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December 2013 - let's get these babies out before Santa arrives :)

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Stom91 Sat 14-Dec-13 17:46:24

Merry Christmas smile

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 00:23:37

rose Zoe and Leia are both lovely names! I like Isabella but don't really like it shortened to izzy and not sure if Bella sounds a bit pretentious. Also like Leila/Layla or Anya, Aliah, Lola (but reminds me of that song!) bet I'll have a boy and won't have to worry about it anyway wink

extracrunchy Sun 15-Dec-13 00:46:07

PLUG!! Just lost my plug!! It's all happening tonight... Typical!

hotcrossbun83 Sun 15-Dec-13 02:33:59

Baby boy bun arrived on Wednesday night, 9 days early, 7lb8. Waters broke Tuesday night, was checked and told to wait for labour or induction on Thursday, contractions started shortly after. Only got to spent short time in birthing pool then was bleeding so transferred to labour ward. Got through it on pethedine early on then g&a, in some ways the early part was much harder so me, later I was in a bit of a trance. Not going to lie, hurt like hell but sooo worth it.

Wanted to give you waiters all some hope as I had no signs etc, totally normal day. Babysat for a friend in the evening, got home into bed, dh got home from working late. Few mins later I get a cramp in my bump, go to stand up and my waters go in a big rush. So it can happen any time!

Now home with a baby that sleeps all day and cries all night, convinced its a problem with my milk but probably just one of those things, can any mums help? Have to say breastfeeding is really hard, I'm determined but I'm constantly worried he's not getting enough. Just got him to sleep on my chest but too scared to move him to crib in case I wake him, hmm

hotcrossbun83 Sun 15-Dec-13 02:35:32

Also congrats to the many others with babies, too many to mention!

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 05:25:13

Congrats Hotcrossbun. Breastfeeding can be tricky, my little girl is a bit lazy so doesn't like opening her mouth wide enough so get a good latch, and I have stupid unwieldy boobs that seem bigger than she is and are a problem to position.
Having to latch, relatch, shift about, try a million positions and listen to the baby scream bloody murder is so hard, but every time we do get it right it is very heartening, and each feed managed is an achievement.
I have had to start expressing and doing some formula feeds too since falling ill, which really got to me and made me feel like I was failing. But, a quick chat with my mum and hearing her say that baby has to be fed and not to the detriment of my health made me realise that getting food in to baby shouldn't be about my hopes and dreams but simply about filling her tummy.
Don't panic about baby not getting enough, for the first few days he really only needs that tiny bit of super rich colostrum, then your milk will come in and he'll help you produce as much as is needed by feeding more or less. It's hugely unlikely that you'll not produce enough, so long as baby looks hydrated, isn't jaundiced (or jaundice is getting better) and starts putting on weight when expected then you are doing just fine.

Extra any progress yet? Sending you lots of soothing vibes for a happy birth.

Is anyone having problems with a jaundiced baby? Genevieve just can't seem to shift it, she's well hydrated but we are just not able to get her enough sunlight, the one sunny day we've had since she was born we had to spend in an isolation room! The midwife has told is to leave her cot by a window while she sleeps in the day but I'm worried she'll get cold.

b0nker5Mum Sun 15-Dec-13 07:59:02

Hi all and congrats to all the new lo..

I have been lurking for ages as this all moves so fast but still pregnant, was due last Monday so sweep no 1 booked in for tomorrow but feel like I will still be here in jan (I know rationally that's impossible but my irrational side thinks it's never coming!).

Have had period type pains since I started mat leave 4 weeks ago so can't rely on them to tell me when I'm actually in labour! Last Friday eve I monitored them but by the morning nothing...

I'm getting really impatient and worried that even tho I have told everyone this baby will be here by Xmas (in theory it should!) but if I have an extra long labour then it could be an Xmas baby and that will scupper all plans... (We have family coming from overseas this week especially to meet the baby... They may end up going home disappointed!!)...

extracrunchy Sun 15-Dec-13 08:08:21

Congrats Hotcross!! Try not to worry too much about breastfeeding - as Mogz wisely said you only need to get a tiny tiny bit in them at first.

Mogz how are you feeling? You sound amazingly positive!

Bonker5 it has to happen before Christmas!!

I've got no news since plug (I think some women lose it weeks before birth, though it's less common second time..?) - and actually now worrying about things starting as LO is still transverse! Sod's law!

On the plus side DS's temp is less alarming this morning and he's a bit brighter. He slept in till 7.40!!!

