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THREAD 12 Jan 2014 - The one where we start mainlining raspberry leaf tea and festive treats for "the baby"

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fryingpantoface Sun 17-Nov-13 12:20:23

Thought I'd go for it

fryingpantoface Sun 17-Nov-13 12:27:31

Gosh mnhq are fast! I messaged them asking to add on thread 12.

obviously I'm not to be trusted starting these threads

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 17-Nov-13 12:27:47

Yay, new thread smile

GummiBear74 Sun 17-Nov-13 12:29:01

New thread, Hooray!

frizz, rlt is supposed to somehow tone the muscles of the uterus and help with the pushing. No idea whether this is true, but it can't do any harm. My spare capsules are yours if you want them, I'd much prefer for someone to use them than eventually have to chuck them out!

Toothfairy78 Sun 17-Nov-13 12:32:47

Good thing MNHQ are around, I just asked them to delete the new thread I created. Doh.

Good work and Thanks for the shiny new thread frying! Xxx

MrsVDB Sun 17-Nov-13 12:32:51

Checking in smile

MrsVDB Sun 17-Nov-13 12:40:05

Was just having a mooch on December thread and someone was induced yesterday! Also came across this lovely song


enormouse Sun 17-Nov-13 12:46:45

Checking in. Not so fond of raspberry leaf tea but mince pies are being put away at an alarming rate.

Oh God…I think the terrible twos have hit. Ds insisted on having some of my toast, didn't eat it and arsed about with it so had it taken away. Cue the mother of all paddies. Flailing, yelling, real tears. He's gone for a nap and I'm having a nice cup of restorative tea.

fryingpantoface Sun 17-Nov-13 12:46:59

Whoops! Sorry tooth! I bet your title was better than mine. I didn't realise the pressure to think of a good one.

i went to church today, got on the bus, got dizzy, had to come off it again.

my friend is a paediatric nurse so i freaking out about possibly pre-eclampsia. I'm at the Dr tomorrow so we'll see what he says. As my blood pressure is fairly low (on the low side of normal) at 100/65 - 106/70 i dunno how high it will be before they worry.

I'm just taking it easy. Dh has Ethan so i can just hide in my room and Netflix

Toothfairy78 Sun 17-Nov-13 13:12:24

Pah! I prefer your title frying!

BookTart Sun 17-Nov-13 13:20:47

Cheers for the shiny new thread frying!

MrsGSR Sun 17-Nov-13 13:41:22

Checking in smile

The Christmas markets were amazing, very festive! Going to the towns Christmas lights switch on later too, a very Christmassy weekend!

Sultanajo Sun 17-Nov-13 13:41:38

Thanks for the new thread frying. Great title!!! grin

extracrunchy Sun 17-Nov-13 13:56:28

No way are we on thread 12... That's just SILLY.

TMI soz but I'm suddenly producing enormous quantities of what I think is just pregnajuice... It's very thin but milky so prob not waters?? Noticeably more copious than a couple of days ago, lots of dampness but no ahem gushing. Is anyone else experiencing the same?!

Sultanajo Sun 17-Nov-13 14:10:26

extra mine seems to go through phases and its always more in the morning, but I will have some days when it seems a huge amount which has made me paranoid!

Any change in smell?

Naturegirl82 Sun 17-Nov-13 15:57:28

Just checking in grin

OnlyThePurpleOnes Sun 17-Nov-13 15:58:05

LOL @ Pregnajuice. Love it.

frying hope your BP settles and the dizzy spells subside. It's awful when things happen like that and you're out and about.

I keep feeling like i MUST be nearly there. I'm getting tired and heavy and twingy (and mardy), and 9 weeks seems like a long way away at the minute. Still, i think once i've finished work and can relax (ha!) a bit it might get easier.

extracrunchy Sun 17-Nov-13 16:15:58

No change in odour, no! Hmmm... Think I'll just keep an eye. Don't think it's waters or an infection (or thrush as it's too thin). ICK sorry!!!

Sultanajo Sun 17-Nov-13 16:35:23

extra keep an eye and if you are worried give your midwife a buzz. Am sure someone said something about putting a pad on and seeing how much comes out....cant remember the facts surrounding it. Sorry - dont feel I am being particularly helpful....hmm

Been up since 7.15am and have so far.....tidied the kitchen and sat watching films on the sofa....omg! Feel as though I have majorly wasted the day. Have made my xmas list ready for tomorrow mornings shopping expedition however. Really must have a bath and wash my hair at some point today.....hmm

flyawayblue Sun 17-Nov-13 17:19:55

thanks for the thread frying hope your bp stilts settles down.

The mau have a test for waters, not sure what they test but if your worried get it checked by the midwives.

Frizz1986 Sun 17-Nov-13 17:42:45

Thanks for the thread frying
Checking in ready for the final stretch. Omg how are we at thread 12? Thats 11000 posts already! (Stating the obvious)
I have had a fairly chilled day, but have attempted some housework as now dh will be at work in the week i am going to have to at least help. Tea is currently cooking and i even cleaned out our spinning food cupboard thing which is normally a mess and you cant find what you are looking for so yay. Was hoping to find some goodies that I didnt know we had but alas no sad

gummi that would be lovely if you're sure. I dont want you to be putting yourself out or anything....

extra i seem to have a lot of random discharge now and definite spells where there is more than normal. I was worried so got tested and all came back fine so i think mine is just my body's response to the 3rd tri.
Waters should be constant if there is a leak of any kind. Thats what i kept getting told (i may have phoned up several times worried that it could be a leak) I think you can do a teat and lie down for 30 mins or so and if its waters then youll feel it come out when you stand up as it will have been 'pooling'

Really dont want work this week. Bleurgh! But at least I only have 23 days left and counting. Typed up all my maternity stuff today ready for my meeting. Have worked out that my 2 return dates should be either 5th Nov 2014 (if i only take off when i get smp and add some hols to the end, saving some for next xmas) or 17th feb 2015 (if i go for the full 52 weeks plus all hols accrued whilst on mat leave) It sounds so nice. Fingers crossed for Feb 2015 even though it is highly unlikely.

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 17-Nov-13 17:43:59

And I am back in hospital sad

extra more pregnajuice is normal in the last trimester, stick a pad on to monitor it just in case though.

BookTart Sun 17-Nov-13 17:50:57

Oh no another sad Are you okay?

Sultanajo Sun 17-Nov-13 17:57:18

frizz at least you are getting organised and well done on the tidying up. What a bummer you didnt find a sneaky packet of viscounts! grin

Oh another! What a shame you are back in so soon. More bleeding?

Sultanajo Sun 17-Nov-13 18:08:45

Any tips on baby baths? Our dilemma is we dont have a sink big enough to use, but our bath is really low down and bending over it would be agony while bubs is really small. Obviously we will be top and tailing to start with...

We were thinking of getting a baby bath and using it on the floor, but our bathroom isnt big enough so would have to use it somewhere else, which means carrying a bath full of water.....not ideal!

Anyone any ideas I havent thought of yet? (am hoping there is an obvious solution that is staring me in the face...!)

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