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October 2014 - am I the first one here...?

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makesamesswhenstressed Sun 26-Jan-14 13:48:58

Just got 2 very very (very very very) faint lines. The magical due date doo-dah says 3rd Oct is the magic number. Who knows? It could all go tits up still, but if you, like me, suspect you might be in the early stages it would be nice to chat.

I'll start the list shall I?

MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2, EDD 3rd Oct

MrsHende Sun 26-Jan-14 15:34:54

Hello! I'm quietly hoping and wishing that I'm with you makes.

Got a BFP this morning, iPad app says the due date is 4th Oct.

MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th October

MrsHende Sun 26-Jan-14 15:40:13

How old is your DC1? Have you been trying for long?

My dd is 2 and we've been trying since October 2012, with a miscarriage last Christmas. So, a very welcome but scary sight this morning on the stick!

And so the lying begins...I've got two weekends away and a good friend's 40th in the next few weeks - I'll have to try and think of excuses for not drinking. And my friends are all so eagle eyed ( and hoping we'll have a second) that I have a feeling I'll not get away with it!

Littlebear88 Sun 26-Jan-14 18:35:35

Hi my due date is1st October! DC 1!

makesamesswhenstressed Sun 26-Jan-14 20:08:52

DS is also 2, we've been TTC about 8 months. Had one false hope a few months back when I was 2 weeks late, but nothing happened so am desperately trying not to get too invested atm...

Tweetinat Sun 26-Jan-14 21:41:34

Hi! I've been hanging around the board for the last few days waiting for someone to start a thread =) I don't get on MN much so may just pop by from time to time.

Had my line last Tuesday night when I randomly tested using an opk as I didn't have a pg test in the house! Knew it could be just very late ovulation (though extremely doubtful) so wasn't certain till I managed to find a test next day. Which i still didn't believe and so went and splashed out on a clear blue digital which confirmed 1-2 weeks. We weren't trying as such but weren't trying NOT to either, but after 2 years of no contraception I just thought it would never happen!

So all being well we'll be welcoming DC2 on October 3rd, just three weeks short of DC1's 5th birthday.

Congrats to everyone else on the thread!

MrsHende Sun 26-Jan-14 21:42:12

I know exactly what you mean makesa - trying to be positive while being realistic...

Hello little!!

MundayCakes85 Mon 27-Jan-14 00:23:34

Hello ladies! So glad someone started this thread. I've been lurking over with the September girls. Going by my last period my EDD is 19th Sept but going on when I think I ovulated (late) my EDD is 3rd October! Either way I'm super excited and nervous.
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct!!

Iheartcrunchiebars Mon 27-Jan-14 02:01:51

Hello first ones! I'm from the October 13 bus & last year someone from the October 12 thread came on ours to wish us all luck. Congratulations to you all. October babies are the best. Best of luck to you all and enjoy all the fun to come.

bumpbangbump Mon 27-Jan-14 07:08:42

Just poas, dispite telling myself to wait until Wednesday, and bfp!!! Clear as day grin

This was our second cycle and I had a really funny feeling yesterday that I'd never had before. I just couldn't resist. So excoted , I want to shout it from the rooftops. Probably not a good idea seeing as I'm only 4 weeks pregnant!

Congratulations ladies, let the journey commence.

Bumpbangbump dc2 edd 5 october

MundayCakes85 Mon 27-Jan-14 07:33:27

Congratulations Bump! Where you saying yesterday about having period cramps but no AF? I've had that the last week or so. Not too strong but very strange feeling. I guess everything's just shifting around down there?
And thanks for the good wishes Iheart FX for adapt and healthy 9 months for us all x

Foxsticks Mon 27-Jan-14 07:46:18

Hello everyone. I've had a raging thirst and have been dog tired for the last week. I've been veering wildly between being certain I'm pregnant and thinking that I was feeling like that as I recently started 5:2. My period was due Tuesday or Wednesday so I poas on Friday - nothing. Was convinced I was out for the month and got quite tipsy on Saturday. I got the urge to poas last night and got a bfp shock

Like a few if you we have a 2 year old, our dd was born November 2011. She's a right handful at the moment but obviously she will be a reformed character once this one comes along dear god, please let it be true.

We had a mc last October so I have lots of fear mixed up with joy. Am really hoping this one sticks, I don't want to go through that again sad.

