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Antenatal classes help!

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lolrarocks Fri 25-Oct-13 14:23:44

I am a first time mum and I'm 31 weeks at the moment. I have been booked in for loads of antenatal classes by my midwife. There's one tomorrow that starts at 10am and lasts five hours then another two different classes next week.
The problem is due to having hyperemesis and PPGP and and itchy rash that stops me sleeping called PUPPP I am completely exhausted. I had to go to the hospital last Friday to check my bloods early as they wanted to rule out obstetric cholestasis as I had an all over itch and I was so exhausted then I ended up fainting as soon as I got to hospital.

I'm worried if I try to force myself I'll faint and feel worse but if I don't go I'll miss loads of information. sad I also have an anxiety disorder which means I do tend to worry a lot. I tend to get really dizzy if I try and push myself. I also have the physio next week and my 32 week check. It's all seeming too much at once as it's something different every day next week!

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