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Pregnant after MC due December 14

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Penguin13 Thu 03-Apr-14 09:07:43

If you're pregnant after a previous MC and due in December 14 this is the thread for you.

If you're an obsessive knicker-checker or just want someone to chat to who knows where you're coming from you'll fit right in.

Penguin13 Thu 03-Apr-14 09:14:55

Hi I'm Penguin, I recently found out I am pregnant, due around 05 Dec, after having a MMC in November last year which was diagnosed at 13 weeks.

I created this thread as I couldn't bring myself to taint the innocent enthusiasm of the Dec crew who haven't experienced MC but needed some people to chat to. I graduated from the TTC after posifrickentivity thread as I didn't feel it was fair to the awesome ladies there to be posting about my fears that I will lose this pregnancy too.

rockstars12 Thu 03-Apr-14 11:16:55

Hi penguin you are more than welcome to share your fears in the December thread. It's there for everyone and believe me we are all worried about mc. I've had 2 in the past. I've been too scared to book in docs appointment in case I then have a mc. Finally at 5+4 weeks got the courage to book harmony scan. For some reason I feel if I let myself treat it as a normal pregnancy with the happy expectations I will be in for a fall. When I'm at home relaxed on the sofa I'm fine, but at work I freak out that any movement or stress etc will cause me to lose it.

Penguin13 Thu 03-Apr-14 12:02:32

Hi Rockstars. I'm so sorry about your two losses. Congratulations on your recent BFP. Really appreciate the invite to join, on my previous ante-thread some of the first-timers said they were freaked out by MC talk hence me self-segregating but it's lovely to be included. Perhaps I'll join you guys but save this thread for the major freak outs that no first timer needs to see smile

McRedHead Thu 03-Apr-14 20:52:04

Hello Penguin & Rockstars

I've been lurking on the Dec thread too, but not ready to join or add stats yet. I had MMC in October, found at 12 week scan, followed by early MC in February.

My DD was been in hospital all last week. I though at first the nausea was due to being cooped up inside, but did cheapo test on Thursday and Monday I took CB digi and got 2-3weeks. Not really sure of dates. Happy for it to stay like that until I see a little baby on the scan at 12weeks.

MC is crap however much you do or don't allow yourself to get excited/happy/preoccupied by the pregnancy and want to use the "Today I am pregnant" motto, but it is very hard not to let the negativity take over.

Red cake brew

Penguin13 Thu 03-Apr-14 22:59:36

Welcome Red. I'm sorry for your losses but glad for your new BFP. I hope that DD is ok now. That must have been hugely stressful. Wishing you a boring textbook pregnancy.

For better or worse I booked an early scan today. I just needed a date to work towards. If I make it that far I will be 7 weeks 5 days which I figured should be far enough along to see a heartbeat if there is one. 19 days to go but who's counting?

McRedHead Fri 04-Apr-14 22:19:59

Thanks Penguin,

Will follow you over to December thread soon. Just don't want to jinx it, yet. Stupid really! Is yours a private scan? How much is it (if you don't mind me asking)?

DD is back at nursery and happy. She had cellulitis, on her ankle. It needed IV drip for the week to keep the infection under control. Just another stressful week to add to the collection within the last six months!

Looking forward to the next two weeks holidays to put my feet up and enjoy some family time.

alita7 Fri 04-Apr-14 23:24:42

hi just thought I'd drop in from the November lot. smile we all discussed splitting into those who had had an mc and everyone else and we agreed not. We find its more scary when you have a member dropout than when people have had miscarriages plus those of us with spotting or loss of symptoms have really appreciated having people in the know to ask. We are all happy supporting each other through any problem, I promise you we all have many things to complain about :p so don't feel you need to hide away I'm sure the others on the Dec thread will feel the same smile

Penguin13 Sat 05-Apr-14 16:59:25

It is a private scan with The Baby Scan Studio in Marlow, costing us £95.00 but I would happily pay that for peace of mind. Sadly I'm not sure I'll make it to that stage. As my symptoms have completely gone as they did with my missed miscarriage I am now 95% sure the pregnancy will not be viable. I know symptoms come and go but I have gone from quite strong symptoms to literally nothing since Thurs sad As my HCG is still going up - got a 3+ on a clearblue digi this morning, I suspect a blighted ovum.

Thanks so much for dropping by Alita and for your input- I can definitely see advantages to both ways. I have now joined the 'normal' Dec thread but am hoping to keep this open as well. For me it helps to talk to people who know what it's like to go through MC.

MrsFtn Sun 06-Apr-14 10:29:55

Hrllo all. I'm popping in from the December thread. I think this thread is a good idea so we can talk without being accused of scaremongering!
penguin have your symptoms come back yet? I've had no symptoms since finding out I'm pregnant. I now have a stinking cold though so I can't tell if I'm feeling crap because of that or if I'm having symptoms! I keep reading about how some people are lucky enough to get no symptoms and it is normal for symptoms to come and go, but like you I have trouble believing it.
red I hope you have a lovely 2 weeks smile
I've been lucky enough to get an appt for an nhs scan tomorrow when I think I should be 6+4 which I am trying to be positive about. In my last pg though I had a scan at 6 wks due to bleeding and hb was seen and I was told it was a viable pg, then had another scan at 7 wks by which time bleeding had stopped and no hb found so had erpc. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even if hb is found tomorrow I'll still be a terrified knicker checker/symptom spotter til the 12 week scan!

