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BFP wishes came true - thread 3

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RedRobin1 Fri 13-Dec-13 20:27:24

A big fat welcome party for twinkle and just another thread for us all to keep in touch smile

twinklestar2 Fri 13-Dec-13 21:00:58


Alexandra6 Fri 13-Dec-13 23:28:45

winkle I am over the moon for you, really am! Big fat congrats!

Sorry for not coming on sooner but I had a girl on Tues morning grin She's so amazing. I've been a bit weepy today though as the poor little sweetheart cries a lot. It's obviously my first time with a newborn but whenever she's awake we're either breastfeeding or she's crying. Could it be colic already?! Would really love to know about whether anyone else went through this with their newborn? Am getting para that I wasn't relaxed enough in pregnancy or maybe the labour being quite traumatic towards the end has affected her?

Sorry I should have updated on Tues when I was on cloud 9! I still am and absolutely besotted with her, I just don't know what to do about all the tears and screaming, makes me want to help her!

kittykatsforever Sat 14-Dec-13 07:21:40

Congratulations Alex! Don't fret, sweetie you won't have done anything to her she's just a newborn, it's unlikely colic as this is a specific affliction which is usually hits from 4 weeks and is usually the same time every night from 6 ish doesn't normally cause any problems in the day but it could be wind maybe? I was told you didn't have to wind bf babies which is a total fallacy as both mine needed winding every feed, also newborns do really feed cry and sleep, you won't get any periods in the early days where she will be awake just happy, she will probably just sleep then cry when she wakes for food! If she's not happy feeding though that's when you would know if there was wind or something bothering her

kittykatsforever Sat 14-Dec-13 07:33:19

It was good to get an update from you thunder! Good news that your last check resulted in no increase then? Pop into the gemini bus, I know the others would love to hear from you! X

Thingymajigs Sat 14-Dec-13 07:43:11

Aww, congratulations alex. smile Don't worry about the crying it really is all they can do at this stage apart from sleep and feed. It will get easier. Try not to fall into mothers guilt so quickly, we do blame ourselves for everything but really there's not much we can do about newborn crying. I hope you are getting a break and lots of help from your DH and relatives.

twinklestar2 Sat 14-Dec-13 10:57:19

Congrats Alex and thank you smile

tedmundo Sat 14-Dec-13 11:09:29

Alex - you have the 3 day blues. Honestly, day 3 is the absolute pits. Your milk is coming in, your body hormones are settling after birth and you are tired. Do whatever you need to do today to feel sane, hole up, don't feel obliged to see people and just survive it.

You will feel better tomorrow, I promise.

I remember trying to hold it all together on day3 with DS1 as they wanted to take him to nicu again and were giving me lots of headtilts at the amount of crying going on. DH would stand at the curtains and keep an eye out for the arrival of midwives to give me a moment to get my sh*t togtethe before they arrived!

With DS3 I stupidly made an appointment at the GP about the state of my bum on day3. I turned up late and dr refused to see me (no, I am not kidding - I was 10 mins late 3 days post birth - the git) and I sobbed. With snot. In the waiting room.

I went home, DH took one look at me, sighed and said "You know you can't be seen in public on day 3. What were you thinking going outside??!!".

kittykatsforever Sat 14-Dec-13 11:15:12

Ha ha ted your dh sounds amazing, mine would have been too scared wink I spent day 3back in hospital crying quite abit after kitten, I'd like to say with reason but I'm sure the hormones played abit of a part......

WhenSheWasBadSheWasExhausted Sat 14-Dec-13 16:58:23

Congrats alex don't worry about being weepy, it's your hormones. Newborns cry and feed a lot constantly it's normal and it will get better soon.

Start using some cream on your nipples now or they will get really sore (or maybe that's just my nipples).

WhenSheWasBadSheWasExhausted Sat 14-Dec-13 17:01:21

ted your GP is a git. Your dh has balls of steel, if mind had made that comment I would have killed him.

RedRobin1 Sat 14-Dec-13 18:30:00

Haha ted your DH is brave indeed! Your GP on the other hand needs some seeing to!!

Starting to get uncomfy now. Baby spent all of last night head butting my cervix confused I am not going to have a pelvic floor left at this rate.

alex hope you get a break and rest soon - I'm preparing myself for things to come - but you just don't realise how exhausting it can actually be!

tedmundo Sun 15-Dec-13 08:56:00

Ha ha, no dh was absolutely right. I was a shambles at that stage with ds1 and 2 so really it should not have been a surprise that I was likely to be a wee bit unhinged at that point.

