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Pregnant after MC due December 14

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Penguin13 Thu 03-Apr-14 09:07:43

If you're pregnant after a previous MC and due in December 14 this is the thread for you.

If you're an obsessive knicker-checker or just want someone to chat to who knows where you're coming from you'll fit right in.

PresidentSpreadable Tue 08-Apr-14 21:18:12

Good luck, I'm keeping everything crossed for you. I'm going to try and see my gp tomorrow and see what she thinks re: an early scan.

ImBrian Tue 08-Apr-14 21:40:06

I'm good thanks penguin, I think I'm coping by putting pregnancy to the back of my mind and not thinking about it. (Apart from checking on here!). Nobody in real life knows so that makes it easier as I can kind of pretend it's not real. I think I'm trying to separate myself a bit if that makes sense. I was hoping to get a scan the back end of next week but they can only do Tuesday which is when I'm away so I think it'll be the week after. It's for reassurance but I need an idea of dates as well so I know when to book in for the nifty test.

How are you feeling? I have everything crossed for next Monday for you.

Penguin13 Wed 09-Apr-14 10:12:41

I'mBrian I had totally planned to not get too invested this time around but I completely failed. I understand why you feel the need to protect yourself though. I must admit when someone on the Dec thread posted about 'cherishing each moment' of being pregnant I thought 'if only'.

Doing ok here. Expecting the worst but hoping for the best. I can't bear to spend much time on the 'normal' Dec thread at the moment with everyone discussing their symptoms. I also want to warn them that getting 3+ on your digital doesn't mean everything is going to be ok. I was testing positive for 5 weeks after my erpc.

President good luck for your appointment with your GP today. I think it is a complete postcode lottery what kind of treatment you get after mc/s. Initially I was told by the mw team that I definitely couldn't have an early scan with no bleeding but they later rang me back to say I could have a scan on Mon after all. I think the fact that I was sobbing down the phone made them realise how distressed I was. I completely understand the need to prioritise those who are bleeding and in pain and would never want to delay someone's urgent scan but I am glad they decided to scan me. I think the party line that if you're not bleeding everything is most likely fine is naive. Last time I waited 7 worry filled weeks ignoring my instincts and telling myself I was being silly only to have my worst fears confirmed at my 13 week scan.

PresidentSpreadable Wed 09-Apr-14 11:04:38

No gp appointments free until next Thursday Penguin. Oh well, hopefully I'll have some more symptoms by then.

I just walked into the EPU at UCLH last time, first thing in the morning. I'd had no bleeding, pain, or spotting but I just had a feeling that things weren't quite right due to my symptoms subsiding, and was due to fly out to Hungary for a wedding the next day. I was still completely blindsided by the 'sorry there's no heartbeat' though.

I feel stronger this time as that's what I'm expecting to hear. I think I'm going to try and hold out until 8/9 weeks and then have a scan. Anxiety after an mc or mmc is a good enough reason I think, esp combined with my great age!

PresidentSpreadable Wed 09-Apr-14 11:06:40

Oh, and I know what you mean about the normal Dec thread.

ImBrian Wed 09-Apr-14 11:47:14

President that's what happened with my mmc, I was feeling sick etc just knew that something wasn't right.

I think it's nice people can still have a bit of innocence about the whole thing. My first two I never thought about miscarriage and it was lovely. I know what you mean about the line, it's more the chemicals where it doesn't get stronger. With my mmc it was a strong line not that this stops me doing bloody opks!

I feel less sick etc today and my boobs aren't as sore but I know with previous successful pregnancies they've come and gone a bit.

Anyone else wish we had a fast forward button!?

PresidentSpreadable Wed 09-Apr-14 13:06:59

That's reassuring about symptoms coming and going ImBrian. I'm still bloated, and feel a bit dazed and confused. I've never wished for morning sickness so hard though!

LaceyLee Wed 09-Apr-14 14:00:22

Hi all, can I join? I'm too scared to join the 'normal' December thread, as I have had two previous mc's and have now got a but of brown discharge for the past few days. Only a tiny bit and I keep thinking that it's finished then just then I had a bit more. Great! My EDD is 14th dec and my lmp I will be 5 weeks tmrw. Have called epu to get an appt, hopefully tmrw but I don't really know what they can do at such an early stage?
My boobs are still sore, but they are on and off too, always slightly sore but it seems to build up during the day.
Penguin how are you doing?

ImBrian Wed 09-Apr-14 14:49:41

Hi Lacey, congratulations on your bfp smile

PresidentSpreadable Wed 09-Apr-14 14:53:11

Hi Lacey, welcome and congrats from me too. I'm not sure how much they can tell from a scan at 5 weeks, hopefully someone else does?

Penguin13 Wed 09-Apr-14 16:00:50

Hey Lacey welcome to the thread. Good to see a fellow posifrickentivity graduate around here. <american style high-five!> Hopefully your epu will at least be able to advise you even if it's too early to see much on a scan. Maybe they would be able to see a possible cause for the bleed?

Penguin13 Wed 09-Apr-14 16:01:40

Oh and congratulations on your BFP if I haven't said it already blush

Penguin13 Wed 09-Apr-14 16:16:27

I know what you mean I'm Brian it is nice for them I'm probably just bitter that I didn't get to experience that happy innocence for myself!