PresidentSpreadable Sun 06-Apr-14 10:49:03

Hi, thanks for starting this thread. Had an mmc and erpc in July at 8/9 weeks. Turned 40 three weeks ago and seem to have conceived that weekend :-) bit of a shock, as I'd begun to give up hope.

Don't know how I feel though, I'm 4+6 according to my estimates, so very early. I'm convinced it won't stick. Not sure if I can get through the next 7 weeks with my sanity intact, but pretty sure I don't want an early scan either. Worried that it might show that things are fine at say 9 weeks, and I'll give myself permission to hope, only for it to have failed by 12.

I'm also petrified of miscarrying naturally.

Penguin13 Sun 06-Apr-14 12:36:02

Welcome Mrs and President. Congratulations on your BFPs.

Symptoms still resolutely absent here. It feels horribly familiar from my previous pregnancy which did not end well hence my anxiety. Am going to speak to the midwife hopefully tomorrow and request an early scan/bloods though I'll still have to wait a while as am only 5+2 today. Can't even bring myself to say the pregnant after mc mantra of 'today I am pregnant' more like 'today my body thinks I am pregnant'.

That's really good that you have a scan tomorrow Mrs. Keeping everything crossed for positive news although it's understandable given your history that you will be anxious even if it is good news. It is especially cruel that you had a scan with heartbeat last time only for things to then go wrong. I hope it is a different story this time.

ImBrian Sun 06-Apr-14 13:10:06

I'm popping in from the December thread as well. I had a chemical pregnancy the cycle before I fell pregnant with this one and a mmc a few years ago between dcs 2&3. Early pregnancy is hard work and I wish I was clueless like with my first where I didn't even think twice when I had a bleed. Someone once told me to do a day at a time and concentrate on the fact that today I am pregnant and it helps me a little. I also avoid obsessive googling/reading threads I know will make me start worrying etc .

Penguin I've had healthy pregnancies with no symptoms and vice versa. Will they not give you a reassurance scan?

Penguin13 Sun 06-Apr-14 15:35:50

Hi I'mBrian. Thanks for stopping by. It's sad that we've been robbed of the innocence of enjoying the excitement of pregnancy but I'm glad I have you ladies to share with.

If I'd had no symptoms from the beginning I wouldn't be as worried but I had sore, swollen breaststroke, racing heart with even decaf tea/coffee, light-headedness and much increased appetite. All of these symptoms disappeared on weds- Thurs and have not returned. I know symptoms can come and go but I had the exact same pattern when I had a missed mc last time. I am hopefully speaking to mw on Mon to request an early scan so not abandoning all hope just trying to be realistic.

Penguin13 Sun 06-Apr-14 15:36:47

*Breasts not breaststroke obviously! Wtf autocorrect!

ImBrian Sun 06-Apr-14 16:31:53

My dizziness has worn off now and this time I've had no appetite thank God

I can't see why they won't check for you. I'm having a private scan back end of next week when I'll be 7/8 weeks.

Penguin13 Mon 07-Apr-14 07:06:14

Good luck for your scan today Mrs. Got everything crossed for good news.

MrsFtn Mon 07-Apr-14 10:43:59

Thanks for good wishes but looks like I am bowing out. They saw sac but no hb and no fetal pole. I have to go back next Tuesday for a follow up scan to confirm. They said it doesn't look like a vianle pregnancy so I'm fully expecting to start bleeding any time now sad.
Best of luck in all your pregnancies. I will let you know how I get on next week. Got to decide whether to go to work this week or not now

Penguin13 Mon 07-Apr-14 10:53:22

I'm so sorry Mrs sad it's horrible that you're stuck in this awful limbo waiting for the worst to happen. I hope that you get better news at your next scan. Sending a big virtual hug your way. I hope that you have lots of RL support to help you through this.

ImBrian Mon 07-Apr-14 11:53:47

So sorry mrs, got everything crossed it was just a bit early xx

MrsFtn Mon 07-Apr-14 19:33:29

Thank you both. As the sac was so big they really should have seen a fetal pole and they could't even tell me for sure if there was even a yolk sac. I have internal scan too but it wasn't any more conclusive. I've had scans at 6 weeks in two other pregnancies and was able to see hb on those so all in all I'm not holding out any hope for good news next week. It's gonna be a hell of a long week though! As will have had three mc in a row at least I might get some tests done this time.
Best of luck to all of you this time round - I hope you have very healthy boring pregnancies smile

ImBrian Mon 07-Apr-14 20:36:21

Sending you lots of virtual love mrs, I hope this week goes as quickly as it can xx

Penguin13 Tue 08-Apr-14 10:37:31

Mrs I'm thinking of you. The waiting game is really tough thanks.

How are you doing Brian? What day is your scan?

How about you President and Red? I hope you're not feeling too anxious and Red I hope your dd's cellulitis is completely better and you're able to enjoy the holidays together.

PresidentSpreadable Tue 08-Apr-14 19:15:20

Sorry to hear your news MrsFtn.

I'm ok thanks Penguin, been at a work conference for a couple of days. I'm worried that I feel too ok really. No major symptoms kicked in yet, although I still have sore boobs, and a CB digital gave me a 3+ result on Sunday evening. Worried that I'm not weeing enough! This bit of pregnancy really sucks. I'm convinced that I'm heading for another mmc.

Penguin13 Tue 08-Apr-14 19:54:33

President I know how you feel. We just have to take it one day at a time. Repeat after me 'Today we are pregnant'. I have been given an early scan on Mon when I will be 6+3. Will be on tenterhooks till then.

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