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January 2014 Thread 15-More babies to come

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Naturegirl82 Wed 01-Jan-14 09:16:44

Went to post on the other thread and it was full! Hope people find this one ok.

Naturegirl82 Wed 01-Jan-14 09:20:19

Felix tried to post this on the other thread. try drinking Cranberry Juice as well in case it is a uti along with a lot of water as that will help a uti and won't harm you if it isn't

GummiBear74 Wed 01-Jan-14 09:43:57

Oh good, there's a new one! Happy new year everyone!

BookTart Wed 01-Jan-14 09:44:38

Congratulations to Tarka and Sultana !

Thanks for the new thread nature smile

HabitualHobbyist Wed 01-Jan-14 09:45:50

Well what wonderful news to wake up to... Congratulations to Sultana and Henry and Tarka and Alex.

Hope you all had great nights last night (even though they were all sober). Baby Hobbyist is officially permitted to make an appearance from today, though knowing my luck, will be hanging round for another 3 1/2 weeks.

TobyLerone Wed 01-Jan-14 09:50:23

Well done, nature smile

Congratulations, tarka!

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 01-Jan-14 10:04:23

Ah there you are! smile

BandontheFun Wed 01-Jan-14 10:06:53

Congratulations Saltana and Tarka what I way to start the new year!

I am proper jealous of you all now!

Angelesque Wed 01-Jan-14 10:21:50

Congratulations Sultana and Tarka - best NYE/NYD ever for you guys! Beats a few bowls of crisps and cheap fizz I'm guessing!!!

Only 36+1 here so back to work tomorrow for me... Can't wait to finish on the 10th and then get this baby out!!! He was going nuts at midnight... Think he's pretty keen to get out and join the big wide world smile

Mythreeknights Wed 01-Jan-14 10:25:40

Congratulations tarka and sultana!!!! Well done you both on the safe arrival of your boys. Tarka I can't believe you managed an induction without an epidural...I had no idea that was possible!

Well we are off to the pub for a nice New Year's Day lunch with loads of friends, and from tonight we are going to be shaggathonning since from tomorrow I am allowed a home birth. Looking forward to that and feeling more mentally prepared for having another baby now, although my mum still isn't talking to me (you may remember she left ournhouse in a major huff 3 days before my eye operation for the bcc back in november...she since sent an email apology...five weeks later, and i responded but she hasnt been in touch since or acknowledged my happy new year text) and I wonder how much of the ability to go into a natural labour is dictated by feeling at peace with all those around you.

MrsVDB Wed 01-Jan-14 10:56:14

Congratulations sultana that was pretty quick from when contractions were ramping up wasn't it? Henry is on our list too! Thought it was one of the less popular traditional names but maybe not.

Congratulations tarka I have no idea about induction pain but well done on managing it without epidural

Happy new year everyone else. More DIY today for me

As I haven't posted a shopping tip for a while, kiddicare has a further 10% off including sale today online. Code js10

Felix90 Wed 01-Jan-14 10:59:52

Sorry I used up the last post without realising!!

Thanks nature, I will try and find somewhere that's open today to buy some. It's bloody uncomfortable hmm

Felix90 Wed 01-Jan-14 11:00:43

Ooh MrsV I've saved so much money since you haven't posted any sales for a while haha grin may have to have a quick look!

Toothfairy78 Wed 01-Jan-14 11:00:45

Nice one nature, thank you for the new thread! smile


Woohoo sultana and felix and babies henry and alex! Congratulations, well done and welcome to the world!

I'm currently sat waiting for little miss to be ready for a feed having pummelled out some micro dots of colostrum.

In other news, she slept in her Moses basket for a few hours and didn't need picking up. Not bad for 2nd night at home. Slowly slowly...little baby steps...

As for the rest of you, isn't there nesting to be done? It's all legit as of today. Happy New Year 2014! :D

Toothfairy78 Wed 01-Jan-14 11:03:28

Oops, I meant tarka didn't I?

Must be sleep deprivation confused

chocoloulou34 Wed 01-Jan-14 11:15:32

Congratulations sultana and tarka so happy for you both. Glad your all doing ok and looking forward to hearing more details soon.

I felt so weird all last night I thought something was happening. I had such an ache down below I felt like I had been riding a horse I could hardly walk comfortably. Its seems to be better today though.
Happy new year to you all! I have managed to convince my xmas obsessed oh and hoarder to put the xmas decs down today which is a miracle! !! Hopefully I will be able to get this house sorted b4 friday smile

enormouse Wed 01-Jan-14 11:22:22

Congratulations tarka and sultana on babies Alex and Henry. First babies of the new year!
Happy New year everyone and thanks nature for the new thread.

Bluecarrot Wed 01-Jan-14 11:36:44

Happy new year everyone and congrats sultana and tarka!

Anyone used/using a doula? I'd contemplated one before but was 50/50, and now with "threat" of induction I'm swaying towards hiring one. I've met one- she runs the local positive birth group. Its £200 for just labour/post-natal support. I'm keen to avoid c section as it would be my second main future vbacs even less likely.... But bubs is over 9lbs <faint> I think I'd need to decide today and get in touch with her tomorrow to check if she's available.

quackojuliet Wed 01-Jan-14 11:44:21

Congratulations tarka and sultana !!

