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Pregnant after MC due December 14

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Penguin13 Thu 03-Apr-14 09:07:43

If you're pregnant after a previous MC and due in December 14 this is the thread for you.

If you're an obsessive knicker-checker or just want someone to chat to who knows where you're coming from you'll fit right in.

ThankYouDebbie Sat 24-May-14 06:41:38

Thanks guys thanks
It's just that everytime we think we'll get a clearer picture, we... don't. Nothing to do but keep waiting (down to 11 days already). And finish that college work I was moaning about last week.

FranksBobot Sun 25-May-14 00:28:16

Just a quick update from me, I'm still here, still sick as a pig and now extremely emotional.
Going to book in to see GP next week as the vomiting is getting too much now. Spending almost all day everyday in bed. DP has had to change his work hours to do the school run as even they aren't manageable now. Thankfully it's now half term and DD is going to my folks house from tomorrow for a few days so DP can work properly and I can wallow around in self pity.

Glad to hear everyone else is still here and well. Once this 24/7 sickness passes I shall join in properly once more. thanksthanks

Penguin13 Sun 25-May-14 07:48:40

Oh Franks you poor thing! I wish I could wave a magic wand and take the sickness away for you as it sounds utterly miserable. Really hope the GP can give you something which gives you some relief. Have you popped into the HG board on here? Even if they can't give you any tips for easing the sickness (it sounds like meds may be what you need) they know what you are going through so could be a good additional support (though you will always find sympathy and a listening ear here). Glad to hear that you are able to have a break and focus on yourself for a few days, feeling so rough with your children around to look after as well must be extra tough. Hugs to you.

Penguin13 Sun 25-May-14 07:52:27

Debbie I'm thinking of you. Waiting and hoping but worrying is the worst. 10 days now. I did the crossing off days thing and I found it helped (I may have resorted to half days at points blush) each day you are getting closer to getting your answer.

ThankYouDebbie Sun 25-May-14 17:32:26

Aw bless you Penguin, yes 10 days now. I may have resorted to half days too in the run up to the last scan, or something similar: when it gets to the evening I'll say to my DP or think "it'll be 9 days tomorrow when I wake up" so I start disregarding the day we're in!
Today I tried looking at some research papers regarding the difference between ultrasound and expected gestational age and of course all I did was confirm that m/c is more likely which I guess I already knew.
I'm OK: expect the worst and hope for the best and all that.

DrFunkesFamilyBandSolution Sun 25-May-14 18:33:16

((Debbie & Franks)), Debbie, hope the next week & a bit goes quickly for you.
Franks, hope you manage to find the magic cure for HG, glad your DP is being fantastic about it.

I'm so tired atm, reading thread but the effort involved to type..I cba to turn the tv on atm (remote is an inch out of my grasp).
Hope everyone has sunny skies for the Bank Holiday tomorrow(and noone is working)!

ThankYouDebbie Sun 25-May-14 22:09:58

Awesome job at describing the tiredness Dr
This is the latest I've been up for dayszzzzz <falls asleep>

Penguin13 Mon 26-May-14 09:28:07

It's our second wedding anniversary today smile Pity I have about as much energy as a slug! Was feeling quite good but the last three days tiredness has hit back with a vengeance. Bought my first maternity clothes yesterday just a few tops but - eek. Holy comfort batman, I may never return to wearing regular clothes! Got a great tip from SIL who is due any day. H+M do these strappy vests that are extra long, almost like a dress, for £3.99 each and they are apparently great for wearing under things as even at 40 Weeks they are long and stretchy enough to keep the bump covered. I got three in navy, black and white.

DrFunkesFamilyBandSolution Mon 26-May-14 14:45:57

Happy Anniversary Penguin!

I'm in maternity jeans atm, good find on the vests, it's impossible to find decent maternity wear instore (I got all of mine with ds1 in 2011, come ds2 in 2013 there was naff all choice).

CallingAllEngels Mon 26-May-14 17:35:03

Snoozeville here as well Zzzzzzzzzzz...

PresidentSpreadable Mon 26-May-14 18:53:13

On maternity wear, I had an 25% off everything email from Gap last week, so ordered a fair bit of stuff for the summer, a pair or shorts, trousers, three vests and two dresses, came to just over £100. Hopefully it will see me through. I'm fortunate in that I work in an office with a very laid back dress code, the thought of having to wear 'proper' clothes horrifies me and my non existent waistline!

StrawbsAndCream Tue 27-May-14 14:30:20

Hi ladies, just a quick one while I can, had 12 week scan today (was meant to be Monday), measuring dead on 12 weeks meaning it's 2 days bigger again! So due date moved to 10th December. Still can't believe it's real and we have a picture of a live baby that has toes and thumbs! Crazy.

Sorry it's so quick I'll have a real catch up later! Hope you're all well today xx

ParanoidCoventGarden75 Tue 27-May-14 16:42:48

Sorry I haven't been supportive over the weekend, frank & debbie how are you?

penguin happy belated anniversary

Ladies with scans, where are the pics?

