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THREAD 13 Jan 2014 - Grab those bags, we're nearing the top of that rollercoaster!

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Toothfairy78 Wed 04-Dec-13 15:38:08

OK I caved. Here's thread 13!

Toothfairy78 Wed 04-Dec-13 18:52:35

Evening all!

Glad to see another has checked in. We were worried!

Just had a productive day off food shopping, getting bits for hospital bag...the essentials are all together. Just bits n bobs now. Saw the PILs off today and have shiny fridge freezer waiting to be filled!

Had my last NCT class Monday and arranged first coffee morning for next week when I have a day off.

We have MW appt at birth centre tonight and I'm taking DH along for the first time. I hope he likes it!

Aaaaaand I have icky tonsil feeling. Maybe coming down with a cold. Might have to skip work tomorrow...crazy office air con/heating plus sneezy preggo lady may be a bad combo...I'm just saying grin

Otherwise only 6 working days to go! Yay!

extracrunchy Wed 04-Dec-13 18:53:11

Checking in!

Choco they bloody need to sort you out. Poor thing sad

Felix bear in mind people tend to post a lot more often online about negative experiences. Don't let them freak you out!

MrsGSR Wed 04-Dec-13 18:55:11

Glad your scans went well Toby and Felix!

sad I hope you get your insurance sorted out soon altered

Mythree that's amazing! Yay!

Glad you've got your own room another

I'm still EDD Jan 15th, had an appointment today at 34 weeks, midwife had a quick look at my birth plan and is pretty happy with it all. DH came along and heard the heartbeat, but I think he got a bit bored when we were discussing the birth plan as I've already made him read it a few times!

Toothfairy78 Wed 04-Dec-13 18:59:15

Oops, forgot to say GOOD NEWS mythree!

Mythreeknights Wed 04-Dec-13 19:15:16

Ha ha! I can't believe Toby and Chocco crossed paths like something out of a film - you so need to meet up properly for a coffee and put the world to rights.

Well, thanks for all your msgs - I do feel abundantly full of life, so much so that the champagne is on ice and as soon as the boys are in bed, DH and I are going to toast our good health. I think the baby would appreciate it! (Far better to enjoy bubbles than the horrible levels of adrenaline I've had over the last few weeks) xxx

Angelesque Wed 04-Dec-13 19:28:28

Still EDD 28 January, although over last few days have convinced myself it's coming early! Team Yellow, if anyone's checking.

Glad to see some people getting some positive health news... Glad you'll all be feeling better for Christmas.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 19:46:35

You poor thing, loulou sad That sounds awful. Still, at least you got to see me today, which must have brightened your day no end grin

book, I've got no birth plan or bags packed either. Don't tell sultana I haven't done my bags yet, though...

juliet, I remember being super bored on maternity leave with DS. I left work at 39+4 and he was 2 weeks late. My mum came round to see me a few days in to my maternity leave. I had the fridge out and was cleaning behind it. She said "Ooooh, you're nesting!"
I said "nope, I'm just really bored."

Enjoy your bubbles, mythree! You've had a nightmare of a time. You deserve them grin

Angelesque Wed 04-Dec-13 20:19:52

...oh, and thanks to the lovely person who posted about the Mothercare 50% off changing bags - just ordered the Babymel Ella

GummiBear74 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:27:31

Wow! So far into the new thread already. My EDD is still 14 Jan. The plan is bag packing on Friday, so whoever volunteered to be bag monitor, please be firm with me!

Great news from mythree and toby and glad you're still hanging on in there, another.

Hope you get those kidneys sorted soon, loulou.

Got a bit more info from the midwife today about my fibroid situation. Apparently it puts me at higher risk of haemorrhage after delivery, which is why they want me in the delivery suite. However, unlike most people who are high risk, I'm allowed to use the pool, which means there's a good chance it'll be free!

Of course, as soon as I left, I remembered another question I wanted to ask! Is there anyone else who hasn't had any BH yet? I don't know whether it's normal to not have had any by 34 weeks?

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 20:30:38

Soooo much to catch up on and so much good news!

Firstly mythree that is just the best news ever! Soooo happy for you!