LaceyLee Wed 09-Apr-14 16:38:25

Hi all, thanks got the welcome smile
Yes maybe they can give some advice or even take bloods. My test lines are getting super strong so I guess that's a good thing... Such a stressful time, I am just taking it a day at a time and just happy that today I am pregnant!! I'm going in holiday in Monday also so would love some reassurance by then... Hope everyone else is feeling good x

ParanoidCoventGarden75 Wed 09-Apr-14 20:16:50


Can I join you on here too? so many familiar faces from the 'normal' dec thread, I can't believe so many of us have been through this.

Everything you said ring so true. I want to warn others about the dangers but at the same time I don't want to spoil the fun for all the happy mummies to be.

I refuse to visualise the little bean, I have no symptoms and the last 2 days have been a nightmare, I don't feel pregnant and I have convinced myself that I am having another miscarriage. I have obviously been traumatised by the mmc in Sept.

To top it up, yesterday, someone who had the same dates as me was giving birth and my colleague came to work to show us her 3 month old baby (I mmc'ed when she was pregnant, she doesn't know), she looked so happy and I'm happy for her but I cried my eyes out in the toilet.

I'll be 39 soon, and this is our 4th and last round of fertility treatment.

Sorry for the rant, I hope you're doing ok, positive sticky dust to all

LaceyLee Wed 09-Apr-14 22:11:25

Hi paranoid, sorry to head about your mmc. Your message about not visualizing the little bean is sad! But I know what you mean, it's easier not to get overly invested in things at this stage. I have a lot of hope though that things will be ok this time smile

The epu have said there is no point in seeing me this early, so I guess what will be will be! They were rather dismissive about it which is quite rude but I guess there is no point in scanning this early and bloods don't actually tell you much. Ah well, I'm hoping to have a 7 week scan anyway.

Penguin13 Thu 10-Apr-14 07:56:49

Welcome Paranoid. I'm sorry you've been through an mmc. I really feel for you on the loss of symptoms. It's true that symptoms naturally come and go but it's hard not to assume the worst after mmc. It must add even more worry and pressure having been through fertility treatment. Are you having an early scan?

Lacey I am angry at the epu for being dismissive of your concerns. Surely they have enough experience of dealing with people who have gone through mc to have a bit of compassion. Whether or not they can do anything at this stage, it doesn't cost anything to acknowledge your concerns and speak to you kindly. Are you still bleeding?

ParanoidCoventGarden75 Thu 10-Apr-14 09:14:48

Thanks Ladies,
Sorry to hear of your bad experience with epu Lacey, fx all is well and you get positive news soon. I'm 5 week today too and an 8 week scan booked for 30 April. imBrian I'll go with the fast forward button. Just wish I could sleep through the whole thing and wake up in 8ish months.

LaceyLee Thu 10-Apr-14 09:46:20

Hi all, I called epu back and have just spoken to them, they were nicer when they realised I had had two mc's as yesterday I had only left them a voicemail. Brown discharge seems to have reduced (don't want to say gone yet in case it returns!).
I have a 7 week scan paranoid! 24th April. Looking forward to it!

ImBrian Thu 10-Apr-14 10:23:34

Today I'm feeling pretty rough, dishes in the sink have had me wretching and I have the never ending stomach cramps and dodgy belly. Prob because I complained yesterday my symptoms weren't as bad.

I hated the epu when I went, the ladies were lovely but it was all just so matter of fact to them. Plus I wasn't given a second scan which still bugs the hell out of me as I never bled etc and the reason they said mc was due to no heart beat when I was only 6+4. Anyway never mind, dc3 would never have been born if it hadn't happened.

Penguin13 Thu 10-Apr-14 11:07:47

Sorry you're feeling rough Brian. Hopefully it's a positive sign though this may not be much consolation while you retch! I am in awe of you coping with that with 3 dc already!!

Really glad you had a more positive experience when you spoke to EPU again Lacey. Hope the brown discharge stays away and that the weeks till your 7 week scan go as quickly as possible.

Paranoid I meant to say, sorry you had a tough day with the baby bombs yesterday. Well done for keeping it together. There is no shame in having a cry over it and I'm sure we've all been there, I know I have. My SIL, who I am quite close to, is due a week before my original edd and it has been really difficult watching her bump grow and her going through all the stages that I 'should' have been.

ImBrian Thu 10-Apr-14 11:42:38

Haha penguin its 4 dc! I have no sense what so ever!

Penguin13 Thu 10-Apr-14 14:19:01

shock Brian. Well we know we have a great pregnancy resource on hand - you must have pretty much seen it all smile

ImBrian Thu 10-Apr-14 15:02:36

I've not managed a section yet but I'm hoping to leave that off the list! I wish someone would teach me how to make my 2 year old take a nap on command though.

Penguin13 Fri 11-Apr-14 10:03:57

How is everyone today? I'm still pretty symptom free but feeling a bit rough as haven't been sleeping well. Finding it hard to concentrate at work with my scan on Mon morning fast approaching. Trying to steel myself for the fact that if it's the expected bad news I'll probably be in limbo for a while longer while they make sure.

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