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What would my EDD be?

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BluegrassLass Mon 10-Feb-14 14:50:16

Hi All,

I'm a newcomer to this board. We got a BFP on a HPT last Thursday, and plan on taking a urine test at the GP tomorrow to verify the pregnancy. I'm not sure what my EDD would be though. I went off the pill last Nov. and had a period of 1/12/2013. We then found out we were pregnant on Jan. 3rd - around 4weeks according to the test. However, 2 days later on the 5th, I had a mc.

I'm pretty sure I was ovulating around the 20/21 as I felt some discomfort in my ovaries (and I've felt this before). As the 21 was my DHs birthday, let's just say we DTD a few times. I wasn't sure how to figure out my due date. I figure its in Oct, just wasn't sure if it would be the beginning or end of the month.

Also, is it unusual to have a BFP so soon after a mc?

Trinpy Mon 10-Feb-14 14:55:55

They will probably use your mc as your last period. I became pregnant immediately after a mc and they set my first scan for 12 weeks after my mc then dated my pregnancy from the measurements at the scan.

Also, if you got a bfp on a hpt then I think it's unlikely that the gp will want another urine test to confirm. They will usually just take your word for it.

Congratulations on the pregnancy smile

BluegrassLass Mon 10-Feb-14 18:05:11

I have to say, it doesn't make much sense to me to use the mc as the date of period to estimate due date. Esp since I know for certain that I conceived on either the 20/21, as we actually weren't able to have sex in the weeks before that. And the week after, we were on holiday where we would up getting sick from food and neither of us were in the mood. So in our situation, I'm 99.9% certain one of those 2 days are when I conceived. But I guess the GP or MW would actually make the date calculation?

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