Awesome scan news everyone. Glad you can have a VB toby! That's hilarious you and choco crossed paths and even funnier choco was people watching you! Don't worry toby my hospital bags are no further forward.... Plus tomorrow I have a mate round for lunch and out with the nct lot in the evening and bra fitting on Friday followed by lunch with mum, so suspect Saturday will be the day...

Great to hear from you another and awesome you finally have your own room.

The first of our nct group have had their babies - 4 weeks early by c section but doing well.... Next one is due 12th Dec.....

I am still EDD 27th Dec! Would love him to come a week or so early though....

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 20:32:35

gummi my bh only started this week and I am 37 weeks on Friday and apparently some ladies never get them (or aren't aware of them...)

TarkaTheOtter Wed 04-Dec-13 20:37:30

Gummi I thought I hadn't had bh with dd but when I went in to be induced they put me on the monitor and once I could see them on the trace I realised I had been having them they just weren't how if imagine. I'd thought they were just kicks (the trace shows kicks separately from contractions so you can tell them apart).

I'm due 13th Jan but being induced by 38 weeks so about 30th dec I suppose but they haven't given me a date yet. Hoping it goes quickly so I can be out before the 1st as I have a feeling bank holiday staffing levels will be mean postnatal care is shit.

GummiBear74 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:43:06

Thanks sultana and tarka! I had been wondering whether some of the 'kicks' were actually BH.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 20:43:38

I was most scared of having a CS because it would have been new year, Tarka. But mainly because Sherlock is on on 1st Jan blush

I've had BH since about 14 weeks but I'm certain I never had many with the others.

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 20:56:40

Omg! DH is treading on dangerous ground! His male students apparently asked if I was fat now! His female ones apparently came to my defence, but when I asked him what his reply was, he said he told them no matter what condition I am in, I can still come round and punch them....! Ummmm, what about saying "no she isn't fat!" Lol!

Then he said his work colleagues asked how I was doing and he said "apart from a little bit of heartburn she is fine!" ummmm WTF! Has he not been living with me all this time? Firstly, a "little bit of heartburn".... Try heartburn and reflux from hell meaning I have to drink Gaviscon by the gallon and "sleep" upright at night. And how about the crippling back and pelvis pain from standing or walking for any length of time to mention just a couple of issues....

I clearly haven't been whinging enough! Lol! Good job I love him!

extracrunchy Wed 04-Dec-13 21:00:24

Gummi is this your first? I had no Braxton Hicks at all with my first (or didn't feel them) and apparently that's quite common.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 21:11:35

But at least he doesn't think you're a moany cow, sultana!

GummiBear74 Wed 04-Dec-13 21:21:09

extra, yes it is my first. It's good to know that it's not unusual to not feel any BH.

Lol, sultana, they don't have a clue unless you constantly remind them, do they? My DH assures me that I'm not fat. He genuinely seems to like the way I look, apparently because the bump is "lovely and round, like a ball". Not sure what to make of that, but he means it in a nice way, bless him fgrin

flyawayblue Wed 04-Dec-13 21:23:39

Lovely new thread with brilliant news.

mythree I'm so happy for you, smiled so much when I read your post.

another good to hear from your, been wondering how you where. Glad to hear you've got your own room.

Glad to read about all the good scans.

34 weeks today and EDD of 15th January, no ideas of actual dates yet. Still not sure if baby will turn or if I'll be referred to a consultant to discuss.

Only 11 days left at work and my brains really not in it or working which is making things hard.

Whispers that I still haven't packed my hospital bag, started weeks ago and have the cute baby clothes packed but nothing else. Oops!

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 21:46:05

toby I thought he did so I toned down the whinging. He looked genuinely surprised when I told him the back and pelvis pain made me wanna cry sometimes.

Still he is finally getting excited about bubs arriving. Keeps saying "only three weeks to go!" Bless him!

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 21:50:57

flyaway come join us in our quest to have our bags packed by Saturday!

Oh yes, managed to swap my antenatal appointment next week from being with my useless gp to the lovely one I saw when I had the vomiting bug which is awesome! I have also written a letter requesting transfer from useless gp to one of the female gps at the practice as they are both fab apparently. Rather than saying I don't trust the current gp, I have said I would prefer to see a female gp as I feel more comfortable discussing certain issues with them. They will apparently let me know next week if I have been successful.....

