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August 2014 - very early days but so excited!

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Hollyjokes Fri 15-Nov-13 09:52:41


So I'm actually due around 27th July but I went two weeks overdue with my first so I'm pretty sure this will be an August baby smile

Is there anyone else who is newly pregnant and would like to join me?

talulahbelle Sun 17-Nov-13 08:20:31

I did another IC this morning, and only 2hrs after a 6am wee and drink of water. I got a lovely strong line so am grin grin

I feel maybe a little more tired and fluffy headed but that's it for symptoms. I just wish I could FF the next 8 weeks.

Babymamatobe Sun 17-Nov-13 08:25:55

I got a line too this morning!! Think I'll be testing everyday until the scan LOL

Hollyjokes Sun 17-Nov-13 09:04:48

Great news ladies! I also poas (IC) this morning and got a line pretty much straight away. The line is also pretty obvious now, the darkest it's been yet smile

I still have about 10 ICs left so can continue to poas every day for now. I think I'll still get another digi later in the week just so I can see the weeks since conception rise, as I think this will reassure me further.

How are you both feeling today, symptom wise?

talulahbelle Sun 17-Nov-13 09:54:46

holly Symptoms wise not a lot. I have a very noisy stomach today and (TMI) had diarrhea this am. I feel tired and lazy today and plan to spend the day doing nothing much. My boobs are still quite sore, I am waking up in the night to wee, and I am also having amazing vivid dreams.

We are due to go out for a meal and drinks for DHs birthday on Friday, goodness knows how I am going to hide not drinking.

When are you all telling people? This is an FET pregnancy, partly funded by my PIL, so they know that I am potentially pregnant although we have not confirmed it to them yet. DH thinks he will let them know by phone maybe today (they live 4hrs drive away) and we will hopefully see them at Xmas with early scan pics. I'm not telling my family until we have had a scan and seen the heartbeat.

Babymamatobe Sun 17-Nov-13 11:10:30

I'm not feeling too bad this morning. Just been out a long walk with DH and the dog and it's blown away a few cobwebs!

I'm not planning on telling anyone till after 12 week scan, only person that knows is my sister.

Got a family dinner tonight, so I'm going with the excuse that I drank too much last night and am too hungover to drink LOL

Hollyjokes Sun 17-Nov-13 11:10:54

Aw Talulah I bet your PILs will be over the moon when they find out (and the rest of your families too, of course!)

I'm going out on Friday too! It's a charity party for a friend so I definitely have to go but luckily DH will be there too so hopefully I can hide not drinking by getting DH to get me a coke or something and saying there's vodka in it if anyone asks. I'm more worried about my work Xmas do as it's a meal with drinks ordered to the table so it'll be a lot trickier to hide then I think. I don't really want to tell work until January confused

My best friend knows and has been sworn to secrecy. I will probably tell my parents soon but I'm not quite ready yet for my mum to start fussing smile We will tell the rest of our families at Christmas I think and then ask everyone to keep it quiet until after I've told work.

Symptoms are tiredness and peeing loads. I still have a bit of cramping too plus the nausea has returned today on and off. I feel a lot more pregnant than I did yesterday which is reassuring and scary at the same time! smile

Hollyjokes Sun 17-Nov-13 11:12:07

Baby I'm going for a walk later too, hoping it wakes me up a bit! grin

talulahbelle Sun 17-Nov-13 16:30:30

I feel very tired (although not sleepy) slightly dizzy and vaguely nauseous this afternoon. All good sighs I hope. I also have some alarming but faint cramps, not quite like AF ones but still worrying. I'm also on progesterone pessaries until 12weeks which dribble horribly, leading to constant knicker checking. The glamour...

How's everyone's day been? I must admit I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Hollyjokes Sun 17-Nov-13 17:44:22

I'm terribly bloated to the extent where it's getting quite painful. It only stops hurting when I'm lying flat on my back. I hope that this is normal... confused

Talulah "the glamour" just about sums it up! Hehe!

talulahbelle Sun 17-Nov-13 22:05:16

Anyone else got indigestion? I've got quite painful gas cramps. Also more worryingly strong AF type cramps sad

Am going to head to bed and hope they calm down overnight.

