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June 2014 thread 5: 12-wk scans and leaving the 1st tri behind!

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wispaxmas Mon 25-Nov-13 20:13:35

Thought I'd get us started smile

Vickyvix Mon 25-Nov-13 22:11:22

Great news winkly you must be so pleased smile

wispa your dog is so cute! And live the bib too.

jaykay yes, so unbelievably tempting, I even called earlier to book an appointment for Friday but the phone lines were busy and I didn't leave a message! You and I are scan buddies, my 12 week scan is same day as your 10+3. Two whole weeks seems like such an age!

A quick question for you all - I've been having this pain in my lower back for the last few days and it's getting more painful by the day. It's not my actual back, It's lower down and more like my tail bone area and a bit in the top of my bum on the right (sorry TMI) i can constantly feel it and it hurts when I bend over or sit. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or if it's just a non preg thing and just coincidence?

puppy123 Mon 25-Nov-13 22:15:36

I have my scan on Thursday, massively nervous!

Ginny4indy Mon 25-Nov-13 23:10:33

Hi everyone! Just joined site. My scan is on 29th! Fingers crossed all goes well. Been a rough 12 week's.

Emmazers Mon 25-Nov-13 23:43:41

Ooh shiny new thread! Thanks Wispa smile

Feeling rough today (as usual) and a bit worried about travelling on Thursday. I'm going to Paris for a few days to see my cousin's art exhibition and my cousin of course. We were planning a wild, child-free weekend together but now we're both pregnant! She's also due in June (also with her second, having now conceived naturally twice after being told she was so infertile that she would be refused IVF!) Oh well there's still cake! Any first trimester travel tips?

We're nearly there everyone! Soon the grossness of the first trimester will be a distant memory and we will be floating about with lovely bumps, gorgeous hair and dreamy smiles on our faces grin

panicmechanic Mon 25-Nov-13 23:57:14

Hello all, congrats on scans and good luck to upcoming scans! I have been lurking a bit as I have felt so bad involving being sick on the tube and lift in work - not pretty. But i am feeling marginally better. Couple of questions to float by you... When do you start using a baby on board badge? I am suffering on the tube but some if my colleagues also live where I do so was planning on waiting until Jan when I tell work and I know this sounds odd ... but I have been experiencing a fluttering under my ribs... I know it's too early for the baby but if feels really odd. I have my harmony scan and consultation on thurs so will ask then but thought I would ask if anyone had similar feelings - it's happened at least 5 times this evening. Another question - has anyone started only sleeping on sides? I can't remember when we should...

WifeofGru Tue 26-Nov-13 04:11:48

Marking place. Here's to the thread where we all start to feel better!

jaykay987 Tue 26-Nov-13 05:47:23

Panic - I think some people are using their badges already, but I, like you, am worried about seeing anyone from work, so I haven't used it yet!

I've started to try to sleep on my side already. I don't think you need to until you have a much bigger bump that can then affect your breathing if lying flat. But my preferred options are front, then back. It'll take me 6months to train myself onto my side, so I've started early!

Magpie78 Tue 26-Nov-13 05:58:01

Morning ladies, Vix have had issues with my back from week 9, same place, midwife says it's the ligaments and may need to get a maternity belt.

MarlenaGru Tue 26-Nov-13 06:51:27

panic it sounds like wind unfortunately. Baby will be down below your belly button still but your other bits will be starting to get squashed upwards so wind will be in a strange place to normal!

MarlenaGru Tue 26-Nov-13 06:53:09

Oh and I haven't got a baby on board badge yet. I have been travelling later which usually means I get a seat. Quite pleased as yesterday two of the parents from school were on my train and if one of them knows it will soon be common knowledge. I don't want DD finding out in the playground hmm

GillyBillyWilly Tue 26-Nov-13 07:37:05

Marking place smile

lgwilk Tue 26-Nov-13 07:37:22

Hi ladies. Had my 12 week scan yesterday afternoon. Sadly no heartbeat. Having a removal today. Unfortunately it looks like it may be a molar pregnancy so lots of follow ups to look forward to.

Sorry to post such a downer.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy pregnancy. Looking forward to reading about safe arrivals of gorgeous bubbas xxx

littlepickly Tue 26-Nov-13 07:38:08

This is weird - I can fit into my normal jeans again and do them up! Has anyone else found this?

Maybe I'm eating less now and I do feel less bloated too - it all seems to have gone to my boobs - really need to get fitted for new bras!! The joys of a changing shape smile

GillyBillyWilly Tue 26-Nov-13 07:40:03

All my apps now tell me I'm in the second trimester....
I'm 13+1 (so entering week 14) smile

GillyBillyWilly Tue 26-Nov-13 07:41:32

Igwilk I'm so so sorry sad
How terrible and just heartbreaking. I hope today goes as well as it can do thanksthanksthanksthanksthanks

sisterofcaleb Tue 26-Nov-13 07:50:38

Igwilk I am so sorry for your loss too. Incase it is helpful and you are still reading, if you go to the "talk" section, then "body and soul" then "prenancy loss" there is a special thread for ladies who have sadly experienced a molar pregnancy.

jaykay987 Tue 26-Nov-13 07:57:11

So sorry igwilk. I hope you have a lot of support.

Gilly - that's earlier than I thought. That's good.

Little - I had this. I was really bloated for a couple of weeks. Then overnight, my trousers did up easily for two weeks. Now I'm back to being super uncomfortable again. You're probably further ahead than me (I'm only 8w+3) so maybe I'll get smaller again yet.
Ive ordered a mega next maternity order to store, so tomorrow I can go and try it all on, then return most of it. grin it seems way too early to be needing maternity clothes!

Emmazers Tue 26-Nov-13 08:44:57

So sorry to hear that Igwilk. Will be thinking of you today x

littlepickly Tue 26-Nov-13 08:57:14

So sorry Igwilk only just saw your post - really sad to hear your news, sending all best wishes thanks

Vickyvix Tue 26-Nov-13 08:58:59

Igwilk I'm so sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself and I hope that today goes as best as it can for you thanks

MarlenaGru Tue 26-Nov-13 09:02:45

So sorry igwilk thanks

Vickyvix Tue 26-Nov-13 09:04:10

Welcome ginny

Thanks for the advice magpie I will ask the midwife about lower back pain when I next see her.

Re the Baby on Board badge, I am waiting until after 12 week scan, then I shall be proudly wearing it (hoping I don't bump into any work colleagues!)

Re sleeping on sides - I'm already having to sleep on sides or back, I haven't been able to even lay on my front for weeks because my boobs are so painful! I always sleep on my front so it's taken some getting used to. I even get woken up by the pain if I roll over on to my front in my sleep.

I am so bloated I look about 5 months pregnant already. No way it can be a bump yet, just horrible bloated tummy - not a good look

Liquidambar Tue 26-Nov-13 09:12:06

I'm so sorry ig please take care of yourself flowers

hackneybird Tue 26-Nov-13 09:13:08

igwilk my commiserations. Sending hugs.

littlepickly Tue 26-Nov-13 09:14:14

Jaykay - I'm 11+3 now but was definitely very bloated at 8-9 weeks, feels nice to have a break in the bloatedness!

It's never to early for maternity clothes if it makes you more comfy - I've got to buy a new maternity wardrobe at the weekend as I start my new job on Monday so need smart clothes!! Next order sounds a good idea! smile

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