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BFP wishes came true - thread 3

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RedRobin1 Fri 13-Dec-13 20:27:24

A big fat welcome party for twinkle and just another thread for us all to keep in touch smile

tedmundo Thu 17-Jul-14 13:26:12

Wow! I am glad I asked as that is such a great story. Tell me you spent the treatment savings on cool baby stuff?!? ;)

Ok, so just the birth story to come now.... No pressure but do hurry up. I love a good birth yarn!

tedmundo Thu 17-Jul-14 13:27:32

Do you know, I think I was probably so eager to post my congrats that I didn't read the post beyond the letters BFP ... I cried that day I'll have you know!

Twinklestar2 Thu 17-Jul-14 14:08:00

Aw thanks ted!

The money we saved has def come in handy for sorting baby's room out and getting out of debt before baby comes.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Fri 18-Jul-14 20:20:53

Aww twinkle re reading your bfp just brought a tear to my eye I'm hard as nails normally, honest

How are you feeling? Must be getting seriously uncomfortable now, especially in this heat.

Speaking of uncomfortable I'm having my piles banded on Tuesday, I live such a glamoureous life. The consultant said it shouldn't be too painful so fingers crossed.

RedRobin1 Fri 18-Jul-14 23:01:37

Gosh twinkle reading that reminded me of the journey we have all been on! It has been emosh! How many days left twinks? I can't wait to hear all about the birth.

Ted your posts re ds made me chuckle teehehee they sound adorable grin

I need some advice. I have to leave dd with PILs for 26 hours (I counted including journey times) to go to a friends wedding - quite far from where we live. She will be 8 months then and I am dreading it. I haven't been apart from her....well since I was pregnant. And to leave her for a whole day and a night seems so cruel! Am I going to regret it? She is familiar with PILs and they have looked after her for 2-3hours but no more than that! Every morning when DH gets her from the cot she lunges towards me and wants a cuddle and I just keep picturing how she will feel when I'm not there one morning confused I'm not sure what to do.

kittykatsforever Sat 19-Jul-14 12:45:08

If you want to go go red, I've not left my girls much, infact only once overnight for both but they were ok, I'm sure they missed us abit but it was soon forgoten when we were home , it's good for them to be adaptable as what If you have an emergency one time or another baby and need to stay in hospital? She will be fine I promise, I'm sure you'll miss her but it can be so nice to just be you again for a while, know what I mean

Twinklestar2 Mon 21-Jul-14 00:37:55

When - I'm SERIOUSLY uncomfortable in this heat!! My feet are so swollen they look like Cornish pasties!! My back hurts and it's hard for me to get comfy in bed - I sleep sitting up and naked. Sooooo attractive! Good luck at the docs smile

Red - remember how unhappy we used to be when TTC? So glad we both came out the other side smile I just counted... 17 DAYS till my due date eeeeek!!! Can't wait!! As for leaving your daughter with PIL, I have no experience but might be nice to have a break?

tedmundo Mon 21-Jul-14 13:18:46

DH is a July baby from waaaay back in the heatwave of '75. His mum still gets a bit flint eyed when discussing how he was two weeks late during the hottest summer for years. Poor you, poor feet. Although you will pee it all out over the first two weeks after birth. It is fascinating to see your body deflate each day. Ankles return, rings can actually rotate again. Marvellous!

Red .. I left ds1 at ten months for a posh hotel visit with DH. It was great, we talked about him a bit, but actually just enjoyed a bit of grown up time. DS was fine. Completely fine. Do it!

RedRobin1 Mon 21-Jul-14 16:07:50

We have decided to do it! It will be so hard for both of us to be apart but I guess she'll survive without me for 26hours (i hope!) and I will somehow cope! Will try and make her fav foods and take her fav toys to PILS and get her used to a travel cot too.

She has started getting separation anxiety but I have to say it's the sweetest thing to see her lunge at me from other peoples arms and cling on to me in a room full of strangers as if to say "mummy I love you and I feel totally safe with you" my heart melts everytime she does it. Mil was unimpressed by it as she lunged out of her arms and came towards me. I secretly was bursting with joy! Ah! Being a mum is totally satisfying and rewarding smile

17 days! That's getting so close now...hope it's soon and the weather cools a bit for you. I'm not a fan of extreme heat or humidity! Prefer cooler summers

RedRobin1 Mon 21-Jul-14 16:09:23

Twinkle yes forgot to say it will all get comfy once baby is out. I struggled to sleep after 34 weeks. It was pants I remember! Just a few more days / weeks!

