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Breast pumps!

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lj123 Mon 17-Feb-14 07:43:07

I am currently 13weeks pregnant, I plan on expressing to feed bump on arrival wink
I am already proving to be fussy!!!
I want to use dr browns bottles, what's the best electric pump I can get?
I'm also becoming fussy with wipes and nappies! Lol

stinkypants Mon 17-Feb-14 07:53:48

Are you going to then breast feed as well? Just wondered as it might be a bit confusing for the baby to learn to latch on.

BonaDea Mon 17-Feb-14 08:54:15

If you are going to breast feed then you won't want to give a bottle for the first few weeks to get breastfeeding up and running to start with, get your supply sorted out and your baby's latch sorted out. Plenty of time then to buy a pump if you want to use one.

lj123 Mon 17-Feb-14 12:20:41

I will breast feed for first 4-6 weeks and then express if BFeeding works out, I'm just wondering what pumps are best.

BonaDea Mon 17-Feb-14 13:46:01

I had a double electric one called Lactaline. I'd recommend it and a double saves a lot of time! You don't need to get one to match your bottles - you collect in the bottles that come with the pump and can then decant either into a bottle or into bm freezer bags or whatever.

HazleNutt Mon 17-Feb-14 13:48:06

for exlusive expressing, you need a double electric pump. Also check for how heavy usage they are meant for - not all double electrics are for exclusive pumping.
I have both Ameda Lactaline and Medela Freestyle, can recommend. Prefer the Medela, but probably because Ameda was second hand and has worn out a bit.

Christelle2207 Mon 17-Feb-14 14:06:11

Medela swing is good but I think you'd be lucky to be able to exclusively express without bf also. Bf itself stimulates nipples more and IME produces far more milk. My ds is now 6 months and although I did a mix of expressing and bf for a while, for the last few weeks not been able to express anything at all.

lj123 Mon 17-Feb-14 15:20:05

Thank you! I'll look into a double pump in that case (think I'd feel a bit like a cow) lol it's all worth it smile

Missvaughan85 Mon 10-Mar-14 20:15:29

Lj it's worth looking into and renting breast pumps, but the only thing is, I understand personal choice. But have you breast fed before?? 4-6 weeks is early to be think

Missvaughan85 Mon 10-Mar-14 20:19:17

Thinking of expressing solely. But have a look at rental. I'm going to rent this time as I want an electric pump and I don't fancy the cost of a new one I won't use again. Sorry posted before I'd finished

Missvaughan85 Mon 10-Mar-14 20:31:18

P.s good question though, I'd be interested to find out what you think, I had a hand pump last time an advent one and it was awful, painful on the wrist and I didn't like the feel of me actually expressing the milk out. But the medela swing is what I've been looking at. I'll keep checking in to see what everyone thinks. X x

Zubz13 Sat 31-May-14 11:57:43

I had the same idea, i.e. buy a pump only when it was nearing the end of my maternity leave because most websites say that you dont want to cause nipple confusion and that you should let your supply stabilize naturally!. No one mentioned that there could be a chance your supply come in really late and that pumping would actually help stabilize or kick start the supply!

In the end it was a double electric pump ( I used Medela PISA) which saved my sanity and allowed me to breast feed for coming to 20 months now.

You dont really have to purchase one prior to the birth of your child but you should do your research & prepared to get one at a moments notice ( or get the husband to purchase it) in the event you need one!

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