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February 2014 - We've got big bumps and we cannot lie...

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DawnOfTheDee Fri 29-Nov-13 19:44:41

You other mothers can't deny,
When a girl walks in with an ever expanding waist
And a round thing in your face
You....'d better give her some cake....

etc, etc,

New thread! Enjoy!

jazzcat28 Fri 29-Nov-13 20:10:29

Marking place..

EeyoreIsh Fri 29-Nov-13 20:34:05

Marking place smile

Thisisfreakingmeout Fri 29-Nov-13 20:36:56


Another one with my first baby nightmare. Weird lots of us had it at the same time! ��

LittlePandaBear Fri 29-Nov-13 20:44:27

Thanks Dawn - marking place!

rueyrichardson Fri 29-Nov-13 20:49:24

New thread and not a dildo in sight......yet......

winterflowers Fri 29-Nov-13 21:09:21

Woohoo cake!

Marking place

bugsyburge Fri 29-Nov-13 21:09:36

checking in

Unplastered Fri 29-Nov-13 21:09:51

Checking in! Thought this was going to be the One With The Dildos?! Though the bump is getting pretty mahoosive.

LovesToBake Fri 29-Nov-13 21:14:06

Checking in although a tad disappointed that we didn't get the dildo thread!

laura0007 Fri 29-Nov-13 21:19:55

I'd prefer a dildo to a massive bump! I can't get comfy tonight! I have either a head or a bum right under my ribs and it's very uncomfortable to sit down. Perhaps I should take it as a sign and go to bed!

Shropshiremummy2B Fri 29-Nov-13 21:25:10

I'm personally glad I won't have see the "d" word every time I post on here blush blush blush

notoneforselfies Fri 29-Nov-13 21:29:18

Evenin all

misskatamari Fri 29-Nov-13 21:36:12

Woo hoo new thread!

sunflowered Fri 29-Nov-13 22:13:11

Big bump checking in, with added heartburn neither of these are helped by the cake I've just been wolfing down in bed

Unplastered Fri 29-Nov-13 22:42:56

I really can't colain about my pregnancy body when my diet today has consisted of golden syrup on toast, DD's leftovers, buckets of tea, chinesetakeawy and chocolate orange. Oh, and an apple. Oops. Must try harder tomorrow.

SugarMiceInTheRain Fri 29-Nov-13 23:13:25

Woohoo, new thread!

I'm getting sick of the pregnancy malarkey. Saw MW yesterday and had ++ of glucose in my sample despite the GTT coming back negative. So she's worried and was on the phone to a specialist diabetes MW. Thinking I probably need to lay off the sugar, which has annoyed me as I have a tendency to comfort eat (particularly when pregnant) - how I'm not twice my size I have no idea! blush Today is DH's birthday so have eaten masses, mostly savoury for a change, but we're taking the kids to Cadbury World tomorrow so I will be mainlining chocolate! grin

SPD is really bothering me, I can barely walk by the end of the day so tomorrow traipsing round Birmingham after CW will be fun hmm Still, I'm looking forward to festive treats at the German Christmas market there. Can't wait to put my decorations up on Sunday - I love Christmas!!

barebranches Fri 29-Nov-13 23:26:52

I'm here!!! Marking places

Anyone know where i can get a decent pair of tights?? My current pair of preggo tights have caused me chub rub after slipping down. sad

CubanoHabana Fri 29-Nov-13 23:39:09

Marking place

SugarMiceInTheRain Fri 29-Nov-13 23:39:49

barebranches I got some fairly decent maternity tights from Boots recently. They stay up whereas all my other ones constantly fall down!

marzipanned Fri 29-Nov-13 23:54:15

Excellent thread! Just checking in before passing out.

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 30-Nov-13 02:54:52

bare my ASOS 120 denier mat tights are luscious. They have a rubber band at the top and don't slip down at all. All my other mat tights result in much Wacko Jacko style crotch retrieval and hoiking.

sunflowered Sat 30-Nov-13 03:37:56

Thank you, smoke alarm. 3.15am is the perfect time for you to start beeping to tell me your battery needs replacing. I love climbing on chairs in the middle of the night to make you stop making that noise. Where do you think I'm going to find a new battery at this time of night? And am wide awake. Again... angry

Josie314 Sat 30-Nov-13 03:39:16

I tuck my tights into the bottom of my bra under the underwire and back. Works really well to keep them up.

Baby is doing acrobatics today. My insides feel abused.

sunflowered Sat 30-Nov-13 04:13:29

I've got very short legs and have found just getting xl non-maternity tights works ok too and a bit less ££ if it turns out they don't work for you.

Dh now breathing loud, alcohol scented breaths in my direction. I think I might give up on sleep tonight.

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