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The Definitlies - May 2014ers!

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MrsFooCough Fri 27-Dec-13 22:31:36

Almost there now, May mums!

Stats page:

Size of baby chart:

MrsFooCough Fri 27-Dec-13 22:36:37

Bums the links don't work there!! WAAAAAAH N00B PR0BL3MS

ClearlyMoo Fri 27-Dec-13 22:40:14

*Streaks across new thread with pants on head* how exciting!

Chip86 Fri 27-Dec-13 22:53:01

Yay new thread thanks mrsfoo
I love the visual clearlymoo

mumtobe got most things from toys r us as they had 50% sale found a brest pump for £12 but could not find it in the shop so they said they would do a price match on the one for £20 Bargin hehehe
Got some stuff from Argos
Got changing bag from mammas and pappas, most bags seam to be over £70, this was £24 not seen it yet but at that price in the sale cant complain
Also got some clothes in the next sale
FYI Toys r us do price match if you show it to them on your phone
Just realised thats a lot no wonder im tired today grin
Just want her here now to play with it all soooo excited cant wait

moominleigh94 Fri 27-Dec-13 22:53:06

Checking in with my papaya (didn't realise papayas had legs... this baby definitely does!)

The thought of being a grapefruit from Monday is scary shock


MrsFooCough Fri 27-Dec-13 23:08:16

Coo moomin you're practically a month ahead of me! We'll be 18wks tomorrow, methinks.
Got the scan arranged, btw - letter came thru on Boxing Day! Haha. Scan on Sat 11th, very exciting. Consultant appt on 15th so DH is having that day off, wants to talk to the consultant of course. He's very hands-on! Rubs bump butter from Sanctuary on my belly every night fsmile I'm so lucky.
I've only weed myself again once more tonight. Ahem. Expecting friends tomorrow, to stay the night, they're outdoorsy so will probably want to go on a big ramble with us and the dog, I'm a bit bothered about weeing myself outdoors fsad

mrsmummytobe Fri 27-Dec-13 23:11:26

Ooh new thread! Thanks mrsfoo smile

Chip sounds like you got some brilliant bargains! I hadn't thought of toys r us as I don't think we're near to one but their sale sounds great! I'm definitely going to check out mamas & papas now too! Exciting!

Vikks Fri 27-Dec-13 23:33:09

Checking in with my Banana! 20+0

I love a shiny new thread <waves at everyone> grin

moominleigh94 Fri 27-Dec-13 23:33:39

Sanctuary bump butter is incredible, I got the Celebration Gift Box from my parents for Christmas and it's all so lovely! The cooling foot and leg gel looks amazing as my legs have been feeling overheated, dry and sore lately. The smell of the body butter is heavenly smile

I'm all run down with a horrible cold that's knocked me for six. Grateful to be home at the moment as my mum is looking after me grin hardly spoken to OH all day though. He's staying with his family (a couple of issues with his SIL means it's difficult to spend time together at his) and a tree came down in their garden last night, breaking the power lines and a water main. They've been cut off for over 24 hours and won't be reconnected until at least 4pm tomorrow sad

MrsFooCough Sat 28-Dec-13 00:00:46

Same here moomin my mum got me the sort of hat box thing from their Mum To Be range, what with all the essential oils in their usual stuff (which I DROOL over, the Mande lular body butter is insanely delicious smelling) I was worried about using my stash of that. The bump butter is the closest smelling thing from the "tub of mummy to be goodness" that smells like the Mande lular. NOMNOMNOM

dobedobedo Sat 28-Dec-13 00:03:58

Hey! Checking in... Too tired to say much. Um. Hi!

moominleigh94 Sat 28-Dec-13 00:08:42

It's amazing MrsFoo isn't it? grin

I'm so excited to have a proper long shower and use the shower cream and everything! I always used to get their normal range for my mum, so she got the Mum-To-Be range for me and oh my goodness it's heaven. I'm sure we should be able to get it prescribed, something that heavenly has to have health benefits for us grin

ThistletoeAndWine Sat 28-Dec-13 03:09:47

Wakeyyyy wakeyyyy!! Another sleepless night!! One night I sleep for hours and another I'm awake for

Only one more day at work then off on holidayssss!!