Alyssa1978 Sun 15-Dec-13 08:09:20

mogz we were told to do that with Lleyton too, it helps we have a radiator near the window so we just leave his Moses basket there all the time, however first mw said he was slightly jaundice and the next 3 said he was a lovely colour and not jaundice in the slightest hmm dp is blessed with lovely colour skin that tans really easy and ds2 inherited the same and looks like so did Lleyton.

extra any news?
mum how are you doing? And I love the name anya how unusual and pretty, I've heard no one shout that name out smile
I am so so excited to hear what colour you've had grin

hot huge congrats to you Hun and I had the same trouble with Lleyton and everyone was right that he didnt need much in the beginning and I feed him on me all during the day now and he gets 2 formula bottles during the night, purely as I need sleep with having 2 toddlers under 4 too and this way dp can help me.
I will replace formula with bottled breast milk as soon as I can express enough but at the mo I'm lucky to get an ounce out of each sad which I hope improves otherwise the electric breast pump is the most expensive useless thing I've bought confused

super I always missed my bump after ds1 and 2 and got broody pretty much right away, hence why I got pregnant pretty much right away grin
I got bump envy every time and really missed being pregnant.
not this time though guess I really am done grin
Couldn't, wouldn't, can't do it again, I am so happy and blessed with my 3 boys xx

13loki Sun 15-Dec-13 08:11:02

Congratulations to all the new mummies. Today we have to attempt to take passport photos of Älfi for her citizenship application. She needs open eyes, closed mouth, looking straight at camera. Yeah, that's easy with a 2 week old. But it needs to be done, she can't stay stateless forever, and we'd like the option to leave the country at some time, so remaining paperless isn't an option.

13loki Sun 15-Dec-13 08:11:09

Congratulations to all the new mummies. Today we have to attempt to take passport photos of Älfi for her citizenship application. She needs open eyes, closed mouth, looking straight at camera. Yeah, that's easy with a 2 week old. But it needs to be done, she can't stay stateless forever, and we'd like the option to leave the country at some time, so remaining paperless isn't an option.

MrsShrubs Sun 15-Dec-13 08:14:10

Sorry ladies been AWOL since James arrived, cannot believe he's on his 4th day in the world!

Huge congratulations to everyone on your new babies can't believe how many people have popped over the last couple of days flowers hope everyone's doing well!!

To those still waiting I hope you're all doing okay and not too uncomfortable.

hotcrossbun I was in tears last night over BF he'd gone 7 hours without eating, wouldn't take my nipple and kept screaming blue murder, after an hour of persevering he still wouldn't so luckily I had instant formula in so we put it in a bottle and he fed for ages and I cried because I felt like I'd failed. He's had 3 more formula feeds and is happy and content. My mum gave me a good talking too too about all that matters is he's eating. I'm worried I haven't been producing enough either. I'm going to try and start expressing today- does anyone have any tips at all?

BetterWithCheese Sun 15-Dec-13 08:38:31

mum we have very similar taste in names except I prefer Lila to Lola and have a good friend called Aliah so that's not on my list smile. I love Anya but DH not so keen.

Congratulations hotcross! Getting BF established is hard going. My DS wouldn't be put down for at least first week so my DH and I took turns, I was up until about 4am with him then we'd trade off. It was really hard but he did settle down and by three weeks old would sleep in his cot or carrycot. Was a long 3 weeks though! I think some babies aren't that keen on being on the outside.

Mogz I remember the constant repositioning needed in the early days, not looking forward to that.

Loki I remember having to do that for my son when he was 5 or 6 months, hard enough then! Hope you get a good shot.

Still crampy and achy here but no other signs of imminent labour. Felt really unwell for a bit and was convinced that it was starting but nope. I may well be here til January.

MummaDevon Sun 15-Dec-13 09:14:31

I'm still here 40+2 today. Any news Extra?

I thought from 38 weeks to 40 was bad, waiting wise but going overdue is worse...I never really thought it would happen I guess! Just want to meet my baby!!

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 09:27:42

Oh mrsshrubs been there- had exactly the same with ds1. Screamed all night, wouldn't latch- you poor thing I know that feeling of failure and using formula- but don't feel like you're failing. He may just need more help with latching. Sometimes they get so hungry they just pull away from the boob and scream and the more you try the more they do it! I think formula is great for these situations then maybe you can try again when he's not so hungry/upset? Afraid I'm not one for giving advice after only lasting 1-2 weeks with both DC's. (Tho were very content after going onto formula!)

alyssa no progress here- no plug, waters still intact, 39 weeks today- come on baby! hmm I'm going to try what you're doing- bottle at night etc as I really struggled last time with sleep deprivation and was part of the reason I gave up bf- so sounds ideal doing that then maybe I'll manage to bf longer if it's just daytime. Not sure what to suggest re expressing. I never managed to get loads out each time either- not sure if it's due to the letdown not being as good as it's not baby feeding or maybe it's because your supply hasn't settled yet so you're not producing lots? I going to be using my pump, ESP if my nips get sore again shock

