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Are you due in March or April? Looking for mother and baby for infant observation.

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n12lady Sun 16-Mar-14 02:11:24

Hello. I am a student studying child development as part of a training in psychotherapy at the British Psychotherapy Foundation and I need to complete an infant observation starting now.

This involves observing a mother and baby's first year of life for one hour each week, with family holidays taking place as normal during the observation. The purpose is to learn about early development through regular non-intrusive observation of the changes in a baby and its interaction with mother doing what they would do if I was not there. if you are due in March/April (up to early May) and you think you might be interested please can you reply to the thread below, and I would be happy to get in touch to answer any questions.I have DBS clearance and can provide verification of my status as an enrolled student.
think you, or someone you know,
Mothers who have participated in observations have said they find the experience worthwhile. I know that a new baby is a very special time for busy new mothers but I hope someone will able and willing to help me with this unique learning opportunity. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I hope to hear from a willing family.

IceNoSlice Sun 16-Mar-14 03:06:28

Hello, good luck with finding someone. You could find clarifying the following will help:

Where are you and where does your child/family need to be based?
Do you just want first born or are subsequent children ok?
What will your observation involve? Will you visit them at home?

n12lady Sun 16-Mar-14 16:01:34

Hello and many thanks for your helpful comments suggesting ways that I could clarify what it is I am looking for. As I live in the Finchley area anywhere in North London ideally, but open to other possibilities.

A first born or subsequent children both fine. I know it can be off putting to think about having an "observer" but as a student the observation would give me a brief regular window to observe a growing infant and the relationship with mum. I would learn to develop my observational skills around pre-verbal communication by the baby. The observation takes place in the home setting once a week at a mutually convenient time.

I would take a friendly interest in watching what mum and baby do together, but there is no pressure on mum to feel she must do something for me during the hour, so if baby is asleep that is not a problem. I would need to fit in with mum and not intrude. No judgment or interference - mum knows best!

Thank you again for your interest and I hope to hear from any mums who think they might be interested.

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