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expecting 2 nd baby and scared...we wil have our work out out

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Rufustherednosedreindeer Thu 02-Jan-14 10:59:23

I'm sure you will be fine

My number 2 and number 3 have 18months between them and although it was hard work at times the older one doted on her baby brother and loved helping mummy.

The hardest thing was feeling that you were giving them both the right attention, so maybe try and make a big deal of each child when the other is having a nap if you see what I mean

Not to be mushy but the adoration child number one got from his three year younger sister will never be replicated, she was like his shadow. He could do no wrong

Have you got a double buggy? And a playpen may be an idea when they are a little bigger. I have a brilliant picture of my 4 year old sat in the high chair to get away from his sister!

lesley07 Wed 01-Jan-14 23:20:39

Hi. Iam pregnant with second child....our baby is only 18 months old so will be 2 yrs by time second arrives...but i am a bit scared, worried about how we wil cope.i keep worrying about it all...its stopping me sleeping.
Anyone else been there done that and has positive advice...please..i am in need of some. Thanks.

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