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November 2014 Thread 2: Springing through the first trimester!

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Nessalina Fri 21-Mar-14 18:26:16

Welcome to all you nervous November ladies! Settle in for sore boobs, inappropriate puking, and hopefully happy early scans!

The crew so far:

Just1moretime DC3 due Oct/Nov
devoncreamtea due late Oct
MammySam DC2 due 31st Oct
RandomInternetStranger DC2 due 1st Nov
Canweseethebunnies DC2 due early Nov
booksshoescats DC2 due 3rd Nov
BatCave DC3 due 2nd Nov
Hopeful83 DC1 due 2nd Nov
Annarose2014 due 2nd Nov
CraziesTogether DC1 due 3rd Nov
WinterLover DC2 due 4th Nov
weeonion DC2 due 6th Nov
alita7 DC1 due 6th Nov
caravela due 5th Nov
Littleyewtree DC2 due 7th Nov
Greenstone DC2 due 7th Nov
flipflopsonfifthavenue DC2 due 7th Nov
AussieGoingHomeSoon DC3 due 7th Nov
SazHoopz DC2 due 7th Nov
Fergie11 due 7th Nov
Snook99 due 7th Nov
AveryJessup DC2 due 8th Nov
MabelMay DC3 due 8th Nov
edwardcullensotherwoman DC3 due 8th Nov
Catnap1 DC1 due 8th Nov
Polkadotscarf due 9th Nov
RecklessLadybird DC1 due 9th Nov
Nessalina DC1 due 10th Nov
ladydolly due 10th Nov
PosyFossilsShoes due 10th Nov
LittleRedDinosaur DC2 due 10th Nov
MrsY87 DC1 due 10th Nov
Giraffeski lo DC3 due 11th Nov
BJZebra DC2 due 11th Nov
MrsCuppa DC1 due 11th Nov
nickiswiss due 11th Nov
Mathssssteacher123 DC2 due 11th Nov
HRMumness DC2 due 12th Nov
Misslaughalot due 12th Nov
LadyMillion DC1 due 12th Nov
Amyrose82 DC1 due 12th Nov
FurryScoob DC1 due 13th Nov
Tigsy DC1 due 13th Nov
Lauraparsons233 due 13th Nov
WutheringTights DC2 due 13th Nov
Grayby due 13th Nov
movingmovingmoving DC2 due 14th Nov
MrsWombat DC2 due 14th Nov
Petal26 DC2 due 14th Nov
Misslaughalot DC2 due 14th Nov
Laura1410 DC2 due mid Nov
happyjessie due mid Nov
BeetleBeetle due mid Nov
Baxter2014 due 15th Nov
33goingon64 DC2 due 15th Nov
SeaSaltMill DC1 due 15th Nov
theduchesse DC2 due 15th Nov
Barmybunting DC1 due 16th Nov
selsigfach DC1 due 16th Nov
Getyourflipflopson DC3 due 16th Nov
pinkgirlythoughts DC2 due 17th Nov
StudyFullTime DC2 due 17th Nov
Snooky17 DC4 due 17th Nov
daisydalrymple DC3 due 18th Nov
DilysMoon DC3 due 18th Nov
stowsettler DC2 due 19th Nov
Whenwillwe3meet again DC1 due 19th Nov
utopian99 DC2 due 20th Nov
robynarmstrong92 DC1 due 21st Nov
NorthernExile DC2 due 23rd Nov
keeponkeepinon DC3 due 24th Nov
maeanne DC2 due 26th Nov
ImBrian DC5 due 26th Nov
Sleepingstarsmommy DC1 due 27th Nov
WhatWouldCaitlinDo due Nov


MrsWombat Fri 21-Mar-14 18:29:20

Thanks for starting the new thread!

Nessalina Fri 21-Mar-14 18:29:46

Hello hello smile
I'm Nessa, 32, first baby, but second pregnancy.
Based in Leeds, 6 + 4 today!

Sick as a dog confused

Nessalina Fri 21-Mar-14 18:30:23

Thanks for the tag line MrsW! I meant to name check you! grin

blamber Fri 21-Mar-14 18:48:30

I'd like to join please! Think my due date is 24 November. I have just been diagnosed with pcos after a year of long, irregular cycles. Last month they started tracking my cycle because they didn't think I was ovulating, but it was my lucky month!

This will be our first, so no idea what I'm in for. Except for sore boobs I have been feeling fine, until today when I suddenly got really tired. Had a lovely nap though! smile

Greenstone Fri 21-Mar-14 18:49:12

Marking place. Greenstone, 30, second preg, 7 weeks smile

Wineandchoccy Fri 21-Mar-14 18:51:50

Can I join, wineandchoccy DC1 due 15th November.

I have been stalking the 1st thread but feel like I should join in. I'm 6 weeks tomorrow the only symptoms I've had are extreme tiredness and really sore boobs with itchy nipples grin
I have my booking in appt with midwife on Thurs so that will make it feel more real I think because at the minute I can't quite believe it.

I'm 32 and live in Lancashire and 5 + 6 today.

