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June 2014: New Year, new trimester, new thread! June bugs no 7!!

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hackneybird Tue 31-Dec-13 15:37:21

Ding dong!

MarlenaGru Tue 31-Dec-13 15:45:39

Yay my link worked!

MarlenaGru Tue 31-Dec-13 15:47:55

Especially pleased as I am on the train home! We got sent home if we had nothing urgent to do. Yay!
Now if only I could go home and do nothing, but no. My sister has invited herself, her BF and my parents for a party at my house because I said I didn't want to sleep over at hers tonight. Joy! At least I can sleep on the sofa, but no doubt we will have to sit at the table for hours while they all get merry.

Redcliff Tue 31-Dec-13 15:55:15

Hello sareva - welcome to the best board ever.

I can't belive the whole "lots of energy in 2nd trimester" thing is a big fat lie! I have been at home all day playing Marvel (PS3 game DS got for Christmas) with DS so feeling a little better today. Planning to stay up till 12.01 and then off to bed.

Just ordered a few (cough cough) maternity bits from gap plus some trousers from next - can't wait to get them.

Mitchell2 Tue 31-Dec-13 16:10:59

Happy new year everyone!

Currently getting to snuggle down on the couch, wood burning stove on and find something crap to watch on tv.

How did my life come to this?!

BEEwitched Tue 31-Dec-13 16:15:09

Is anyone's baby name list getting longer instead of shorter? By end I'll have to pin an A3 sheet to a dart board and just throw for a name...

GillyBillyWilly Tue 31-Dec-13 16:18:07

Marking space smile
Have a great evening ladies... DH and I are off to his parents house as it's his dads 60th bday today as well.
To be honest I would rather just stay at home but never mind! grin

MarlenaGru Tue 31-Dec-13 16:22:41

Lol BEE I haven't mentioned girls names as I know Dh and I will argue. Boys name we have sorted.

I need to get dh on the wood burning stove problem! I sat down too quickly now I can never get up again fgrin

LadyGoneGaga Tue 31-Dec-13 16:39:39

Happy New Year! We are going for an early curry with the kids and then chilling at home. I'm feeling a bit sad as this time last year we were skiing in Meribel for our honeymoon. Not quite the same this year. Missing it.

But we all have a very exciting year coming up.

Still waiting for my Harmony results, should be another week if they are not running late due to Christmas.

summerbaby2014 Tue 31-Dec-13 16:42:32

We're off to a friends house for pizza. I've spent most of the afternoon napping so hopefully I'll be able to stay awake for a little while at least.

Is anyone else scared that in a few hours we'll be in the YEAR THAT THE BABIES ARRIVE!!

Liquidambar Tue 31-Dec-13 16:46:09

Marking my place.
went to the hairdresser and had lunch with aome friends who live in Norway Feeling happier than this morning but counting the days to go home on Thursday

happy new year everyone!

summerbaby2014 Tue 31-Dec-13 16:49:08

I'm crossing my fingers for those still waiting on results

Biffle Tue 31-Dec-13 17:05:22

Marking my spot

Have been napping for most of afternoon too so fingers crossed I will be able to last the night. Off to a party at friends tonight and really not in the mood but DDs want to be with their friends so I will suck it up and watch everyone get more and more drunk while I sulk in the corner!

Happy New Year ladies x

MarlenaGru Tue 31-Dec-13 17:31:19

I have been at work and DD decided to round off the year splendidly by being up at 4 this morning so I will be lucky to make 8pm. DSis and DM are doing something downstairs so hoping food will appear shortly. DSis's BF is AWOL though so assume it will be a while. I hate this permanent hunger. Ridiculous.

Jessiebaba Tue 31-Dec-13 17:32:12

Ha ha Summer I've been thinking the exact same thing - 2014 is almost upon us and I know how quickly June usually comes around! shock

Hope everyone has a great Hogmanay! We're going out for a Chinese then to a friend's house to see in the bells - then promptly off to bed for me! smile

mylittlel Tue 31-Dec-13 17:33:44

i actually think that started feeling slightly better in 2nd trimester (touch wood), except headaches, but my appetite is slowly coming back, less often i visit toilet at night which is great as i had insomnia after going for a pee) hope that those who suffer will feel much much better in new year!

ohcluttergotme Tue 31-Dec-13 18:24:40

Off to a party tonight and feel like a right misery as just want to gt my jammies on and curl up on sofa.
Been unwell since Boxing Day, was working yesterday and today and ds up early yesterday and today, so tired!

Wishing everyone a lovely Hogmany and Happy New Year! ��

ohcluttergotme Tue 31-Dec-13 18:27:25

Biffle I'll be sulking in corner with you. Dd's friends will be there and she really wants to go. Dh wants to go and ds excited. If I don't go and be the driver then it will cost then £50 in taxi home shock
I'm tempted to take my kindle as reading a goo book atm smile

mylittlel Tue 31-Dec-13 18:40:01

Do you know if pregnant are allowed to eat meat cooked on wine and beer? we are invited to a party and im a bit cautious

Mitchell2 Tue 31-Dec-13 18:57:41

mylittlel cooking wine/beer gets rid of the alcohol so you will be fine. Actually making a white wine sauce for my dinner.

Redcliff Tue 31-Dec-13 19:30:35

Summer - I had not thought of it like that ! How exciting!!

FIL is coking dinner and its only just going in the oven and I am very hungry! He is doing some roast thing which takes "20 mins" which as far as I can tell is impossible unless he has also invented a TARDIS cooker as well. When did I get so grouchy ?

jaykay987 Tue 31-Dec-13 21:39:11

summer that thought has terrified me. grin

Unfortunately our last NYE without children is not going to be a drunken social night out.

We plan on going to bed in next half hour, but we are up at 5am!! So hopefully that makes it less boring

I'm hoping my chest infection and consistent cough will die down a little so I can get at least three or fours hours sleep. Fingers crossed!

Happy New Year everyone!

SleepyNess Tue 31-Dec-13 22:11:34

Wishing everyone very happy 2014!!!

Home chilling with DH, just had a lovely roast lamb leg. I've been off meat for ages but this was sooo delicious!!

Thanks everyone for your comments re chimney smoking neighbours. I think I should have done as someone suggested - told smoking increases my nausea! I didn't think of it at the time, was too surprised to react that way... I just thought they might go to the kitchen or just smoke a little less once we told them.. Going outside is not an option because they smoke non stop between the two of them - and the room gets all sci-fi-y from the smoke..

I'll think I'll just avoid as much as possible. They are great neighbours all other ways, we asked them to water our lawn while we were away honey-mooning, came back to amazingly lush garden - they didn't just water, they fed our plants, weeded and mowed! So yes, avoid, they might realise the reason eventually, I really don't want to offend and make a fuss..

Hugs and new year wishes everyone!!

CleverOl10 Tue 31-Dec-13 22:55:35

Happy New year all.

Been in bed since 2.30pm and thrown up twice so feeling very sorry for myself.

New resolution - no sick in 2014! Come on baby we can do this!

Redcliff Tue 31-Dec-13 23:01:50

Happy new year - sitting watching TV with DP and FIL hoping I can stay awake. Far cry from my clubbing days!

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