Hollyjokes Sun 17-Nov-13 22:16:37

Talulah I think it might be gas cramps that I'm feeling too. I've got AF type cramps really low down but then painful cramps high up and my stomach feels all bloated and hard. I'm hoping it calms down overnight too. Hope you manage to sleep well x

Hollyjokes Mon 18-Nov-13 10:24:57

Morning ladies, how are you doing? I'm a happy bunny today! The cramping has eased loads and I slept quite well. Tested again this morning with an IC and got a nice dark line so I called and made my booking in appointment. I'll be 7 weeks pg at the appointment - didn't expect it to be so soon! It's all feeling a lot more real now smile

talulahbelle Mon 18-Nov-13 12:23:02

I'm getting a lot more cramping, including in my lower back. The line looked lighter today too. I know there's nothing to do except keep my fingers crossed but it's just so hard.
My cat is seriously ill at the vets as well so all in all a lot of tears today sad

Hollyjokes Mon 18-Nov-13 16:58:34

Oh Talulah I'm so sorry. I really hope that there's something the vet can do for your cat. The cramping is scary isn't it, as you automatically think that pain=problem, but I think it's actually pretty normal as everything is stretching and getting ready to hits your baby. As long as you haven't had any bleeding (not that it would definitely mean something was wrong even if you did) then I'm sure that everything is just fine. Maybe take another digi test to see the word 'pregnant' rather than stare at lines? I hope you're ok. Sending you hugs x

Hollyjokes Mon 18-Nov-13 16:59:26

HOST* your baby! Not hits! blush

Babymamatobe Mon 18-Nov-13 18:24:26

Hi ladies, hope you're well, and hope the cat's ok Talulahbelle, they really are part of the family!

Well I've had a fairly rubbish day! Got into work after a week off and my diary has been booked up for this week, including at least 10 hours of driving ontop of meetings all in the same day!! I got quite a bit of attitude when I refused to do it, so I've had to tell my work today to let them understand that I'm not just being awkward. But I'm really annoyed that it came to that, it's a ridiculous amout of travel to expect someone to do, pregnant or not!!

No nausea today apart from first thing, however, my back is fairly sore so I've had to purchase the old hot water bottle and hope for some relief.

Glad to hear about the nice strong line holly, let's keep them coming!

Hollyjokes Mon 18-Nov-13 20:25:26

Baby that sounds like a really difficult week, good on you for telling them no! smile I'm actually still on maternity leave from having my first baby so I'm making the most of being able to squeeze in afternoon naps while I still can. I'll be going back to work not long after my 12wk scan I think.

talulahbelle Mon 18-Nov-13 20:36:43

Cat is very ill, next two days will be crucial. Very worried about her. She's been my baby for the past 6 years sad
All symptoms pretty much gone except for AF style cramps, even my boobs are back to normal. If this was a normal cycle I would be expecting AF tomorrow from the way I feel. Trouble is I am on fairly hefty doses of hormones (this is a FET pregnancy) so if the pregnancy isn't viable I just don't know what my body will do.
Another test tomorrow morning, I hope the line gets darker.

TheBookofRuth Mon 18-Nov-13 22:07:38

Hello, can I join too? Another end-of July due date - 29th - for DC no.2. DD will be 2.6 when her brother or sister arrives.

Hollyjokes Mon 18-Nov-13 22:20:55

Talulah I'm keeping everything crossed for you that your cat pulls through. I also hope that you see a darker test line in the morning and that it helps to reassure you. Are you due to see a doctor or midwife soon?

Hi BookOfRuth, welcome and congratulations! smile This is DC2 for me too. How are you feeling?

Hollyjokes Mon 18-Nov-13 22:21:25

Due dates:

TalulahBelle 26th July
Babymamatobe 26th July
Hollyjokes 27th July
TheBookofRuth 29th July

Babymamatobe Tue 19-Nov-13 06:07:59

Morning everyone, and welcome aboard BookofRuth!

Did an IC this morning and there was a lovely dark line, the darkest yet - feeling a little more relaxed!!!

Have a good day, looking forward to catching up tonight!

TheBookofRuth Tue 19-Nov-13 07:00:35

Morning everyone, how are we all today? Hollyjokes, I don't feel too bad - sore boobs, and moody as hell, both of which could pass for normal pms symptoms. But I'm also a bit nauseous, and having weird dreams every night, which happened throughout most of my last pregnancy.

The sore boobs are the worst, as I'm still breast feeding DD, and she seems to find my cries of pain highly entertaining!

Hollyjokes Tue 19-Nov-13 07:48:10

That's great baby! I haven't poas today yet but I'm sure I will do at some point! Hope you have an easier day today now that your work knows your pg smile

Ruth I'm having weird vivid dreams too! I also had to get up to pee during the night for the first time last night - so it begins!! I don't have sore boobs at all, which I'm surprised at, as they were definitely killing me by this point when I was pg with DD. I'm hoping that my nausea doesn't develop into full blown sickness this time too!

baggyoldcow Tue 19-Nov-13 07:54:55

Morning ladies, can I join in here? My due date is 24 or 25th July so I feel more in tune with you lot than all those old timers on the July bus... wink

I ran out of ICs on Sat and determined to hold off getting any more as it freaks me out a bit. But now I'm feeling a bit jealous reading about your lines today!

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