Frizz1986 Wed 04-Dec-13 22:45:41

quacko how was the breastfeeding meet? Hope it was worthwhile.

band yay for mat leave. Not sure how to kill time for 5 weeks though. Thankfully i only have 3 weeks to fill once i finish (unless baby is late)

Yay for the good news scan toby Nice to know what is going on and you can hopefully have more input in your birth plan etc.

Wow felix baby for xmas!!

Cant believe you might have seen each other choco and toby

Sorry for all the annoyance altered Its a bit crap about the insurance but good news about the thrush cream!

mrsv just think about the extra time you'll have with baby if you start mat leave later. You can totally make it!!

frying i think my body is trying to tell me i am over doing it but i don't seem to be able to listen. Def feeling the whale vibe though!

another glad you have your own room now.

choco yay for baby making the move. Sucks about he kidney stones and pain though but at least there is one positive.

Tooth i agree you most def might be coming down with something and i would advise taking the day off smile
Hope the birth centre is nice.
We are off to get a tour of the hospital tomorrow night in case circumstances change and i cant go to the MLU. Think its nice to know what option 2 will be like so I am not worrying.

gummi pants about the fibroids but yay for the pool!

sultana that all sounds a little busy. Men are such douches sometimes. Mine calls me a fatty a lot and finds it hysterical. They just don't understand what we have been putting up with for what feels like forever.

gummi i didn't realise mine were BHs at first. I thought it was just baby rolling around and putting pressure on the outside, but the more i have read the more i think they are BHs as the bump goes hard all over and feels rather tight.

Well I had a nice bath tonight but still getting a lot of BH. Bubs is still moving around a lot and I think I am just imagining a leak as my liner doesn't seem to be wet, possibly a bit damp every now and then.
So for the last hour i have used my contraction timer to monitor my BH. Have had approx 1 min long ones every 5-6 mins. I am not sure if this is a good sign at 34+5. Seem to be further apart again now but have stopped timing.
After calling the midwife today she seemed more concerned if I thought i was leaking AF and not too bothered about the BH. Do i just ignore them, unless they get painful?
Am off for my hospital tour tomorrow night and i know this sounds stupid but don't really want to pay £4 for parking twice in one day (its where the day unit is too) so might hold off and see how I go and maybe call midwife again on Friday if still lots of BH.
What do you ladies think? Don't want to over react or seem like I am ignoring stuff I shouldn't. The advice seems confusing for BH, do you call if they get worse or just if you are having them all the time.

MrABC Wed 04-Dec-13 23:20:19

Evening All... Checking in to the thread.

EDD 20th Jan and Team Yellow.

Another one for the bag monitor to check up on by the end of the week. Really can't believe where the time has gone and starting to get really nervous (yes, I know I've got the easy job wink)

chocoloulou33 Wed 04-Dec-13 23:58:28

Great news mythree you must be so happy! !!
Lol I should of gone and said 'tobylerone is that you? Its me chocoloulou33! !' Haha can you imagine if it was the wrong person. Sounds insane enough as it is. V funny that our paths crossed though. Maybe we'll have our babies at same time!!
Hoping to sleep better 2nite. Nothing can be as bad as last night that's for sure. Here comes the heartburn. Meant to say my gp wouldn't prescribe anything for it grrrr x

HumptyDumptyBumpty Thu 05-Dec-13 00:55:20

frizz I think, although I wouldn't swear to it, that BHs are fine, even if regular, if they are painless. If the mw you spoke to didn't set your mind at rest, though, call again or go in. Even if it is 'just' BH, you'll feel better for having checked.

Can't get to sleep. Fucking DH went out tonight, swearing blind he'd be home by 9. At 8 he texted to 'ask' if I minded him being later, as the 'boys have just bought another round', like he's a helpless child and can't say no. I said I did mind, as I was in quite a lot of pain (same 'tight' pain I've had for a while now, but getting worse), and unhappy and could do with some support and reassurance. He managed to totally ignore this and proceeded to do the sad puppy act about how this was his 'last chance' to see these fucktards boys before the baby comes. As if becoming a father is the same as entering seclusion or dying.
I am absolutely furious with him. Right now, I don't even want him in the same county when I go into labour if that's his attitude. Cunt.
Sorry lovelies, just had to get it out.

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