Sorry haven't read all to the end of last thread but I'm sure there are other arrivals that deserve a big welcome! And some ladies getting frustrated? Enjoy your free time!!

frizz I'm baffled by how similar our experiences have been - you just a few days ahead of me. As well as latent labour, then quick delivery and bad tear our sofia was also readmitted for phototherapy for jaundice.

The way the docs explained it to us was v upsetting and overly dramatic tbh. Maybe they just knew that we would have a totally shit night and day trying to persuade our daughter to remain under this horrible blue light,with a stupid pair of goggles that she kept pulling off. Then trying to top up her usual on demand bfeeding - but averages around every 1h15 for 20 mins, with 50ml expressed milk.

I tried and failed to express this amount plus bfeed a furious baby who we had to leave in the blue light screaming for ages at a time. It was torture. Then after 12 hours of shite no sleep and getting increasingly ratty my hubby worked out he could just hold her on the bed with the light over both of them. Derrr! So we just heard the jaundice level has come down a good bit. Waiting to talk to docs bout where we go from here (please please can we go home!! Want a decent meal a rest and away from this stress)

Anyway sorry for the essay feeling emotional exhausted and pretty anaemic. Know it will get better. Boobs are like rocks and got to massage all the time to avoid them being explosive.

But the - major - upside is we have a total poppet daughter who it seems is now considered fully healthy. She smiles all the time, we have beautiful little moments and I've started to really tune into her signs and expressions. Amazing how much you learn in a few intense exhausting days!

Enjoy your babies everyone!! Wow what a miracle they are

HumptyDumptyBumpty Wed 01-Jan-14 11:46:21

sultana congratulations! We were all thinking of you. Look forward to hearing the details when you're ready.

tarka first baby of 2014! Congratulations! And so impressed at the lack of epidural. Wow!

I thought something was starting overnight, as had strong period pains that came and went, so started timing, but they were an hour apart and now seem to have stopped. Not too disappointed as it's my aunt's birthday today and would prefer bean to have a day no one else in the family has!

quackojuliet Wed 01-Jan-14 11:57:35

blue I think doula is a fab idea. Someone to fight your corner, and give your dp a chance to experience it positively. Think next time for us it would be home birth plus doula - yes I have already started planning the next!

flyawayblue Wed 01-Jan-14 12:00:35

Congratulations sultana and tarka, brilliant way to bring in the new year and great news to wake up to.

juliet sorry you've had a bad time back in hospital with Sophia hope you get discharged soon.

Sorry to all those I've missed hard to reply on a phone.

Getting concerned I'm going to be the only one left in this thread soon! Due on the 15th and every time I think something is starting it doesn't progress and then stops. Though down at the inlaws today, an hour and a half from home, so maybe not a good time to be wishing labour...

Frizz1986 Wed 01-Jan-14 12:19:20

quack that's crazy similar. It is so horrible seeing them there and feeling helpless.
Aurelia didn't get a mask, she had a orange shield over her head that she kept moving out of or lifting off herself in incredible hulk style so I spent the night making sure I moved it back so she didn't look into the lights.
For us once the levels have dropped you have to wait 6hrs in the hospital out of the lights and they will do another blood test to check the levels are still down. If they are it means she is managing to keep them down herself. If they go up its another session under the lights and start again.

A lovely midwife has just visited us and has upped my mood 1000 fold.
She said Aurelia is looking good and my stitches look fab. She also told us how impressed she was that we were still going with our feeding as it's really rough if you have issues in the first week as you lose confidence. She also told us some useful info. As we sometimes have to wake Aurelia to feed we were told tostripher, but she said only strip her top, leave her bottoms on and double cover her feet as she will waste calories keeping her feet warm (babies feet are always cold and that's fine) instead of putting on weight. She also told me to wear dresses if I can to air out my stitches and lie on the bed legs spread to do the same. It will help the healing.
Hospital is pants as they want you to eat lots for breastfeeding but the food is so bad you can't eat it. Dh brought in lots of snacks from home but it meant living off crap for 24hrs instead of proper food.

GummiBear74 Wed 01-Jan-14 12:29:50

Congrats to everyone - you all sound like you're doing so well! And all good names! I've told my family that I'm trying to choose between Salmonella and Xenophobia (they both sound so feminine, don't you think?), but I don't think they believe me somehow grin

blue, we're using a doula - we've already had a few antenatal sessions with her and she's great. DH wasn't too convinced, but went along with it because I wanted it, until he met her the first time and now he's totally on board. For me it's like having a safety net - someone there who knows what they're doing, will keep us both calm and be more likely to be conscious the whole way through than DH!

TobyLerone Wed 01-Jan-14 12:35:49

frizz, I'm so glad you've had a visit from a decent midwife. It makes all the difference.

juliet, I'm sorry you have had a bit of a crappy start, but everything sounds lovely now smile

I'm very jealous of all of these babies. Due on Sunday and I'd just like it out now!

I've deep-cleaned the entire kitchen this morning. Just sat down for a quick RLT and then going to do the same in the bathroom. I wish I could say I was nesting, but it's just that my house is a disgrace!

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