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Not so new and not so expert!

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broodysnoopstie Thu 03-Apr-14 13:55:23

Hello All,

I hope this works and we can carry on from Newbies and Experts!


Vickyvix Thu 03-Apr-14 14:52:24

Ooh, shiny new thread. Thanks broody smile

Right, so you have metallic taste, no AF, hurty boobs, creamy cm........anything else??

All of those sound very positive.

I remember having very hurty boobs, increased and creamy cm, a weird feeling like I was getting I'll bit never did, like muscle aches and a bit hot and cold and tingly, mingling taste in mouth and very sleepy.

Everything crossed for you for tomorrow smile

Btw - when did you last test and with what??

NurseyJay Thu 03-Apr-14 15:35:47

Wahey, new thread, good work smilesmile

Metallic taste, that's defo a sign broody smile

I managed to DTD on Wed altho wasn't feelin it. Lol. I'm now on cd13... so we're fertile and DTD EOD at mo. We're away this weekend so likely we'll do it fri, sat n maybe Sunday (DH birthday and ov day (I think))... So SMEP is the plan....
This month is flying! I'll soon be in the dreaded 2ww :/

Fleurlur Thu 03-Apr-14 16:28:07

I so thought AF was coming but seems to have disappeared today!

Broody those all sound like very positive signs!

Fleurlur Thu 03-Apr-14 22:01:42

Kind of related but kind of not, I thought my one group of friends would be happy for me TTC but they all keep trying to put me off and saying things like "babies don't stay cute for long" as though I only want a baby because they're cute and it's not something my fiancé of 9 years and I have spoke about for a long while. Grrr!!

woodwaj Thu 03-Apr-14 22:46:35

Thanks for the new thread broody. You clever clogs. What time is your appointment tomorrow? ? Good luck and ill have my fingers crossed for you.

Vicky meeting up sounds great. You and mini v might make some new friends which would be lovely let us know how it went!

Where are you up to with cycles and appointments one?

Oh your friends sound lovely fleur. I hope your just as kind when they confide in you!!

Good job its your dh birthday nursey! He is in for a right treat!!

Nearly friday woohoo!

broodysnoopstie Thu 03-Apr-14 23:25:32

Hello lovelies yay you all found the new thread.. Hope One does too..

I'm in docs for 8.50 tomorrow! Thanks for all the thoughts and fingers crossed! Vicky I last tested yesterday with an ic I'll be testing tomorrow before doc with a boots own as I've got one in a drawer to be used. Yep all those symptoms plus strong sense of smell. Or DP just smells bad at the mo!

Will update tomorrow.

Fleur your friends sound v.unsupportive people can be thoughtless sometimes.

Hope you are all good x smile

NurseyJay Fri 04-Apr-14 06:05:57

Fleur people can be unthoughtful/hurtful at times. Try not to take it to heart...

Fingers crossed for your appointment today broody!! Will keep looking for update..

Wood yep, he's in for a treat.. brought some new sexy undies for the weekend as well (tmi, lol).

It'll be nice for you to meet up with others going through similar things Vicky and as Wood said, hopefully new friends for u and Mini V smile

One where are yoouu..? Hope ur ok and find this new thread...

Vickyvix Fri 04-Apr-14 09:08:32

Ooh good luck broody will be checking in for updates.

fleur that is rotten of your friends. I would keep quiet about TTC and just tell them when you're pregnant, avoids all the unnecessary opinions etc.

Well I met up with the June ladies, what a lovely bunch!! I was a bit worried about turning up to find a load of wierdo creepy men with some fetish about pregnant ladies (after all I thought the rule was never to meet up with strangers from the internet). But, they were lovely and normal (with the right amount of craziness mixed in). And very very very bizarre but one of them went to the same secondary school as me, in the year above??! What are the chances of that, particularly given that neither of us live where we grew up anymore!

onelifeonechance Fri 04-Apr-14 09:29:50

Found you!!!!! grin Woo hoo for the new thread! thanks Broody!<clapping>

Well?? Come on, tell us???? Hoping it went well (got a feeling you're going to make us wait though aren't you? If a blood test is required we're going to have to wait all weekend for the results aren't we?! So hope I'm wrong!) All your signs sound so hopeful, keeping everything crossed hon.

Wood, I'm on cycle 11, cd don't know (ha! first time ever Ithat I don't know, not counting, wow this feels weird!!) Could obviously work it out but being lazy, I know I'm 5dpo but not sure cycle day number, know I'm in the 2ww. Not hopeful for this month tbh as it was our worst dtd effort in this whole ttc business, only twice before ov. So pretty much writing this month off and putting all my (Easter) eggs in one basket as me and dh are away for a week over Easter and it is absolutely perfect timing as covers the days up to and including ov so we will be going for it!!! Appointment wise I'm waiting for my letter for my hycosy scan thing. They said would be 4-6 weeks so it's been two weeks so far, so still waiting..... When is yours? It's soon isn't it?

Vicks, that's so exciting meeting up with real MNers!!! Glad it went well, sure you'll all be a real support for each other through all of this. And how funny about the girl you went to school with!! Did you remember her or just worked it out?

