment, will she test again or should I see the to in the meantime to have it confirmed?


nickyjlees Sun 13-Apr-14 17:13:53

Hi cooperbug GPs don't usually do any kind of confirmation, they just take your word for it as home tests are generally very reliable. Great that you have your appointment booked, I'm 6+6, told the doc as soon as I found out and still haven't heard anything from the midwife. Have chased up but still no joy :s. Hope you are feeling well today!

cooperbug Sun 13-Apr-14 18:10:15

Nickyjlees thanks for your reply, think I will just leave the gp then and go for my midwife appt in a few week.

The receptionist said it was a meet and greet appt just to give me some information and then I would be seen again at a later date for bloods etc.

Maybe the midwife at your surgery does it all together and that's why you are waiting a bit longer to be seen. Hope you hear soon.

Somersetgirl1990 Sun 13-Apr-14 18:25:36

Congratulations Copper!! grin
I'm 6+3 and am not even registered with a gp, think I need to get on and do that tomorrow! Feel like I might be waiting a while for an appointment!
I felt like that about not having any symptoms, I've felt absolutely fine up until today; I've been sick a grand total of 6 times so far hmm and all I've eaten is toast so not sure how that works!

Franklin14 Sun 13-Apr-14 19:44:55

Evening ladies! I confess - I've been lurking on here for a few days (and the other December thread) because I haven't quite got my head around this whole 'baby in 7 months' thing, but felt I should step up and own this lovely little chick pea that's making me feel queasy pretty much 24/7.

It still doesn't seem real - this is our first (wanted but quicker than we anticipated) pregnancy so DH and I are completely new to this. We talk about what's going on but to be honest it seems like we're talking about someone else's experience, rather than ours. I'm sure once we have our scan (waiting for the date) it will hit us emotionally (if not before) but for now I just feel... I don't know... slightly shell shocked I suppose? I'm hoping that this isn't just me and I'm not a terrible mother to be!

ffallada Sun 13-Apr-14 20:02:54

Hi to the new peps franklin and cooper, lovely to have you join us smile Whats you due date franklin?

Thanks shessah for explaining - now you say it its so obvious (facepalm). I can now say I am 5 + 1 wink

I had to register with a GP last week and had my first appointment on Friday lunchtime. All the GP did was take my blood pressure and say that the hospital would be in touch before the 12 week scan. No midwife appointment until there is an ok from the hospital. Keep up with the exercise, drink lots of water and take folic acid. I take comfort in the lack of 'special' treatment really. everything is as it should be so far (touch wood)
I have also spent today buying baby books off amazon - anyone else got this habit? The way its going I will have the theory down by December but have no money for baby stuff and a very large library!

Franklin14 Sun 13-Apr-14 20:58:33

Thanks for the welcome ffallada! Currently due 28th Nov but fairly confident this will change to early Dec when I have my dating scan due to longer cycles. Think I'm just feeling a little dramatic this evening (hormones plus Sunday-itis isn't a good combination), but it is reassuring to know there are other newbies out there experiencing similar delightful bloating, gassy, nauseousness... Bring on the second trimester! :-)

SassehMonsta Sun 13-Apr-14 23:34:03

Hurrah & welcome! Im now 5+1 and my nausea has dropped off a bit in the afternoons. Still yet to be sick, but do get the runs around 5-6am. Daft body!

Husbands super happy, and we.keep having "moments" where we just grin like idiots either at each other or to ourselves. We're desparately trying not to get our hopes up too much, but keep discussing baby names, dog training with a baby, pushchairs, slings, allsorts. Managed to keep a lid on it when MIL came over today, and I saw both my dad and my brother

SassehMonsta Sun 13-Apr-14 23:37:00

(stupid phone doesnt like long comments!). We have an early reassurance scan booked for just under 2 weeks away, in the hope that if everything is going well then we can tell the inlaws & my parents the next day. Got a booking in appointment on the 12th May, which is ages away!!