Foxsticks 1DD2, 1MC, EDD 6 October

makesamesswhenstressed Mon 27-Jan-14 08:07:09

Yay - it's really getting a party atmosphere in here now! So let's see

MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2, EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
MundayCakes85| DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks 1DD2, 1MC, EDD 6 Oct

Should we order them alphabetically or by EDD?

btw - thanks Iheartcrunchiebars for coming along to wish us luck - what a lovely thing to do x

So - who has what symptoms so far? I have gone off chocolate (unheard of for me except during early pregnancy), have been raging hungry but that's settled down now and am mega tired despite lots of sleep. I have sore sore boobs (a first for me) and twangy pains low down on one side which may be ligament pain or may be my C-section scar protesting. Who knows? I remember with DS I had period pain feelings for about 6 weeks, then the nausea kicked in. Shit city.

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 08:25:36

Hello, can I join please? <waves> grin

very faint lines over the weekend, off to buy a digi today as I am in shock! Did not think it would be my month! No symptoms other than just like pmt, this was the same for dd1 so I'm not too surprised.

So here's me: Dc2 edd 4th oct (a guess due to irregular cycle!)

makesamesswhenstressed Mon 27-Jan-14 08:41:17

Hi CakeBaker - have we 'met' elsewhere on Mumsnet recently? Your name is familiar.
How old is your DD?

Tweetinat Mon 27-Jan-14 09:19:39

I think I'd do it by EDD but that's just me. You missed me off the list by the way - would you mind adding me on? Thanks smile

sazzlehopes Mon 27-Jan-14 11:17:10

Hello, I've been lurking on the september thread, but I'm due Oct 2nd.
It has taken 14 cycles to get preggo so really hoping it stays put! Nice to see familiar bus faces - munday, littlebear and bump!
Makesamess - i'd do it by EDD, my stats:

Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct

No preggo symptoms so far, hungry but nothing else!

missygreeneyes Mon 27-Jan-14 13:41:59

Hi ladies, nice to meet you! I'm due October 2nd I think, am a first timer/newbie! Registered with maternity hospital etc today for 11 week & 16 week apts, all seems a bit surreal (although we had been TTC since August so not sure why!). Am super tired & was a bit queasy at the weekend... hoping that's not the start of downhill for the next few weeks!

I'd love some advice around exercise... anyone got a good steer on where I can research? I have been doing quite a high level of training so suspect the 'keep up what you have been doing before' advice is probably not for me...

Best of luck everyone!

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 13:55:46

Hello makes, not sure we have 'met' before but forgive me if I've got that wrong! There are a few out there with cakey names, I wasn't very original blush

missy congratulations! Not sure what level of exercise you're doing, but if it helps when I got pregnant with dd1 I was running about 25 miles a week and did a half marathon (I was over 7 wks preg when I found out, oops!) and although I didn't quite keep that up I did stay active for a long time during pregnancy, switching from running to swimming and Pilates. I think the general consensus is listen to your body, and mine was telling me to ditch high impact stuff for something else. If you research it on the Internet you'll just find a million different points of view, so instead I'd just rely on your own judgement and do slow down if/when you feel tired or uncomfortable at all.

Hello to everyone else too!

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 14:16:50

missy this may be worth a look if you want some guidance

missygreeneyes Mon 27-Jan-14 14:29:38

Thanks so much for that! That was my first post so not sure how to tag you Ms Cakebaker!

Yes, I would be doing a similar amount... running, triathlon training, weights etc. I will def keep up the swimming & light weights and prob scale back on the running and not do more than 6 miles and a few shorter runs per week. Is it okay to do core exercise/ crunches in first trimester? And is spinning too hi-intensity considering overheating is a no-no?

Although have been so knackered last few days even typing it is making me tired! :-)

missygreeneyes Mon 27-Jan-14 14:31:16

And thanks for sending the link! Reading through it now - very helpful!

Freyathecatt Mon 27-Jan-14 14:44:04

Hello all,
Literally just poas and got my bfp! Hubby doesn't even know yet, i want to wait 'til he gets home and tell him face to face. So so excited, this will be DC2, DC1 is almost 10 months old and this was our first cycle trying.

I mainly lurked on the April 13 boards, but they were a brilliant resource and we all still chat today. Here's hoping we'll be the same kind of support for each other.

Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 oct

Woo! Good luck to everyone!

mrsb87 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:02:30

Yay! Finally an October thread. Been lurking and didn't want to be the first one!

Poas several times last week and got my bfp each time. Had to do a few just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Due date calculator says 2nd October

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:16:45

<wave> to all the BFPs!

And no problem missy glad the info was useful. Personally I would ditch crunches etc in favour of Pilates - absolutely brilliant for core strength if you get a good teacher and also helps with the all important pelvic floor! Spinning, totally up to you but maybe if you haven't been before I wouldn't start it now? I'm sure you'll be fine though whatever you decide, just make sure class instructors etc know your pregnant. X

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