All I've done is sleep, eat, sleep, eat, repeat. Only 2 more injections, and I'm free from heavy meds. Last week I've been told off by a lady at the hospital because I'm off to France after my 12 week scan and considering swimming again shock and then she wants me to relax, how? If I'm not allowed to do anything? Go down the pub and get pissed? Sorry, very annoyed... Rant over

CallingAllEngels Tue 27-May-14 18:25:41

Great news strawb!

Just get an inflatable and float paranoid grin

I need a fish slap ladies. I have the doom. I know it's ridiculous - we had a scan less than a week ago with a strong heartbeat and measured well for dates, I'm 3 weeks past the latest mc I've had - but I'm just feeling blue and worried. This time we've told some people earlier than we would have done (particularly my work because of timetabling issues for next year) and I'm now feeling that I've jinxed everything.

Fish slap away!

Penguin13 Tue 27-May-14 20:16:37

Awesome strawbs that's brilliant news. I struggled to believe it too after our positive scan but hooray!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes everyone, we had a lovely quiet day together. Slightly less exotic than our 1st anniversary which we spent on a beautiful Malaysian island but I wouldn't have swapped it for anything knowing that next anniversary we will hopefully have our baby penguin in our arms.

Paranoid I do have a pic from my 12wk scan but wasn't sure how those still anxiously waiting for news would feel about seeing it.

Really excellent news that you are nearly through with the injections Paranoid. Really though? No swimming? I mean I might avoid swimming the channel and of course I would always bow to medical advice if there is a particular reason to avoid physical activity but I struggle to see what harm a little swimming could do....

Engels here's tickle with a turbot, a slap with a salmon and a bop with a bream. I know it's hard not to let the fear take hold but your recent scan is really good news and nothing you say or think will jinx anything. I told people way earlier this time as I needed the support and it was a much more positive outcome. When is your next scan? Offering a hand to hold because despite what we know logically it's still scary and hard sometimes X

CallingAllEngels Tue 27-May-14 20:48:08

Next scan is next week on Friday at 10+5. I am suitably fishslapped!

Aargh, I know there's nothing I can do or not do, and am fine when I'm at work or collapsed at home in the evenings or occupiednat work. It's when I'm driving on my own home from work and the doom and gloom comes over me! I kust put on some cheery tunes tomorrow to stop it from happening again!

Looking forward to our 3rd year wedding anniversary this summer. We always go out for dinner at the place we had our wedding meal. The food is amazing and the wine list is heavenly. Last year I had a different glass with each course, though guess I'll be driving this summer. Will also celebrate 7 yrs of living in NL and 8 years since I met DH (in Peru of all places). Amazing to think how much life has changed. A decade ago I was miserable, living with my uni boyf, hating teaching and stuck in a total rut. And now in a great relationship (we have our ups and downs, especially the last few years with DH's depression but - as I said to him the other night - he makes me laugh, he makes me come, he makes me dinner, so just about perfect grin ), love my job, love living over here and have a lovely 2 year old who doesn't drive me crazy at all, oh no

So, time for me to look on the bright side! (Thanks for the fish slap! It helped!).

basgetti Tue 27-May-14 22:18:06

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. Great news about your scan Strawbs, I hope you start to feel better soon Franks.

I've had a strange couple of days, my sickness disappeared on Sunday, along with all my other symptoms. It's like a switch has been flipped. Even my stomach feels deflated. I suffer bowel problems (sorry TMI) and it may be due to that, but I don't feel very hopeful. Even my boobs don't feel heavy or painful anymore. I'm aware my anxiety may be making me read too much into it, and it might just be that things are settling down but I just don't feel pregnant anymore. Had a bit of cramping like period pain, but I've had that on and off so who knows. I just have to wait it out, still 3 weeks til my next scan.

StrawbsAndCream Tue 27-May-14 22:57:34

Debbie the waiting must be awful, 7 days tomorrow now? Not long.. But must feel like a lifetime! Sorry to hear you're feeling negative, I have everything crossed for you that it is good news, you know where we are if you're having a wobble! Wishing the days away for you xx

Franks sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish, hope the doctors gave you meds? Sounds like HG? Don't feel guilty, have as much rest as you need. Your DP sounds like he's being fab though which is always good! Really hope you're feeling better soon. For some reason I have felt the most sick and been sick the past week than ever before.. I thought it was meant to ease off towards 12 weeks?! And I imagine that's nothing compared to how you're feeling!

DrFunkes I hear you on the tiredness! I'm not looking forward to going back to work and having to be in at 7.30am some days after 3 weeks off!! Hope you've been getting some sleep!

Penguin a belated Happy Anniversary! I bet it was definitely just as enjoyable as your last..good find on the tops.. I love a bit of H&M. I think I will most struggle with maternity jeans as I'm so short! I think a few of us are?? Apparently H&M jeans are good but very long.
And thank you! I felt exactly the same regarding putting a pic of the scan on, but am happy to share if others want to see or don't mind.

