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Hi, I'm new to mumsnet, anyone else due august 2014?

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weeza13 Thu 16-Jan-14 16:55:17

This site was recommended to me but it seems like everyone knows each other already. I have read some funny and some very sad threads but I would like to be able to talk to people who are due around the same time as me. I have my first scan tommorow and have almost convinced myself there will be nothing there as I feel fine but am desperately hoping all will be well. I am nervous with first time pregnancy and could do with knowing I am not on my own with my somewhat irrational thoughts. Have got supportive DH but there is only so much he can empathise.

Rockchick1984 Fri 17-Jan-14 07:56:56

Here you go just jump right in and introduce yourself, you get to know people very quickly on the antenatal threads!

Good luck for your scan today smile

jazzyjenbo Sun 19-Jan-14 18:31:14

Hi rockchick, i've just joined the thread linked above and i'm guessing we r the same age looking at ur user name. I'm expecting Dc3 in august.
Hope ur scan went well?

Jojo1989 Thu 23-Jan-14 12:28:33

I'm new on here too :-) baby no 1 due 31st July... Also have been very lucky and feeling ok so was expecting to go to scan and be sent away feeling silly!! Had 1st scan last week and all good!! First of my friends to have a baby so difficult to talk to them about a lot of things! Hope all went well with your scans! Xx

weeza13 Sat 25-Jan-14 12:48:36

Hi people, glad your scans went well, found it an amazing experience it was such a relief to see that there was actually a baby there. feels odd now, in a sort of limbo state now the initial hype of being pregnant and having scan are done and family and friends all know. feel like I'm just waiting to get fat. cannot wait until I have a proper bump. I suppose the next big thing will be feeling baby move for the first time and 20 week scan. Hope you are all feeling well and if you are suffering from sickness that it is easing off now.

Hewhodares Sat 22-Feb-14 10:36:40

Hello all I'm joining the August 2014 baby club too. New to mumsnet but from what I've seen I'm going to like it lots smile this baby will be no3 after a 7 year gap and 4 m/c very excited but very nervous at the same time.
Looking forward to chat to people in a similar situation.

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