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Easter is approaching, and the PESH are laying all over the place!

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evilgiraffe Sun 09-Mar-14 19:29:32

Antenatal fred fun for BESH graduates


Faith - pinky faithlet arrived 14th April 2013
Pinkr - suitably pinky one arrived 25th August 2013
Jethro - blue one arrived 23rd September 2013
Noks - pink one arrived 12th January 2014


Frankel - EDD 4th March ANY TIME NOW grin
Sinky - EDD 18th March
Merks - EDD 21st March
Driz - EDD 7th June
Draf - EDD 19th June
Kat - EDD 20th June
Winks - EDD 26th June
Dor - EDD 18th August
Ginger - 20th August
Euro - 28th August

Bugs - EDD approx 21st October

GingerScouse Tue 15-Apr-14 20:17:17

I've been waiting for that for ages!

TheBuggerlugs Tue 15-Apr-14 20:39:57

I can't believe I enjoyed him dying. <sadistic cow emotion>

GingerScouse Tue 15-Apr-14 20:52:00

It's a great point in the story, it shakes up everything.

eurochick Tue 15-Apr-14 21:33:26

I know draf. It was a very long and detailed scan - I was in there for about 50 minutes (not helped by a somersaulting baby). She spent aaaaaaaaaaaaages on the heart so I eventually asked what she was looking for and she said she was trying to get different angles but the baby kept moving. Phew. ginge centime has been a bit smaller than average all the way through (even at embryo transfer and my placenta can't be at fault there!) so at least he/she is consistent.

ginge that's almost as bad as belgium where most leisure facilities are only open during office hours... I'm off on my travels again next week, but when I get back I am planning to join the gym by my office and start swimming again. I loved it on holiday. After the cumbersome waddling on land, I felt quite agile in the water.

evilgiraffe Tue 15-Apr-14 21:33:38

It's all about Tyrion, really, though. That was almost more uncomfortable watching than it was reading.

evilgiraffe Tue 15-Apr-14 21:36:36

If the pool is open again afterwards, ginge, it sounds like it's closed for club use. It's probably timetabled the same way in the early morning, but as that's the first session you'd never notice. HOTB used to do club swimming at 6am every day, but it was never listed on the pool timetables.

FrankelandFilly Wed 16-Apr-14 11:21:57

Morning Hags, currently sat in Dr's waiting room waiting to be seen about my boob. Had a very stressful couple of days with feeding and E crying and came very close to getting in the car last night to go and buy formula. I'm hoping today will be better and that I can get some antibiotics to clear this infection up.

TheBuggerlugs Wed 16-Apr-14 11:24:48

Fingers crossed frank, I'm impressed they're seeing you quickly too. Fingers crossed for speedy boob healing.

GP is painting our bedroom today and we just had a very brief chat about the spare bedroom which will be the nursery. Its quite large and has built in wooden cupboards and wardrobes that need a lick of paint and new handles.

What have / are you doing for your nursery? I don't want the standard beige that seems to be the norm for new baybees of u known sex.

evilgiraffe Wed 16-Apr-14 11:45:16

Hope the doctor sorts you out, Frank, it must be miserable.

We don't have a nursery, bugs, our house is way too titch. So our teenyweeny "second bedroom" (currently a library) is going to be library and baby's room in one - it's already painted quite a bright yellow so that's nice and cheerful, at least. The cot we're getting from a friend is pale wood (will match the bookshelves!), and the little futon chair in there is dark blue, as is the carpet. I'll get HOTB to help put some pictures on the wall soon too - I have a few literary scenes that my nan embroidered for me when I was small, so that will tie the books and the idea of small children together a bit smile Baby will have no furniture, just a couple of drawers in our wardrobe that I've cleared out to make space.

Bonus scan this morning went well, baybee is looking good, though she was kicking like mad during the MRI. We have a mad creepy pic from the MRI where her eyes look like something from a horror/alien movie, and a few cute pics from MRI and ultrasound too. Apparently she weighs approx 3lb 14oz already and is set to be "slightly bigger than average" shock If she (more than) doubles in size in the next ten weeks I am barely going to be able to move...