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 09:34:07

Sorry my post to you too hotcross like I said dc1 was the same - crying all night and I was convinced he was hungry and my colostrum wasn't enough. I ended up feedin him formula from a bottle lid (was worried about confusion with teat and nipple)but like the others say, colostrum should be enough at this point but I think dc1 wasn't latching properly so probably wasn't getting enough. If it's really bad and you can't get help with latching at that particular feed (ie it's the middle of the night) then don't feel bad about topping up with formula (sorry someone else may be horrified at my suggestion) but at least then baby is content and you're not stressed- until latching is perfected it may take a while for things to settle. My dc2 was much more sleepy and content at night- babies are so different! Good luck

MrsEllsmore Sun 15-Dec-13 09:44:35

Well today is my due date, Friday's sweep doesn't seem to have had much effect so I'm not holding out much hope of meeting baby Ellsmore today sad

yogafan Sun 15-Dec-13 10:03:29

Hi all, congrats and well done to those who have produced and are now nurturing their babies.
And those still waiting - I feel your pain. I'm 41 weeks today. Urgh. I've been offered a sweep tomorrow but both me and DP have colds so not sure if now would be a great time after all. And i have 2 year old DD to look after by myself, not sure she'd be the most ressuring presence during and after the sweep. But then induction booked for Friday... I just don't know.
I think at this point I am excited, in denial, thinking I can schedule a good time for the baby's arrival and also feeling totally powerless. A messy mix of things.
Just to offer extra sympathy for those struggling with breast feeding, I had a rough time with DD and it made me miserable. We got there in the end but it was so so tough. Be kind to yourself above all else, take every bit of rest and help you can get - although it may seem impossible at times. You have done, and are doing an incredible thing. Remember that!

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 10:31:31

I'm alright extra, being able to get about 6 hour's sleep last night really helped. I'm jacked up on paracetamol which seems to be doing a good job of controlling my temperature but I am still getting the shakes so breastfeeding is impossible. Luckily I'm doing well enough to express at least a third of Genevieve's feeds and she seems to be doing ok on the mixed feeding, apart from one almighty chuck up this morning just after I'd gotten her dressed!
I can really recommend the tommee tippee manual expressor if anyone is thinking about expressing, I tried an electric pump in hospital and it was so noisy and felt very harsh. With a hand pump you can be as gentle as needed. Though it does get a bit tiring.

SupermansGirl Sun 15-Dec-13 11:25:47

Mogs I have been doing the same mix feeding as Delilah seems to be more settled if I give her a bottle in the night so I give her breast through the day, expressed milk when I put her to bed then one formula in the night. I also use the tommy tippe manual breast pump snd it works a treat x

NomDeClavier Sun 15-Dec-13 11:53:30

I will do proper update as am on z rubbish phone for MNing but:

Aurianne arrived Thursday morning, 7lb2 and 38+2 by their dates, 37+6 by mine.

Extra you need to see someone ASAP and if your water go grt down on all fojrs with your the air and call 999. There's a risk of cord prolapse so when you go in be prepared not to come out as they'll want to schedule a CS and keep you under obs til then.

BFwise little and often, nihjt feeds are good because they boost supply when prolactin is highest. Crying with frustrztion and refusing to latch happens to everyone. Get the milk flowing to get some food even if they just lap it up and then dezl with the latch. Programme the national bf helpline and lll helpline into your phone. They and hopefully put you in touch with a local BFC.

Stom91 Sun 15-Dec-13 12:29:39

Haven't caught up but just thought I'd pop on and say IVE STARTED LOSING MY PLUG! It's only a tiny bit but I've never been so happy to see blobs of goop haha
I hope things start happening soon.

Here you all are!

Sorry I've been awol again. This parenting lark really takes up my mumsnetting time! grin

extra I second what everyone else has said. Give your MW a ring?

congrats on plug loss Storm every little helps fgrin

Hope everyone else is good. Sending you all labour vibes if you want them and settled baby vibes to those who need them.

extracrunchy Sun 15-Dec-13 13:02:42

Stom YAY PLUG!!!

Rang MW and they've said come straight in (I thought they'd say wait till sweep appointment on Tues) for the same reasons you guys have said. Eek!

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 15:01:23

Stom, yay for plug going! Now get that baby out!

MrsShrubs Sun 15-Dec-13 15:02:36

So happy, did my first express and got 40ml out and he's guzzled it down!! Tried giving him the breast first but he wasn't having it at all so at least I know he's still getting breast milk smile we're keeping the ready made formula too and might mix feed so we've got a back up. Thanks for the advice ladies & help ladies!!

Yay stom will be thinking contracting thoughts!! & lots of luck crunchy

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