Managing tp keep it mostly under wraps, just getting to the stage where Im enjoying having a secret. Though did purposefully avoid a few.friends this week, one of whom it was her birthday, so shes not impressed. Oops.

LisaC2611 Mon 14-Apr-14 12:09:48

Hi all, can I join you?

DH and I have been ttc our first for 2 years. I'm 38 and DH is 40. I've been quite anxious over the fact that nothing was happening and we have been under the hospital for the last year and waiting for an ivf referal next month. We had been prescribed clomid and this month was the first cycle of our second round

I am overweight and needed to loose 5kg to get my Bmi under 30 for the referral. I was about to start a chemical diet today to get that last bit of weight off but my period was late so I took a test Saturday morning and it's only bloomin positive!!

I'm so excited but obviously nervous at the same time. It was my birthday last week so I got the best birthday present and will have the best Christmas present as well!

EDD is 15 December, although I suspect that they will date me nearer Christmas when I have my first scan. I've booked my first appointment with the midwife for 2 May so will find out all I need to know then.

I have told our parents and my sister, only because my parents and sister knew that we were trying for so long that I knew they would be over the moon, but they have been sworn to secrecy and I didn't think it was fair not to tell DH's parents if mine knew.

Am looking forward to getting to know you all over the next 8 months ;o)


SecretGeek Mon 14-Apr-14 16:55:37

Hi, marking my place as a December new mum.

Posted a few times on the other Dec thread but been absent for a while after my symptoms disappeared and I totally freaked out fearing an MMC. This is an IVF pregnancy after 2 yrs TTC and I'm on progesterone support. All my clinic said when I rang (in tears) was they couldn't do anything until my 7 week scan unless I started to bleed but that progesterone can 'hide' a miscarriage. Very reassuring. Not!

So we had a private scan on Saturday (6+1) and saw a heartbeat. Cue more tears! Best money I've ever spent. Think I would've gone crazy just waiting given the circumstances. Although the worry has already started to creep back in. Anyone else feel this is the hardest, most emotional thing they've ever done? Not to mention slowest. The time is dragging by!

I have an early scan at my clinic on Thursday and hoping they confirm the good news. Symptoms still frustratingly absence apart from feeling dizzy a lot, but decided to be positive and join you all, otherwise I will go insane.

Congrats to everyone, especially lisa - what a lovely birthday present after all that time trying smile

LisaC2611 Mon 14-Apr-14 17:00:24

Thanks Secret. Good luck for Thursday I hope it will be good news.

Somersetgirl1990 Mon 14-Apr-14 19:19:23

Welcome secret grin and congratulations! I feel exactly the same, but for no reason at all. I'm 6+4 and am so anxious that I'm finding it hard to be excited at all! I've only just started getting symptoms, has ms ALL day yesterday! And have been sick a few times today (one was due to the vanilla air freshener in dp's car shock)
I have my first appointment with a midwife on thurs, does anyone know if she'll take bloods? Hoping I can avoid that for another few weeks as I hate needles with a passion!

MrsW27 Mon 14-Apr-14 19:53:47

Hi everyone, this is my first post on MN grin. We're 5+5 with baby no1. Had some mild nausea so far but no full on MS yet - I'm hoping it won't kick in for a while as we are getting married in 3 weeks and I'm desperately praying I won't be spending the day throwing up! Me and DH are thrilled with the news, only told close family so far and will tell friends etc after the first scan. We've had a brief chat with the midwife who gave us a date of 10th December but think this will be put back a bit after the dating scan.

LisaC2611 Mon 14-Apr-14 22:00:09

Congratulations MrsW on the bfp and the wedding. You'll be so excited on your wedding day that the ms will fade into the background grin

Helsim Tue 15-Apr-14 06:05:45

Hi ladies! I found out yesterday I'm 5weeks pregnant eek nhs calculator advises due date is 14th December!