Ironically, I had been great that day, just the receptionist telling me that the computer said no really flipped a switch.

Alex, I hope you are feeling better today and dd is a bit more settled. It is the rubbish design of our bodies that the wee ones come out starving but have to wait 4 days to get any proper milk, poor loves.

Red .. Oh those cervix head butts are agony. I feel for you. Some of my pre labour contractions would have me shrieking at random moments. They were clearly doing something though as I was already 4cm when they finally induced me.

BlearyeyedLol Sun 15-Dec-13 14:06:40

Hi girls marking place so as I can keep track of twinkle don't lose you again!!!
Who's next on labour queue!??

RedRobin1 Mon 16-Dec-13 06:30:11

I think it's wee next smile how you doing wee? Any movement?

ted did you go overdue? I'm worried this one will come early with all the head butting!

A big good luck for your scan tomorrow winkle it will be so amazing seeing that little baby for the first time. It made it more real every time we saw the little one on the scan. How you doing hun?

twinklestar2 Mon 16-Dec-13 09:22:29

I'm ok, just want tomorrow to be ok. Will update you all afterwards.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasExhausted Mon 16-Dec-13 10:30:03

I'm sure tomorrow will be great twinkle best of luck.

Did I miss Alex's birth story?

RedRobin1 Mon 16-Dec-13 11:32:56

Nope when...I'm waiting for it too!

tedmundo Mon 16-Dec-13 15:00:07

red .. I went into prem labour at 34 weeks. Stayed in hosp for 3 days to have steroids and drugs to stop the labour. They worked because in the end they had to induce me on due date because of reduced movements. We found out at the birth DS had a double loop round his neck, bless him. Scary start but honestly, he is fine. I thank god repeatedly we live in this day and age. Modern medicine rocks.

winkle .. Good luck tomorrow! Take care.

weechops Mon 16-Dec-13 15:40:14

Ah there you all are smile

Alex congratulations!! And the girls are right - day 3 is awful for hormones!

Well I had sweep number 2 this morning. She said my cervix hasn't changed at all since last week! But since Thursday I've been losing the show (tonnes of the stuff) and had a few random pains over the weekend.

Since about 12 I've had really intense pain every half hour or so lasting around 30 seconds. So hoping things are starting. Will keep you updated if things progress. Eek forgot how sore contractions are!

BlearyeyedLol Mon 16-Dec-13 16:16:21

Oh wee good luck!!!
Twinks it's scary to be waiting for a scan. I will add you in my prayers tonight xx

WhenSheWasBadSheWasExhausted Mon 16-Dec-13 16:23:18

Ooh I'm settling in to watch wees progress.

I'm officially sick of my kids being sick. In 8 weeks dd has had 4 colds, one lot of antibiotics, thrush, athletes foot and conjuctivitus. She's still got a cough from the last cold. Ds is only 6 weeks old but is already on cold number 2.
Now dh is coming down with something too. Grrr anyway rant over. This should mean we have a good Xmas. There can't be any more bugs out there for the kids to catch grin

twinklestar2 Mon 16-Dec-13 16:37:56

Thank you lol that's very kind of you X

RedRobin1 Mon 16-Dec-13 18:52:27

Ooooooo sounds promising wee I love live updates smile

It's crap to be ill - can't imagine how fed up you must be when kids catch bugs so quick these days and there's not much you can do but let it pass. And yay they will be all well for a fab Christmas smile in the when household!

That sounds scary ted and yes thank god for modern technology and meds!

Baby robin seems to be piling on the pounds! I feel so heavy and tight around the bump. Stretch marks finally made an appearance at 37 weeks hmm just when I thought I might be lucky enough to not get any <sigh> bye bye pre pregnancy body for good!

kittykatsforever Mon 16-Dec-13 19:26:28

Ahh you see red, I told you all the crappy stuff comes after 37wks!!
Hope they are not too bad and that's it for you
Winkle good luck for your scan, it's such an anxious time I hope it can give you some peace of mind x
When- think dd1 is comming down with a cold, she got me up 6 times last night shockI thought it was baby's that were bad, dd2 was 7-7!
Please no bugs for Xmas confused

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