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April 2014- thread 5!

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PrincessBabyCat Sat 19-Apr-14 18:08:14

Mine was suppose to be due on the 6th buy came on the 1st.

CountdowntoSummer Thu 10-Apr-14 15:57:30

Hi all, my due date was the 13th of April but had my little girl in the 29th of March! She was born at 17:30 weighing 2.571kgs.

vivianuchi Thu 27-Mar-14 13:17:45

I'm almost 38 weeks and still working full time, suffering from back pain, pelvic pain, insomnia and heartburn. As this is my second, I'm a bit worried about delivery... I just wish I could fast forward all the labour part and go straight to the happy ending smile

learnasyougo Thu 27-Mar-14 03:11:11

no baby yet. I am so sore around my ribs, am uncomfortable lying down, standing, sitting or walking. SPD pain, heartburn, insomnia.

I am so ready to have my baby and I'm only 39w.

Though I am also nervous about labour and birth because I had such an horrendous last time, partly due to his size and this one doesn't't feel like a tiddler, either.

vivianuchi Thu 27-Mar-14 02:16:35

Almost there! Anyone has had their baby yet? How are you coping with the last weeks of pregnancy before the big day?

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