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December 2013 - creeping closer but no more hospital stays please god!

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LadyMedea Wed 23-Oct-13 22:24:29

We are a chatty lot!

WhisperMen Thu 24-Oct-13 12:18:29

it wouldn't be so bad nom but i've almost run out of wool and I don't have anything I want to knit at the moment once I have finished my step mums birthday present which will take about an hour.

Peanut has had hiccups for about an hour. How long are they meant to hiccup for? anything I can do to help the little thing?

Stom91 Thu 24-Oct-13 12:22:47

Gosh I can't keep up ! Lol
Enjoy the picnic feather
Pink enjoy looking for curtains and seeing your friend.

Mum popped in for a cuppa this morning after he dropped my brother at work. Needed a hug feeling rather pants today. She's about the only friend I've got. :/

May go an have a nice bath and then wash up (boring) and make some cakes.
My life is so exciting lol

mumoftwoboysS Thu 24-Oct-13 12:36:52

Grr! Had indigestion since this morning. Erm a pain au raisin and tea probably didn't help! Don't want to take Gavisgon as then I won't be able to eat lunch straight away but don't know what to eat anyway! So many things give me heartburn- beans on toast, soup (any kind) anything with tomatoes in it, anything yummy...

Molly28 Thu 24-Oct-13 13:28:30

whisper bump gets hiccups for ages! I feel so sorry for the little one, I never get them so it just feels so mean! must get it from their daddy! I find just lying still breathing slowly and rubbing bump helps! Although its probably just a coincidence!!

I treated myself to a choccie croissant this morning, went to the loo at work to find chocolate all round my face (including under my eye!) no-one told me at all! Either I'm a grouchy pregnant person or this sort of thing happens on a regular basis and work are used to me looking a state!

PistachioTruffle Thu 24-Oct-13 13:45:50

Ooh new thread, thanks Lady.

Daley, it sounds like they are being cautious and taking your concerns seriously. Are you happy with the plan? How exciting you might have your baby so soon!

Stom, where about in the country are you? If you were near me I'd meet up with you grin

Chelsea, what are the issues with your housing? Hope you get it sorted soon.

I've just tried to post the links for the freebies, but it seems the fisherprice offer has expired sad But the Nuby offer still seems to be working - like the Nuby UK FB page, click the bump, birth and baby tab and enter your details to choose which gift you want - I think its a choice of soother, nappy cream or weaning spoons. I'm not sure how good they are as mine haven't arrived yet!

I think I mentioned it in an earlier thread, but the Emma's diary pack is worth getting too, full size Johnson's wipes and some travel size Johnson's baby toiletries to try out and see if they suit. I haven't received loads of junk mail or email from them since I signed up either, which is good.

DaleyBump Thu 24-Oct-13 14:16:09

I'm really happy with it Pistachio, I just want him here safe and sound asap now smile

Whisper, hiccups are good! Although they're annoying, they help baby's lungs develop smile

Chelsealady Thu 24-Oct-13 14:29:46

PistachioTruffle basically at the moment i am at my mothers which is not good! I lived with my nan since i was 11 die to home issues with my mum when i was young. When i found out i was pregnant i had to go back to my mums and i am currently in a box room and things are not great. I applied for housing 6 months ago and told them once baby is here i am no longer aloud at home as my mother will be kicking me out (we have never got along she has a bad drinking habit). They wrote to me today to say i am 89th on the list as i am not high priority...fair enough as there are woman out there with 3 kids and no were to go but what am i meant to do when baby comes along? Also they said i am only aloud a 1 bedroom do you think this is because baby is not here yet or is this just how they play it now?

I have tried to call them but they have to pit you in a Line and call you back and they never do. Starting to really stress my boyfriend is in the army and i cant live at his mums theres no room there eithersad

Stom91 Thu 24-Oct-13 14:35:14

pistachio I love in West Sussex lol

chelsea I hope you get something soon. I think because it's just you and baby will be so small they'll only give you a one bed? I tried to get on our council list when I first found out but they said I had to wait until I was 7 months toget on the list!! In the mean time dps brother has offering us to live in his house for a cou

Stom91 Thu 24-Oct-13 14:36:31

Bloody phone.