President exciting order! Sounds like a bargain, did you feel nervous buying them? I don't know if I'll be able to pluck up the courage to buy maternity.. But think I may have to soon..bobble on the jeans with tummy popping through is not a good look!

Paranoid that's great news that you've only 2 injections left, here's to being less of a pin cushion and feeling more normal. I don't understand with the swimming either? I thought that was advised to be one of the best exercises during pregnancy? Strange!

Calling thank you! I felt exactly the same.. I had 3 early scans, 1 a week up until 9 weeks and then went 3 weeks without one until today. The doom came often but I did reassure myself that I felt completely different to my mmc and tried to think positively. But I did also have the wedding to take mind off things which was probably a blessing in disguise. Definitely blast some happy sing-a-long songs in the car tomorrow! And it will only be 9 days until your next scan..single figures. Oh and I nearly forgot to slap you with a lovely wet fish!

News with me this evening is that my nipples are so damn itchy.. The scissors are looking very appealing right now.. But I'm sure you need nipples to feed so I'll try and resist!
Also getting used to people knowing as we've told wider family and friends after the scan.. Very nerve wracking. But everyone is so happy for us and sending some lovely messages making me quite emotional.

God I wouldn't be surprised if that takes up a whole page: whoops!! X

StrawbsAndCream Tue 27-May-14 23:07:07

Basgetti sorry cross-post! Are you around 9 weeks?
When I was about 8 weeks I didn't fell very sick at all and my boobs completely stopped hurting.. Even squeezing them did nothing! Which made me panic completely. I felt pretty normal apart from being tired and a bit achey at the end of the day.
I won't say please don't worry as we all know that's impossible, but it really doesn't mean anything bad has happened.
Fast forward to where I'm at now and my sore boobs are back and I feel sicker than I ever have!
It's definitely normal for symptoms to come and go, is there any chance you could get an earlier scan at the epu? I hope it's not you I remember that had trouble with them though?

Thinking of you.. this first trimester stuff is very stressful indeed! We're all here to hand hold anyway. Hope you get a good nights sleep xx

ParanoidCoventGarden75 Tue 27-May-14 23:13:06

basgetti sorry to hear you're worried, every pg is different but fx some symptoms will come back to give you some reassurance, and if the worry gets too much, could you have another scan sooner?

I don't see the point either about the swimming, I am not planning on going back to high impact stuff, just a bit of swimming (which I learnt 5 years ago for that very purpose) I will do what feels right.

engels slap

basgetti Tue 27-May-14 23:22:34

I'm 10+5 by my dates, I had two early scans which were fine other than that I was showing a bit smaller than my dates were. I think it's just because my sickness has been so severe I've needed medication and then abruptly stopped that I've been worried. And my negative diabetes test, which also happened when I had my MMC. I could ask about another scan but I'm not sure if they'll give me one just for anxiety. I suppose I could see about having 12 week scan brought forward as I'll be about 14 weeks by the time it comes. I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see if they can fit me in sooner. x

xkatxdollx Wed 28-May-14 03:38:56

Debbie I went in for my first ultrasound around 6 w and there was a baby with a heartbeat he told me to come in two weeks later to date it then when I went in the baby was dating a week and a half smaller than it should so I have to go in again in a month but there's only a week and three days left (june6) so I will let you know how mine went, what keeps me positive is that there was a heartbeat and it is growing and maybe it's just going to be smaller than average which not every 23 year old is going to be the exact same height so maybe my baby won't either if that makes sense

Penguin13 Wed 28-May-14 10:04:05

Basgetti sorry you're feeling anxious. Sudden loss of symptoms is really scary and it happened to me twice this pregnancy. The second time from 9 weeks onwards I could literally have not been pregnant and like you it was sudden. Day prior to 9 week scan : gnawing ravenous hunger 24 hours a day. Day of 9 week scan : felt completely normal. It is a normal time for symptoms to lessen as placenta starts to take over but I do think trying to move your scan forward would be a good move.

Penguin13 Wed 28-May-14 17:54:00

Just heard that my newest nephew Lewis was born today at 4pm, 8lbs, healthy and pretty much bang on time smile!

MrsFtn Wed 28-May-14 18:50:02

Hi everyone - sorry I haven't been on for a while. Basgetti - my symptoms disappeared completely at 9 weeks (I didn't have much in the way of symptoms anyway but from week 9 I felt at my most 'unpregnant') The staff at EPU said it was very common for symptoms to get better from 9 weeks.
Penguin - glad you had a lovely (if sedate) anniversary and congrats on the safe arrival of your nephew.

Thinking of those with scans coming up soon. Hope the time passes quickly for you. I'm not feeling too bad at the moment other than severe constipation. It's so uncomfortable and I'm sure it is accounting for half my bump! I am trying to drink more water in the day and have managed to force a few prunes down but not much success so far sad

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