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Tue 22-Jul-14 22:14:23

Oh twinkle poor you. Tis not a good time to be heavily pregnant. But with 16 days left you are into any day now territory, ted is right you will deflate loads post birth, very best of luck.

red she sounds so cute lunging for you from her cot. I think you should go, she will be fine. Maybe you can let your PIL settle her for a nap a few times so she's used to it.

tedmundo Fri 25-Jul-14 21:20:50

I'm off for a week in Cornwall tomorrow so i predict winkle will have her baby during this time! I am moderately famous for making food appear at the table when I nip to the loo in restaurants so no reason to see why this rather magical skill can't apply to babies too ;)
So off I trot and I hope you all have a smashing week with your babies and bumps.

Twinklestar2 Sat 26-Jul-14 18:32:21

have a good hols ted!!

weechops Sat 26-Jul-14 19:05:56

Hello everyone I've not been on mn for a bit - we were on holiday for a week smile ds2 was a total star the whole time - loved cuddles from my friend, happy in new places and loooovvveed the beach! So my theory is proven that he just hates my in laws smile

Ted hope you have a great time

Twinkle I'm so excited for you!!

Twinklestar2 Sat 26-Jul-14 20:25:08

Hi wee! Glad you had a lovely hols!

RedRobin1 Sat 26-Jul-14 22:30:08

wee how old was ds on hols? We are going next month and looking forward to it but at the same time worried about how much we have to pack! She will be 8 months so hopefully will eat meals as finger foods but still sterilising her bottles and stuff. Any tips?

Twinkle I'm so excited! I keep checking this thread every day at the moment smile

weechops Sun 27-Jul-14 07:19:41

Red he's 7 months exactly. We didn't go abroad, only over to N.I. but it may as well have been Spain it was so hot last week!
We were visiting friends, so rented a holiday apartment for the week. Definitely easier having your own space! Are you going self catering? Or hotel?
Essentials are a highchair, walker or playmat or other 'place' to put baby, microwave and washing machine! Take plenty of readymade formula cartons. Much easier than faffing with hot water when you're out all day. I have a microwave steriliser so used that. Ummm probably lots more ice forgotten
And ds was a star! Routine was loosely kept the same, especially bedtime. But he loved the beach, happy in his pram, and generally made me feel I could tackle abroad with him! smile

Twinklestar2 Sun 27-Jul-14 22:36:18

I'm still here! Baby moves around soooo much!! I can't wait for he / she to be here! The squirming around is quite painful and uncomfortable at times!

Twinklestar2 Fri 01-Aug-14 19:44:47

Feel uncomfortable, restless, tired, annoyed... You name it I feel it! 39+1... Want this baby out now! Feel sorry for people who go overdue, they must go mad!!

3 girls at work all due at the same time... I was first... One girl gave birth on Tuesday! So jealous!

weechops Fri 01-Aug-14 19:46:36

Less than 2 weeks to go twinkle! Nearly into single figures then your bundle of joy will be here smile xx

weechops Fri 01-Aug-14 19:48:33

Oh cross posts lol! Hang in there mrs, it's almost time to push smile sending you lots of contracting vibes ... .... .... Xx

RedRobin1 Fri 01-Aug-14 22:55:24

You never know twinkle it could be any day or even any min now! For what it's worth I only got to 39+3 grin

Fingers crossed baby will be in yours arms soon! Can't wait to hear all about it x

Twinklestar2 Sat 02-Aug-14 09:59:12

Thanks girls! Feeling better today and back to my usual self... Think I was having a weird one yesterday! Lack of food, hot weather and bad nights sleep is not a good combination!!!

tedmundo Sun 03-Aug-14 11:45:27

morning all, hope all are well.

Cornwall was lovely. DH also off for this week too so we will be doing day trips / relaxing too. I managed 4 of the Cornish big 5 ( fish and chips, ice cream, pastie, cream tea, crab sandwich). I will have to get a Ginsberg pastie from tescos later to complete the set!

We went to the eden project as they had a dino themed thing on. It was amazing. There is a man running around in a T. Rex suit with various 'keepers' chasing him to control it (the actors were very committed to their role) and it was very realistic. Lots of footage of kids running screaming! Hilarious. Those of you with children and are going to Cornwall this summer .. I really recommend it. We went twice.

So, no twinkle baby yet then? I think you must be too comfy for him/her twinkle. Time to get scoffing curries perhaps? Although I am not sure any of that actually works! I hope you are feeling better today and no matter what, within the fortnight you WILL WILL WILL have a baby in your arms! Make sure you sniff them as much as you can. That smell is awesome. Baby smell mixed with washing powder ... Hmmmmm....

Twinklestar2 Sun 03-Aug-14 14:36:37

Cornwall sounds lovely!! I haven't had a holiday for two years cause of TTC and now waiting for baby.

I'm not convinced any of the old wives takes work either! I have had spicy food over the past few days, been drinking raspberry leaf tea and went walking around the shops yesterday.

Did I tell you I'm being induced on Thursday? I'm not allowed to go over my due date as cause of the IVF. I would prefer not to be induced but at least I know this time next week I'll have a baby!!

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