Has offered us to live in his house for a couple year while he's in Dubai. So least we are kinda sorted until lol one is at least 2 could be longer if they decide to stay there. But give us abit more time to sort it.
Hope things work out soon. It's a pain when you want help and no one is willing to help you xx

LadyMedea Thu 24-Oct-13 14:38:51

chelsea can you go in in person and talk to them? Unfortunately everything I've read makes me think they'll offer you a hostel place if your a kicked out if your mum's when baby arrives. 89th sounds bad but find out how many properties cone in each week then you can work out how long you might be waiting. I would have thought you'd need a two bedroom so query that... X x

Saw my midwife today for 34 week check, all looks good. Then it was a slightly painful trip to the hygienist - pregnancy gingivitis anyone? My gums are screwed, when I Brush I look like a vampire. grin

Chelsealady Thu 24-Oct-13 14:39:07

stom itis a nightmare! Iv been doing this on my own as boyfriend is back and forward im ok at mums for now i just keep myself quite. Even if she changed her mind about me being aloud to live there with the baby i wouldnt even be able to fit a cot in my room and i have no space to store anything now let alone when she is here!

Stom91 Thu 24-Oct-13 15:04:03

Oh Chelsea I wish I could help you.
Like lady said maybe it's worth going to the council offices?

kerryc29 Thu 24-Oct-13 15:50:41

Haven't been on here in a while - between work and sleeping I don't seem to have any time spare, which I am taking as a good thing at the moment because I haven't been able to start panicking about things as yet!!

Chelsea have a look on the Money Advice Service website ( the section about having a baby has all the info you need. I have also phoned them not about housing but working tax credits and they were really helpful so I am sure they will be able to tell you what you are entitled to.

I am 32 weeks today, getting scared now every time I see on Facebook someone has posted one of them countdown to Christmas things, makes it seem too close!!

I have a scan booked in for the week after next as I had a low lying placenta at the 20 week scan and they need to check if it has now moved - has anyone had experience of this? I'm worried as I'm not worried if that makes sense, I am assuming that it would have moved by now.

Also, I have no idea how some of you know what positioning your baby is lying in I cannot make any sense of which way mine is laying!!

froubylou Thu 24-Oct-13 16:09:30

Well am back from hospital.

Not my best appointment. Baby is breech which I kind of expected. Felt him turn last night. He is up high with his legs under his chin and his back on the left hand side.

And he has dropped off a bit on the growth chart. Still grown since last one 4 weeks ago but not as much as they would like. Blood flow is fine as are fluid levels but they want to keep a close eye on things so have to go back next week for blood flow and fluid to be checked. And then at 34 wks for a growth scan.

So bit worried about it all. Going to eat lots and rest even more!

qumquat Thu 24-Oct-13 16:51:05

I hope everything is ok Chelsea. We are thinking of you.

Loki - just think how you will feel when the bell goes tomorrow afternoon!

I have moved my maternity leave to starting the 6th December, so only 5 more weeks after half term! I feel so much better for it, just have to hope Ofsted don't come in during those 5 weeks!

meandbumpy Thu 24-Oct-13 17:17:39

Blimey, a lot has happened since last night!!

Lol claire that's about right! grin

Hi dizzy, glad to hear you're having a good pregnancy.

ring I've always been intrigued about placenta eating, it kind of grosses me out but then again it's probably a very natural thing to do. Is anyone else thinking of doing it/ has done it?

Daley glad you're sorted with a plan for bump and that you're happy with it. Not long now!

D'you know itsliz it's amazing how when you share these stories you realise that tough times are just a natural part of life and that people will understand what your going through and how your feeling. It's good to talk smile

Chelsea what a night, I missed it all! Very glad to hear you're ok now. Definitely try to get in to the office and talk to someone face to face about your situation. I'm sure some things will have changed a bit by now but when my mum was applying for a council house she really had to state her claim as she wasn't considered high priority (she'd sold the family home after my dad left and was faced with being homeless for 6 months before the new house was ready for us to move into) With regards to them offering a 1 bed, i'd advise accepting it if you can manage as sometimes they drop you further on the priority list if you've refused a few places. Get yourself in somewhere for now and then go back later to ask for a bigger place.
Also, please ignore me if I'm prying but could you discus with your boyfriend the possibility of renting somewhere privately. i know he's away but I'm sure he could still set up payments in his name if that was something you thought could work for you both and his wage allowed.
Good luck and keep persevering, you will get there!