Not seen a midwife yet n dates may change at my scan I guess but we r looking at a December baby I think?!

So excited! Am 36 and we've been trying for nearly a year, 17th April 2013 we started so found out I'm pregnant almost a year to the day! Exciting times! :-)

Good luck ladies

H x x

SecretGeek Tue 15-Apr-14 10:50:32

Congratulations helsim and mrsw!

Can anyone advise what I should be doing about GP and MW? Being under a fertility clinic it hasn't really occurred to me to even tell my GP. Guess I should just wait until my next appointment at the clinic and ask them confused

Still practically symptom free here apart from dizziness and occassionally a bitter taste when I eat/ drink. Would love sore boobs or some MS to make it feel more real!

PresidentSpreadable Tue 15-Apr-14 10:54:55

I've got an appointment to see my GP on Thursday when I'll be 6+3 SecretGeek. I'm not really expecting them to do much, but I thought I'd better check in as I'm probably high risk due to age and weight, and I'm hoping they may be able to refer me for an early scan due to my mmc last year. Should get my bp checked as well, it's normally pretty good, so not too worried.

Last time I didn't bother with the GP at all and just self referred to the mw at my choice of hospital, not sure if all hospitals let you do that though.

LisaC2611 Tue 15-Apr-14 12:32:03

Can anyone advise what I should be doing about GP and MW? Being under a fertility clinic it hasn't really occurred to me to even tell my GP. Guess I should just wait until my next appointment at the clinic and ask them

Still practically symptom free here apart from dizziness and occassionally a bitter taste when I eat/ drink. Would love sore boobs or some MS to make it feel more real!

Hi Secret

Congratulations on your BFP!

I am also under the hospital for fertility - we was a month away from being referred for IVF when I found out that we are expecting. I called my consultant first thing the next working day and got told "congratulations, you don't need an early scan (which a gynae had told my mum I would need) and to just book in with the midwife and gp in the normal way". I have also been told that I don't need to attend my next appointment with the consultant so will be cancelling that shortly as well.

Have got my first appointment with the MW on 2 May, Consultant appt is on 19th so will cancel that after I have spoken to the mw. Can't wait to see the mw to confirm everything and make it all real.

Trust me you don't want to wish sore boobs on yourself. I have had them for the past couple of weeks and they are excrutiatingly painful. I went out running the other day (before I knew I was pregnant) and I had to stop running as they were hurting me so much.

Enjoy the symptom free early days while you can, I'm sure they'll come with a vengance soon. grin

MrsW27 Tue 15-Apr-14 20:30:22

Thanks Lisa, fingers crossed you're right smile

Honeymum1 Wed 16-Apr-14 14:13:27

Hi there lovely ladies,

This is my first post on MN and I am soooo happy to be here, may I join you?

I had a mc last September and I am now pregnant with my first (7 weeks tomorrow). My EDD is 4th December, just like you EmilyPinkOrBlue smile

I went to see my GP right after the BFP, she seemed very pleased and did my hospital referral that day (I had spent months reading about different experiences here and I already knew which one I wanted)

I am going on saturday to have a private scan to central London as I really need to feel that this is for real before I go away with my DH to USA for few weeks.

A bit concerned about flying with morning sickness...Any experiences?

Congratulations to all of you! wink

Littlebear81 Wed 16-Apr-14 22:05:37

Jumping on too! I'm officially 8 weeks but due to long cycles think I'm more like 6. Very few symptoms so far. Feel bloated on and off and apparently I'm like a radiator (although I don't feel particularly hot) but luckily no nausea yet.

Doesn't feel real yet and I agree time is going so slowly. I've been to GP today. They've referred me to a midwife and the next steps are for midwife to call me to arrange first appt followed by a scan which dr has recommended they do early to date me. My GP has said I'll then deal with the midwife until 23/4 weeks when they want to see me again. Not sure how typical that is but he seemed pretty relaxed about it.

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