Nursey, hope dh appreciates the undies wink

Fleur, grrr indeed

Happy Friday all smile Plans? Dh is whisking me out for a meal tonight, yippee!!!!!

broodysnoopstie Fri 04-Apr-14 09:42:51

Hello Selfish not reading back update. Doc was super super lovely. She said whilst it's very rare for hpt not to work it does happen and she hopes it has! I was sent to walk in at hosp with blood test form for pregnancy and she said while she's at it she'd do first fertility tests.. and thyroid tests..

results monday!


onelifeonechance Fri 04-Apr-14 09:53:24

Knew you were going to say that!!!! I can't possibly wait that long!!! Go back to the hospital and tell them your pal onelife can't wait that long and you're not leaving til you get the results!!!!!! grin Seriously though, glad she was lovely and so hoping her hopes are right! Think that's all that can be done... So for now I will continue to keep fingers, toes, eyes etc. crossed and I wish you a speedy weekend. What you up to? If no plans you need to make some NOW!!!! smile or this is going to be the longest wait ever......

broodysnoopstie Fri 04-Apr-14 10:44:17

Haha One I'd try it if I thought it would work!!

I'm working 11 til 11 tomorrow but Sunday is my long awaited day off luckily I'm so tired half the day will go to lying in bed!! So I'm sure Monday will be here before I know it. Is it weird I feel a bit nervous/anxious of results in case it's negative? xx

woodwaj Fri 04-Apr-14 21:59:52

Vicky your day out with the MN ladies sounds really good, do you think you will meet up again? Anyone in a similar situation to you. Did you compare bumps?

Ahh one good for you not counting days I dont blame you. I need to check actually im sure AF is due soon. My appointment is on the 16th!

Enjoy your meal tonight. I have a really good weekend in store. Meeting up with all my friends tomorrow for a birthday meal and to watch the national I have a few bets on and a christening sunday for a good friend then the best bit...Monday and Tuesday off!!! Woohoo

Broody all round a good appointment I would say. I hope its a bfp but if not your getting some sneaky early tests in which can only be reassuring!

onelifeonechance Sat 05-Apr-14 14:40:33

Broody, it is not in the slightest bit weird that you're feeling nervous and anxious about the results, it is completely and utterly understandable. This is the biggest thing ever so there's a lot riding on it, and I so hope it works out the way we all want it to. Best of luck to you xx

Wood, yeay, not long to wait now then. And high five for not knowing your cycle day either grin

I've had good news today, appointment letter has come through for hycosy, 5 week countdown starts here girls!! smile And the timing is fab as it means we can crack on during our holiday over Easter and it falls in to the cycle after that just before I should ov - so as long as my periods behave- means I don't think we need to take a month off as from what the info sheet says, we can't dtd before the procedure but no probs afterwards so we should still catch ov that month. Hurrah!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Wood - are you a millionaire yet?! grin

Fleurlur Sat 05-Apr-14 20:58:47

Apparently some women find they fall pregnant the month after the hyscosy cause it's flushed your tubes out so to speak and if there was a blockage there, it clears it!

NurseyJay Sun 06-Apr-14 07:51:23

Does anyone get ovulation pain? I never used to, but these last few months I always do. It's not excruciating, but it really hurts when I DTD....

Also the pain is always on the left side (it doesn't alternate) which is weird as ovaries 'take turns' to release eggs... don't they?! Lol.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend smile

onelifeonechance Sun 06-Apr-14 08:43:59

Fleur...I love you grin

Nursey, afraid I don't know as so much as I have tried to feel ov pains I'm not convinced I ever have! Think I've read they're supposed to alternate. If painful when dtdeeding is it worth speaking to a doc? Is it just during ov?

broodysnoopstie Sun 06-Apr-14 11:39:48

Morning. ah I've just woken up. lie in till 11 was Bliss! (That won't happen with children! )

Vicky glad your June ladies meet up went well I think you are brave going if it was me I'd of been v . nervous! I get a bit nervous of social situations when I don't know anyone. So I'm very impressed.

Nursey I hope you have had a lovely weekend and your undies have gone down a treat (as it were!!) wink

one haha eggs in one easter basket made me laugh hope you have a lovely time
yay eggcellent(!) news about your appt 5 weeks will fly grin
glad you don't think I'm weird I just want to know now... but I know in my heart I've thought I was pg for ages now so if it's neg it will be very hard.

nursey I get ov pain I think normally on one side it doesn't hurt when I dtd though especially... I read that you don't always alternate it depends on the woman.

wood hope you are enjoying your lovely weekend and you are right sneaky tests are a bonus!

Think that's me all up to date!

Fleur where are you at with Af?


NurseyJay Sun 06-Apr-14 21:07:12

Thanks for the info. It doesn't usually hurt when we dtd, only when I have this ovulation pain.
I read today that women can ovulate from the same ovary for a few months and then go back to alternate. It used to be alternate until these last few months. V strange. But I suppose I should be grateful... pain means I must actually be ovulating(?!)

woodwaj Mon 07-Apr-14 09:37:06

Broody, really good luck today. I will keep checking in for news!!

Onelife, great news about your appointment date and the timings nothing better when a plan comes together. I am defo not a millionaire sad but I did have a really good day! Made even better because im still in bed!

Nursey I wouldn't say I get ovulation pain but around that time DTD is more sensitive. I wouldn't say painful though. Try another position and see if it helps!

broodysnoopstie Mon 07-Apr-14 10:47:43

Blood tests are back and according to receptionist they are 'normal'so I'm presuming I'm not pregnant. sad

broodysnoopstie Mon 07-Apr-14 10:55:25

why am I 4 weeks late if I'm not pregnant. I hate my body

onelifeonechance Mon 07-Apr-14 15:18:30

Broody, I'm so sorry hon thanks Are you absolutely sure they were telling you the results from the pregnancy bloods and not just the other fertility ones?? If there is any doubt at all I definitely think you should ring back or call in and ask to speak to a Dr about it.

woodwaj Mon 07-Apr-14 21:49:36

Really sorry broody sad I think whats worse is that 'normal' is not really an explanation!!

When is your next appointment?

I will break the rules for you and give you a piece of birthday cake a day early! [Cake]

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