Hope your dh makes it to the scan feather

Stom I'll be your friend! Although it might have to be virtual as I'm up t'other end of the country!

Phew, I've missed loads but can't keep up! Hope everyone's foofs are behaving!! grin

meandbumpy Thu 24-Oct-13 17:19:53

Sorry to hear your appointment didn't go so well froubylou and thinking of you

Featherbag Thu 24-Oct-13 17:44:08

Whisper I think that must've been an imposter! I have long brown hair but that sounds like the only similarity! Even looking at heels is making my feet swell lol! But thanks for the ego-boosting mental image smile.

Chelsea I really hope you find somewhere! I agree with whoever suggested it that private rent may be the way forward, does your local council offer any help with deposits etc. for that?

Frouby sorry you've not had a more positive appointment I know you're going to worry until the next scan but try and be nice to yourself in the meantime! what about some pampering (salon or home) to help take your mind off things?

Picnic was good, DS was a little whirlwind in the play park, I'm so pleased my mum was there to chase him or he would've been in the lake with the ducks on several occasions! We then went to Homebase to steal wallpaper samples for DS to draw on with the chunky crayons I bought today - I'm trying to come up with activities he can do at home when my mum isn't able to come on outings with us.

DH has managed to persuade his boss to let him out earlier still on Monday so will be at the scan thank god, but the thought of him having come so close to missing it because of someone's stupid mistake makes my blood boil, this is very very likely to be our last scan, and as it's our last baby, DH's last chance to go to one with me!

Mum tells me my dad's apparently agreed to go on a business trip abroad at the exact time the baby's due. He'll be going shortly before the date I reckoned a CS would be scheduled for, at 39 weeks, and will be gone for up to a fortnight. I'm gutted! She says he didn't realise, but I've had the same due date since the 12 week scan, so it's not a surprise! As mum can't drive, it'll also make it more difficult for her to have DS although she'll still have him. I was planning on asking my consultant to deliver at 38 weeks because of the SPD, I don't reckon I'll be able to move at all by then - do you reckon I should mention the difficulties in childcare by 39 weeks too? Or will they not care?

thedizzy1 Thu 24-Oct-13 18:08:21

Lol at everyones foofs behaving!
Froubylou I hope you're able to rest and not worry too much- I had to have 4 extra growth scans with my dd as I was measuring too small and they weren't sure about her growth, but twas all fine.
Im impressed with the organisation of everyone ordering stuff and shopping- I've ordered a double pram and washed all of dds excessive amount of babygros and vests but thats the actual extent of my organisation. .. haven't even thought about my hospital bag yet. I think I feel like I've just done it all- where I had dd in may last year I think part of me isn't's a problem!!
Last night was hideous, had to wee 4 times while trying to get to sleep, then I was up every hour to go toilet then I woke up at 3 and worried about everything in the world! Couldnt sleep again so I'm really tired today. Bath and an early night tonight methinks.
Could I join the facebook page please? It'd be nice to put names to faces.

Featherbag Thu 24-Oct-13 18:11:02

I'd like to join the FB group too, who do I message again?

Stom91 Thu 24-Oct-13 18:16:36

Feather and dizzy pm me a link to your profile and I'll add you in. I have to add u as a friend first. Xx

MrsShrubs Thu 24-Oct-13 20:43:49

MW appointment went well, confirmed I have SPD but its manageable at the moment. And baby boy at the moment is head down ready to go, however with 7 weeks left in pretty sure he will move out of position again.

Watched look who's talking earlier, really made me giggle!

Sorry frouby your appointment didn't go as you hoped

Glad your OH has managed to get the time off feather

Molly28 Thu 24-Oct-13 21:05:42

frouby my little one is breech as well and seems to be quite happy up there as well!! Hopefully they'll both turn in time!

I'd like to join the fb group as well if poss so I'll send you a message stom

Molly28 Thu 24-Oct-13 21:09:07

stom I'm getting used to this, how do I send you a message?! blush help!!

Stom91 Thu 24-Oct-13 21:20:46

Molly I got your messages all 3 of them haha I'll add you in xx

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