NotWithoutMyMerkin Wed 16-Apr-14 12:36:06

Frank sorry you're still in pain, that's crap. Hoping you get some nice strong antibiotics to sort it out ASAP

eurochick Wed 16-Apr-14 13:52:21

bugs we're doing nothing! We hope to move summer/autumn as as baybee is recommended to be in with you for the first 6 months, by the time that has passed we will hopefully be in a different house. I love the pale unisex baybee room look though.

draf I'm glad the MRI went well. Our pics from yesterday are a bit rubbish, which is a shame as there were loads of good shots she could have picked (we only opened the envelope with the photos in after we had left).

frank I hope you can fix your boob soon. I had an infected cyst once and that was bloody agony, so sympathies.

FrankelandFilly Wed 16-Apr-14 13:56:13

I have antibiotics and E has been given a clean bill of health. I took her to the drop in clinic to be weighed and she's gained 10oz in 2 weeks which is bang on target. Phew.

Feeling much better about things now, though I have developed the shakes and chills which is a sure sign I've definitely got an infection hmm Fingers crossed these ABs kick in quickly.

evilgiraffe Wed 16-Apr-14 14:33:02

Excellent news, Frank. Hopefully you'll be alright soon.

FriendofDorothy Wed 16-Apr-14 20:28:13

I am feeling quite pleased with myself as I have managed to buy a second hand Troll Crib, including mattress and bedlinen all for £60.

I really wanted a co-sleeper but we have a super-low Ikea bed and didn't want to pay loads. This means we can doctor it without guilt if we need to!

TheBuggerlugs Wed 16-Apr-14 20:41:33

Good work Dor. I love a bargain and you seem to be brilliant at finding good ones.

I've just read a thread on babycentre where a girl has asked what her vagina will be like after birth as she's a bit worried. One poster simply wrote "like a wizard's sleeve". grin grin grin

Made me arf.

FriendofDorothy Wed 16-Apr-14 21:03:35

I commented to my friend (who is also our Health Visitor) that the movements felt different this time and she said 'it's probably because you have a baggy uterus' which made me laugh.

eurochick Thu 17-Apr-14 11:07:46

Well done on the weight gain frank and E. Have the antibs kicked in yet?

I'm starting to feel quite a lot of movements now, dor. And last night and this morning I could feel them on the outside too. I just need the monkey to perform for KFZK now...

evilgiraffe Thu 17-Apr-14 12:06:06

HOTB felt one good kick at about 18 weeks, I think, and then nothing else until about 21 weeks, poor guy. Baybee seemed determined to be contrary and stopped moving as soon as he put his hand on my belly grin She's barely stopped lately, though, so it's easy for him to have a feel while I'm getting a battering.

In the last few days I have developed puffy feet and my usual cankles have reached dizzying new heights. Any ideas for dealing with them? I've got a washing up bowl ready to give them a nice soak which will hopefully make them more comfortable even if it doesn't actually help.

katandkits Thu 17-Apr-14 14:58:05

Putting feet up and drinking masses of water should help. Do give the midwife a call though if they have suddenly ballooned, its one of the things they monitor for risk of pre eclampsia.

katandkits Thu 17-Apr-14 14:59:43

My baybee is trying out all the positions. Three weeks ago she was head down. Then transverse, then oblique. According to today's midwife, she is now breech! Better get moving soon.

ALittleFaith Thu 17-Apr-14 16:02:37

draf make sure you're drinking plenty. Feet up whenever you sit and I propped mine up on a pillow in bed too. I also bought maternity support stockings (sexy!) for when I was working.

eurochick Thu 17-Apr-14 16:04:58

Elevation, draf. And maybe flight socks...

kat centime is transverse at the moment and playing football with my right ovary much of the time.

TheBuggerlugs Thu 17-Apr-14 16:25:14

I've been advised to wear flight socks when we go on holiday. They're bloody ugly but worth the risk mitigation I suppose.

I have bought and eaten a full bar of dairy milk (a large one) to myself today and feel very buzzy like I've had too much coffee. Whoops. Think I better go for another walk after work to burn it off. I have workedy arse off today though.

evilgiraffe Thu 17-Apr-14 16:26:53

Arrrgh, I thought you'd all say that sad How high do you have to put them up? If I use the pouffe my knees and back start hurting fairly quickly as it's almost the same height as the sofa. Oh well, needs must and all that. <takes another swig of squash>

It's so maddening given that NCT teacher says sit up nice and straight so your pelvis is at a good angle for encouraging head-down, but there's no way to sit up straight AND have your feet up unless you're a ballerina or some sort of yoga expert...

eurochick Thu 17-Apr-14 17:02:53

draf how about laying on the sofa with your feet on the arm?

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