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iugr baby

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GinGinGin Sun 17-Nov-13 05:11:29

Your consultant will be monitoring you closely do he/she will make a call on when to deliver. It's unlikely they will leave your baby in there if he/she isn't growing at all.

At that weight & gestation, your baby will more than likely need IC when born. Whether or not you'll get to hold him/her depends on how he/she is at birth. You've been given steroids to help the baby's lungs develop so hopefully they will have worked & your baby won't need a ventilator.

Most common complications for a baby that small - unable to control their blood sugar levels & temp (that was why mine was admitted to Ic).

How are you planning on feeding your baby? If you're thinking of bfeeding it's unlikely your baby will have the suck reflex so early on so will more than likely need to be fed by syringe or feed tube. You can express your milk if you wish him/her to have breast milk.

Good luck op, I wish you all the best thanks

Trishala Sat 16-Nov-13 15:15:03

babies weight on 31 week scan was 1205 gm.but again i started felling gud my nst was also yesterday nst was also normal.after giving steroids do they deliver babies within tht week itself? when i asked her she said leave it on dr. what if induce baby in 33 week starting? i mean complication related after the delivery?

GinGinGin Sat 16-Nov-13 14:16:52

Keep calm op, just try & rest as much as possible. Has your consultant said how much your baby is likely to weigh once born?

Trishala Sat 16-Nov-13 00:44:31

hello every1
i am 31 week 2 days pregnent. i ve diagnosis by baby with syymitracial iugr in 28 week . babies growth was 5% on 28 th week scan. on 30 th week scan % was same but dr said baby is growing with normal aminiotic fluid , gud fetul movements and other finding normal. i was littlle relaxed. but last 2 days was feeling less fetus movement so went for scanning n dr said baby AC has declined.241.7 to 230.0 which is a matter of concern. she put me on nst and given steroids. she told me to again for 2 does of steroids n nst n scan. she ll do the delivery by this week within my 32 week end or 33 week start. dont understand what should i do?

Kelly1814 Fri 15-Nov-13 07:44:04

I had an IUGR baby 8 weeks ago, delivered early at 36 weeks by ELCS.

She was just 4 pounds, but perfect.

She has absolutely chunked ont he weight since and is doing great!

I ate loads more, tried to rest etc etc, but when I. Had my section they saw that my placenta was calcified, so no amount of eating protein etc would have helped the baby, the nutrients just couldn't get through the placenta.

Delivering early was the best option in my case as the baby was better nourished outside me rather than inside.

If they have suggested this as an option, don't be scared, it really is for the best. Do get them to brief you on the NICU unit and what to expect when you deliver, this was the scariest bit for me.

Best of luck.

Trishala Sat 09-Nov-13 11:15:12

hello there
my 30th week scan was yesterday and her assistant told me tht she will be giving me a steroid shots today n again ll be calling me in next week for scan. but when they did u/s she was happy with my scan as she said baby is still in 5% but growing fluid is gud. movements r also gud so she wont give me steroid shots in this visit as baby is growing n my next scan is after 2 week .but i am worried if the baby is stiill in 5% then how come my dr was happy.very scary.

lucybazooka Wed 06-Nov-13 13:00:54

Hi there,

At 30 weeks 6 days, my baby's measurements dropped on the percentile growth charts. Her estimated fetal weight then plotted below the 10% centile. My doppler was good (EDF in your notes) and amniotic fluid volumes were all normal.

I started eating a regimented large 3 meals a day with lots of protein (even if I needed to force it all down) and <bold>drinking Complan / Buildup shakes 3 times a day with 300 ml of semi skimmed milk each time </bold>.

I've just gotten back from her growth scan at 32 + 6 days and all her measurements are back up to the 50% centile, and her estimated fetal weight is now plotting about 13% - so back in the 'normal' range! :D :D :D Have hope! Baby's gain alot very quickly during this time!

Rest ALOT more, have alot less stress. Get more calouries in you! Educate yourself. Make sure your growth charts are relevant to your height / stature / parity (kids you've had before - if they're with a different partner it makes a difference). They should give you ctg monitoring in between growth scans to check that baby is well and you should feel her healthy movement every day - they say it's the biggest indicator of health.

Please keep us updated. I just joined Mumsnet a moment ago simply to share with anyone out there like me who was searching for hopeful stories. We go back in two weeks and baby's growth velocity should continue up in the same pattern.

I am overjoyed and sitting here, drinking a shake right now! smile

BartBaby Mon 28-Oct-13 10:08:10

Hi sorry I don't have any advice for you. Just wanted to say I hope everything goes ok for you and baby.

I'm having extra scans at 26 and 30 weeks to check baby's growth as they have put in my notes that ds had IUGR. I hadn't heard this mentioned before and he was totally fine at birth, weighed 6lb 8oz all in proportion and no other effects, so I doubt he actually had it, he was just small (I am also small built) and he was only just under the weight threshold for it. I'm sure we will all be ok smile

GinGinGin Sun 27-Oct-13 05:15:32

Hi Trish

I had an IUGR baby too, although wasn't picked up until 32-33 weeks. She was born small - about 4lbs but is fine & healthy now (she's 1). What has your Dr said about potentially early delivery? You should have had/be having a Doppler scan to make sure the blood is flowing through the umbilical cord properly - ask for one if you haven't had it yet. They should then be monitoring you closely - growth scans every couple of weeks. As a pp said, it does depend on your genetics as to what weight your baby will be.

Good luck, I hope everything works out smile

Trishala Sun 27-Oct-13 05:01:38

thanxs for ur advice. do they recover fast or takes so much time. on 24 th week my dr told me tht baby is growing n suddenly on my next scan she said no its not.the growth is 5% and ll do my c section after my next scan that is on 30 week scan. she never told me tht i ve iugr baby. now i am very tensed as i never thought of this type of situation.

Bab8 Fri 25-Oct-13 19:04:33

Rest! Quit work? Walk but do not exert yourself. Do not smoke, do not drink alcohl etc... see your GP if you are unwell in some way. Be good to yourself. Put on weight yourself if you are underweight. And do not worry esp if you and your husband are small yourselves, smaller people have smaller kids especially asians never fit the bill... All the Best, I will pray for you!

Trishala Fri 25-Oct-13 15:58:10

is anybody facing this problem of iugr baby. i m 28 week pregnent and my baby weight is 855 gms.what should i do now to improve the growth of a baby.

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