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August 2014 - Baking summer babies in our ovens.

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HalfPintPickle Sun 29-Dec-13 09:41:25

Doesn't seem to be a new thread yet - correct me if I'm wrong.....
Continue as you were ladies..... smile

BunnyBaby Wed 08-Jan-14 22:05:57

<<closes door and tiptoes out>>>

flymo79 Wed 08-Jan-14 15:36:33

c'mon over!

FriendofDorothy Wed 08-Jan-14 15:26:50

Are we going to keep on this thread up until 1000 posts or move straight over?

flymo79 Wed 08-Jan-14 15:17:59

think I've made a new thread.... hope hope!

travispickles Wed 08-Jan-14 13:49:11

I know, can someone link the new thread as I don't know how. Feel quite down today for the first time, think I am tired and the reality of life as a teacher and mum hits home again after magical almost stress free life of Xmas hols is over. sad

BunnyBaby Wed 08-Jan-14 13:43:55

Choccy - great news

MsSleepy - did you get an appointment today? I had pink smudge, red spot two days later and a brown smudge after an early scan. Everything was fine! I'm currently 7+3

I'm finding it easier being at work, as I can keep still and do what I like, rather than charging round after a 6 and 3 year old. The nausea this time is triggered by motion, as well as hunger, so feel worst when running around after kids.

Chocolate makes me feel sick though - which isn't a bad thing.

I also got my urine checked today as EPU said that an UTI may cause spotting. I've been drinking cranberry juice too, and all was clear today. Perhaps I did have a bit of a UTI?!

Those expecting #2, I found it easier, as you learn a lot of the 'baby tricks' on DC1, and then don't worry as much with DS2. Wondering what it will be like with 3 though?

Anyone expecting #4 to feedback on 3DCS?

Love to all, can't believe this thread is almost full in little over a week.

lucyfluff Wed 08-Jan-14 12:55:23

Great news countdown smile save your piccie for the baby book!!

All pretty quiet here, sicky feeling but stuffed a cheese sarnie and that helped! Im terrible at eating healthy food, I have literally ate one banana since getting pregnant confused

How are you today mssleepy??

Also havnt seen missukmummie anywhere on mn??

CountdownBegins Wed 08-Jan-14 12:30:15

Thank you Name grin

Hope your scan goes ok!

NameToBeDecided Wed 08-Jan-14 12:11:20

And I'm tucking into a cheese and pickle roll with crisps instead if the veg soup waiting patiently in the fridge forme grin

NameToBeDecided Wed 08-Jan-14 12:09:57

I'm off to my next scan shortly. Going between completely over excited to absolutely terrified within the space of a few minutes! no reason to believe there's a problem but that doesn't stop me!!
Hopefully I'll report back this afternoon with good news. Countdown I'm so pleased you got good news! grin

DreamPhone Wed 08-Jan-14 12:04:43

I have to say it's rather comforting to know we're all in the same boat!

Flymo I had visions of myself being some kind of healthy eating earth mother living of nutrient rich lentils and vegetable stews - it aint happening! If I could have any food right now it would be shredded wheat with hot milk and loads of white sugar sprinkled on top...

Ruggle Wed 08-Jan-14 11:48:55

8+6 today and I am constantly nauseous, throwing up at least three times a day, plus dry heaving, loudly hiccupping every few minutes, and hating being at work!!
Moan moan moan....

flymo79 Wed 08-Jan-14 11:48:21

Oh dreamphone, I am the same and keep feeling super guilty when I tell DP that I'm not interested in what he's made! the other day it was chorizo - nope!!

DreamPhone Wed 08-Jan-14 11:00:55

Morning all smile

Countdown that's great news about your scan - that must have been really reassuring and so lovely to get an early pic!

Congratulations secretly pregnant!

My symptoms come and go too - one minute I'm thinking maybe I feel ok and like I have energy and then the tiredness overwhelms me again and I have to sit down (sometimes on the floor of the train if I haven't got a seat - I'm prone to fainting and this seems to be a trigger!). Nausea is mostly gone but sometimes returns helpfully before mealtimes. DH made a lovely supper of fish and veggies last night and I took one bite and was like 'nope'. Ended up having a wedge of cheddar and an apple... I can't wait for green veg to come back into my life! They're the last thing I feel like at the moment.

Missvaughan85 Wed 08-Jan-14 10:16:03

Hungry, I'm a bit symptomless, boobs hurt at end of the day and my nipples well you could cut glass with them. Sickness comes and goes, mainly gone though. My hips and pelvic area hurt though, which my midwife told me could be spd coming back, she said if you've had it first time round your prone to getting it earlier after. Just feel tired more than anything. I've been feeling better since last Friday, had a scan Sunday and all was fine so hopefully that's just good signs x x

HungryHorace Wed 08-Jan-14 10:15:16

I think if I was working I'd be suffering more, but the fact I'm able to take it really easy means I don't suffer from the sickness as much.

I'm booking in tomorrow, so I can discuss my concerns with the midwife, see what she says.

CountdownBegins Wed 08-Jan-14 10:11:14

Thank you everyone- it all feels so much more real now! She gave me a little picture of the jelly bean which I can't stop looking at!

Hungry my symptoms come and go a lot and I find they are worst in the evening and at night.

2beornot Wed 08-Jan-14 10:05:29

Fantastic news, Countdown!! I think I'll get teary if I get to hear a little heartbeat too!!

HungryHorace Wed 08-Jan-14 09:55:13

Excellent news, Countdown. :-)

I'm almost symptomless today. It's bothering me.

I'm not sure copious farting is enough of a symptom to stop my concern! :-/

flymo79 Wed 08-Jan-14 09:44:05

Aw, so pleased for you countdown! lovely news xxx

WeeJo08 Wed 08-Jan-14 09:39:42

Yay!! grin That's fantastic, Countdown! So reassuring. Have a great day!

CountdownBegins Wed 08-Jan-14 09:31:43

Morning everyone- scan went well, baby all in right place and a strong heartbeat which i had a little cry to! We are so happy!

WeeJo08 Wed 08-Jan-14 09:30:21

The thread is quiet this morning! Hope everyone's okay - sickness wise, scan wise, mood wise! smile

Feelingfatty Wed 08-Jan-14 08:05:05

I don't know secretly it's still dragging for me but don't mind once I get to 12 weeks smile

Secretlypregnant Tue 07-Jan-14 23:02:54

It's great that you have such good friends nearby. And I do think that the time will pass more quickly this time round because looking after a toddler prevents you dwelling on it!

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