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December 2013 - Can we keep our legs crossed a little longer!?

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Stom91 Thu 14-Nov-13 18:31:31

New thread x

WhisperMen Thu 14-Nov-13 18:35:36

Iyah grin

itsliz Thu 14-Nov-13 18:39:33

Evening all! Just marking my place for now smile

BohemianRaspberry Thu 14-Nov-13 18:42:54

Marking up a space smile

Alyssa1978 Thu 14-Nov-13 18:48:39

OMG clare Saturday how exciting, is it wrong I'm a bit jealous? Lol
Just marking my spot, I'll be back later x

violetbean Thu 14-Nov-13 19:10:01

Clare, hope it goes really well! Ooh and thanks for the new thread Stom smile

Stom91 Thu 14-Nov-13 19:15:56

Anyone excited for I'm a celeb on sunday!?

13loki Thu 14-Nov-13 19:28:06

Good luck for Saturday Clare

I don't want to wait until December - I am in pain and 37+5 so I could happily go into labour tomorrow (but not too early - childcare for the 3 year old is tricky, DH and I are teachers, on different continent to any family, moved towns in July and don't know anyone well enough except for people we work with, who all work until at least 3 on weekdays) so we could get it all over and done with on the weekend.

beth27123 Thu 14-Nov-13 19:33:37

Good luck Clare, I won't say I'm jealous....but....

clare8allthepies Thu 14-Nov-13 19:35:33

Tell me about it Loki my mum is coming up to stay for a week, the plan was to look after our 3 year old DD whilst we're at the hospital .... But she's not coming up until the 28th!

The consultant says it usually takes a day, so I'm going in at 1 on Saturday to have the tablets inserted and this little one should arrive during the day on Sunday so we're just going to try to get someone to come round here for the day on Sunday to look after DD.

Hopefully I'll be home Sunday evening but not banking on anything!

(Why is there no emoticon for scared face?)

Alyssa1978 Thu 14-Nov-13 20:02:07

Use the confused one clare it always reminds me of a scary ish face lol.

NomDeClavier Thu 14-Nov-13 20:04:42


clare I am very, very excited for you. Jealous that you'll be meeting baby too!

kchapper5 Thu 14-Nov-13 20:23:52

ahh clare that's so exciting and scary at the same time, It still seems like my edd is forever away so i expect you all to keep me company when i'm still waiting and you have all met your LO
liz definitely get both, it was fantastic, i feel very grateful for my friends right now.
Loki I hope you don't have to wait too long, it must be a bit scary to be out there with just you and your DH. I've always wanted to move to another country but it's just never happened.

Featherbag Thu 14-Nov-13 20:27:22

Hi all! Clare how exciting! And terrifying! I'm having difficulty with just how fast time seems to be moving now, I'm sure it was only yesterday I told you all I was booked for a section 3 weeks away, now it's next week!

LadyMedea Thu 14-Nov-13 20:38:42

Thanks for the thread stom

37 weeks and full term today! DH picked up the NCT bednest from the courier tonight and we set it up. I hadn't actually looked at one in detail before and they are so well designed and made, I wish we'd gone for one from the start. But at least it gave super organised me another thing to sort out. We've bought ours (as they resell well) by they are pretty good value if you hire them too.

Bless DH he came in a bit choked up as he'd heard the Ellie Goulding song 'how long will I love you' and was thinking of baby. Listen and weep I love my soppy DH.

Went to doctors today to get more thrush treatment (back after two weeks) and talk about my 7 day gastroenteritis marathon. Not a doc I'd seen before bit she was very pleasant and thorough and wants me seen again on Monday... Probably because my wee looked like redbush tea I was so dehydrated. Since drunk over two litres of water and tea and still barely peeing.

Roselau Thu 14-Nov-13 20:38:51

clare that's great! so exciting you get to meet the LO so soon.
kchapper i have a feeling I'll be with you until the end... while due on 21/12, she is still very high (or I think - I still have no idea what a 'dropped' baby looks like but I guess I will find out when it happens). I'm trying to google tips on how to make baby drop, but I know she will only when she's ready.

WhisperMen Thu 14-Nov-13 20:42:56

I'm having the best evening. dp came home laden with delicious food and ginger bread men and we've put our jammies on snuggled up under a blanket and are watching elf. I love evenings like this. we were meant to be going to a party but dp said he could see I was tired and would rather stay in so we cancelled.

hope everyone is alright my app is being weird and not letting me read any of the posts confused

Stom91 Thu 14-Nov-13 20:56:40

thats sounds awesome whisper my dp is out playing pool until probs gone 12! so im home alone and theres nothing on tv. i hate it when hes not here im so bored..

dont worry rose my EDD is 21/12 too and i have a feeling ill still be here with you! my baby still seems high too!

my brother wants to know what i want for christmas and i dont know!! all i want is an iPad, heated airier, towels and a dishwasher... all of which are out of his price range haha theres actually nothing else i want as i got it all for my birthday! he getting annoyed because he wants to start buying and i cant decide what i want lol

Roselau Thu 14-Nov-13 21:10:13

whisper those are my kinds of evenings. so cozy.
stom it will be you and I moaning on christmas day still waiting, while everyone is having christmas cuddles smile

Stom91 Thu 14-Nov-13 21:18:42

haha rose I can picture it now! I will be so angry is shes not here by xmas! im hoping the stress of moving will make her get her wriggle on lol

Chilli81 Thu 14-Nov-13 21:27:55

Clare Saturday is so soon! how exciting. Am also a tad jealous. I am 37 weeks on Saturday but think I'll probably go overdue as i did last time.sad
Whisper that sounds lovely. enjoy.
went to physio again today as back muscles and hip muscles ache si much in bed that I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks. she basically said that there's nothing they can do that will make a real difference as the weight of the baby is what is making the muscles work over time. booo! I know it's going to be hard having a newborn but I can't help feeling that at least we won't have to carry around this enormous weight and that the sleep I do get Will be better quality. I'm probably being naive but here's hoping.
Hope you're all well.

PinkWitch803 Thu 14-Nov-13 21:36:48

I reckon on the same as you chilli sleep with the newborn will likely be less, but better quality. Not to mention how easy it will be to get dressed and pick stuff up from the floor, after the initial recovery period that is smile

NomDeClavier Thu 14-Nov-13 21:40:44

stom, rose I'll be with you. Not due until 24th and went over by 4 days last time. Tbh Boxing Day suits me just fine!

I managed to wash all the newborn clothes etc. so bag packing and undoing the Bag of Stuff is tomorrow's plan. I really need to chase up my snuzpod too.

Stom91 Thu 14-Nov-13 21:46:55

nom Snuzpod???

beth27123 Thu 14-Nov-13 21:49:39

Stom I think this is a snuzpod, if so I'm very jealous sad

Certainly beats my £40 mothercare crib...

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