Xavielli Sat 28-Dec-13 03:43:17

Marking place. smile

I'm up with poorly kids. Both bigs have been sick and the babies both have temperatures. I hope I only get the cold!

ClearlyMoo Sat 28-Dec-13 03:47:59

Hello Thisletoe. I'm another woken up person, me by my bladder. I just managed to spill a large glass of water (missed night stand in dark), it all landed on sheepskin rug so that's now in the bath! DH snoring away through it all don't think he stirred at all! I'm wide awake - adrenaline pumping round after the surprise call to arms in reaction to spillage! In the end it only took carrying rug into bathroom.

Today (Saturday) I'm 21weeks, so switching my Banana for a pomegranate! Got the measuring tape out last night after scan to see how big a head circumference of 120mm was. Answer: not very big!!

Love this thread, look forward to more scan news!

ClearlyMoo Sat 28-Dec-13 03:49:37

Xavielli hope the little ones get well soon!

smile4me Sat 28-Dec-13 05:45:38

on no Xavielli hope your kids are feeling better. How many are sick? My DD is sick too, nothing specific, has had a fever for a few days, sleepy/tired and generally just not herself sad

I have been having the same problem Clearly, some nights I'm awake for hours for no reason, especially if my bladder's woken me up!

Loving the names people have decided on smile we have 2 for boys and girls, but may still change my mind yet! The problem is, all the girls names I really like are just like my DD's name!

LongTailedTit Sat 28-Dec-13 08:06:56

Morning all! We're finally home after spending the week at my mum's, and actually had a reasonable night's sleep in our own bed at last.

Hope you all had a good Xmas!
Sorry to hear your small people are all ill Xavielli hope they get better soon.

22wks today smile

dobedobedo Sat 28-Dec-13 08:14:29

Morning! I'm up as I ate Mexican last night. Dodgy tummy! blush Never again!
xav hope your kids feel better soon!
Dh and I have a short list of 4 names now, one of which I much prefer over the others, although they're all nice. No doubt we'll change our minds again though!

ThistletoeAndWine Sat 28-Dec-13 08:19:15

Awake again :-(

ThePollyAndTheIvy Sat 28-Dec-13 08:29:20

Morning all!

Thanks for the new thread MrsFoo smile

Sorry to hear DCs are poorly, we had my dsis stay over last night and she's a sicky one but thankfully she's been fine, haven't even heard her yet smile (she's 10 by the way!)

I know how you feel with the no sleep/can't stay awake swing, it's horrible!

Off to hit up some baby shops today, have a good day everyone grin

Xavielli Sat 28-Dec-13 08:50:32

All 4 are poorly smile4 though the little 2 seem full of beans (and snot) this morning. Ds1 and Dd1 are quaranteened in the bedroom for the day. Hope they get better quickly it's DS1's 9th birthday tomorrow sad

ClearlyMoo Sat 28-Dec-13 09:20:16

When hubby's alarm went off at 6 I'd been awake since 3.30 and promptly burst into tears. He managed to calm me down & get me back to sleep then he got up and went out to work! What a star! So I then woke up at 9am! So happy. That's almost 7 hrs sleep. Not enough, but since this is DC1 I can have the luxury of a little nappette later!

Hope the sickness fades from the Xavelli house in time for the birthday!

mrsmummytobe Sat 28-Dec-13 09:42:22

Xav & smile sorry to hear about poorly dc. Hope they feel much better soon!

I've just been checking out the mamas & papas sale online, we got a gorgeous Moses basket half price plus stand, sleeping bag & blanket. I could have spent so much more but dh had to restrain me lol! All the baby stuff is absolutely gorgeous though, I can't wait til our babies are here smile

moomin35 Sat 28-Dec-13 09:43:28

Can i mark my place on here? Im 18 weeks today, first baby, due May 31st:-)

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