BJZebra Fri 21-Mar-14 19:02:03

Anybody getting normal things testing different?
I had a soup from EAT for lunch and it was horrible - ate it all though grin - just tasted wrong but everything else I've had from there has been lovely so I'm convinced it's my baby taste buds.
I also have a little addiction to Florentina pizza smile

BJZebra Fri 21-Mar-14 19:05:08

I've just re-agreed (long story) the sale of my house today and so should be moving up to Lancashire in a month - near you WineandChoccysmile

alita7 Fri 21-Mar-14 19:15:08

Hey smile

In response to Anna rose on the old thread I thought twins or boy too :p and definitely not got twins after my early scan unless one was hiding :p yours fizzed which means boy (if it works which it might not :p) best way to see is if it still does the same in a couple of days I guess. Mine says girl and DP has 3 girls already so maybe he's got a lot more girl sperm :p he's not fussed about having a boy though. Wish we could have a definitive gender test now, but then I guess it keeps it exciting not knowing all straight away smile

RandomInternetStranger Fri 21-Mar-14 19:22:08

Just bookmarking this thread! grin

barmybunting Fri 21-Mar-14 19:25:26

I've just been reading back and the bicarbonate of soda test has given me a happy laugh, I've never heard of that one, I like it :-). I can just see women across the country heading to the toilet clutching their bicarbonate!

I'm in Lincolnshire (moved down from Scotland two months ago due to DH's job), 28, and this is DC 1 for us, due 16 Nov. Currently 5+5.

I bought some of those Sea band travel sickness things today after a dodgy drive to work. They seem to help! Fingers crossed they continue.

How's everyone else this weekend? Any exciting plans?

pinkgirlythoughts Fri 21-Mar-14 19:31:39

Hi, marking place smile

I'm 27, live in Lincolnshire, and am 5 + 4 today.

just1moretime Fri 21-Mar-14 19:35:00

Hi all, Im going to have to bow out of this thread sad no sign of pregnancy at scan. Good luck to all of you for a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

Wineandchoccy Fri 21-Mar-14 19:35:55

BJZebra Lancashire is lovely apart from the weather it's either wet, cold or both!

DH and I are taking my 8 year old nephew for his swimming lesson in the morning might even brave the pool myself which is not a pleasant thought and on Sunday we are going to Ikea to buy a mirror and have a plate of meatballs so I won't be happy if morning sickness starts on Sunday grin

AveryJessup Fri 21-Mar-14 19:41:32

Thanks for starting the new thread, Nessalina. We have the same due date I think, Nov 8th? I think I'm 6+6 today though as I'm pretty sure my ovulation date was Feb 15th so maybe my due date is Nov 6th? Who knows... it's all an I exact science at this stage!

Main symptom here is indigestion and nausea / loss of appetite. I'm starving but can't find a thing I want to eat! I went to the supermarket last night, the posh one near us, and had the dry heaves walking around looking for something to eat - just didn't fancy anything other than a melon sorbet I bought...

Any symptom is better than none though! My personal test for checking on whether I still feel pregnant is to think about drinking a glass of wine. If the thought makes me heave then best guess is all is progressing as it should grin

MrsWombat Fri 21-Mar-14 19:41:46

Tonight I am craving apple juice and ice. I am plucking up the courage to tell DP that he either needs to go out and get some, or that I will be going out to get some. We have no ice either. I've tried DS's apple squash and it will not do. Orange juice will not do. I never had cravings this strong or early in my last pregnancy, and it's a bit overwhelming. What is going on? I did crave fruit a lot last time, but it was any fruit that was going. Used to have tins of pineapple in my locker at work.

MrsWombat Fri 21-Mar-14 19:44:04

I don't think my stomach could cope with a glass of juice either.

AveryJessup Fri 21-Mar-14 19:47:07

Sorry to hear that just1 sad. I hope you get another BFP soon. I got pregnant with DS 3 months after my miscarriage so fingers crossed you get lucky next time too.

alita7 Fri 21-Mar-14 19:49:51

So sorry just1 but are you certain you're far enough to see anything?

MrsWombat Fri 21-Mar-14 19:52:14

Very sorry, Just. flowers

Giraffeski Fri 21-Mar-14 19:53:15

Yy to everything tasting different.
I've totally gone off stuff I normally love and am obsessed with jelly and ice lollies. Which I was also obsessed with in both my previous pregnancies so must be an official craving grin

Giraffeski, 33, DC3, 6+3

Sazhoopz Fri 21-Mar-14 20:06:22

Sorry Just and to everyone else on the old thread thanks

Got my booking in appointment and first scan date through today unfortunately the scan is when we are on holiday so have to put it back a week so won't have it until 6th May which seems a lifetime away.

Saz, 35, SW London 7w(although 6+3 by dr) DC2

Amyrose82 Fri 21-Mar-14 20:23:39

So sorry to hear that just1 thanks hope you get a sticky bfp soon x

Just checking in - Amyrose here, 31, in Staffordshire, am 6+2 with DC1 due Nov 12 grin

Hopeful83 Fri 21-Mar-14 20:28:30

So sorry to hear that Just1.

I'm also checking in on the new thread

Hopeful, 30, South East London, DC1, 7+5 by my dates but 7+0 from scan :-)

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