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July 2014!!!! Hop on board and join the fun!!!

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Spinningirl10 Mon 21-Oct-13 13:11:05

I got my bfp this morning and calculator says due July 4th!!!

Wow, that seems ages away!!

Feeling quite scared....can't wait for this bus to fill up, can't party on my own!! xxx

LadyGoneGaga Mon 18-Nov-13 13:37:56

English that is very typical. I think there was a discussion about this, in fact your Doctor sounded like he did more than most. I'm not having my booking appointment until 10.5 weeks - this is with a history of Hypothyroidism and Gestational Diabetes. To be fair to them there is very little they can do in first tri anyway, it's all just a waiting game. I know it's frustrating though. If you have chronic health issues they will most likely class you as higher risk which will mean care will be shared between midwives and the consultant and some of your apointments will be at the hospital with a consultant. But you won't even get to see them until 16 weeks so going to have to learn to be patient or you are going to be very stressed! In the meantime you can find out soo much info online and in books etc.

I'm not sure it's a good idea having your booking appt with the GP - it's not their specialism and they will be guessing at many of the answers about the specifics of your care.

DoesZingBumpLookBigInThis Mon 18-Nov-13 13:49:18


I agree with Gaga that your booking in app should be with the MW.
they can refer you to see a consultant if needed anyway.

I'm sorry you are dealing with a history of other illnesses.
but you are certainly doing the right thing being assertive!

englishteacher78 Mon 18-Nov-13 14:27:32

I would have been at risk of not having had my booking in appointment before my scan (with a bit of luck).
I'm finding this all confusing with some people getting their appointments straight away, some people being told to contact the midwife straight away, some people being told to see a doctor (for a pretty pointless appointment) first. It's just really demonstrated to me that we do NOT have a NATIONAL health service at all.
For example, I'm sure I read of someone having to go out and get a test to prove she was pregnant, others have had to do a test in the doctor's. My doctor just assumed I was because I said I was. I was under the impression that there would be some more similarity in experience.

DoesZingBumpLookBigInThis Mon 18-Nov-13 14:50:01


it is confusing, I agree.
ignore what I said and just go with what is available in your area.
the next person you talk to will get on with the standard procedure and you should ask to see the consultant - I hope this will be arranged for you asap.

sorry if my post upset/confused you in anywaythanks

DoesZingBumpLookBigInThis Mon 18-Nov-13 15:07:00

in case anyone is interested for me it's GP first, who gets the ball rolling.
I normally take a test to show and a urine sample (so I don't have to bother there)
from this point onwards I have maternity exemption, but GP and I have to fill in a form which is sent off and the maternity exemption card arrives in the post.

the it's booking in with MW (9-11 weeks typically) then scan at 11-13 w - details are posted so if not received by 10 weeks it's best to call the hospital to find out what the dates are.

then check ups every 4 weeks (blood test and urine test with MW).
it used to alternate between seeing GP and MW, but with last one I saw MW more.

big scan at 20 weeks

any other scans are on a "if needed" basis.

from memory the monthly check ups are until 7 months, then it should be more frequent so 32 weeks, then 34, 36, 38, 39, 40, 40+ depending on individual care.

is this helpful for anyone with a first pg?

also our hospital used to offer a 3rd scan routinely at about 32 weeks for first time mums - I don't know if they still do.
(btw I live in Surrey.)

jaykay987 Mon 18-Nov-13 15:45:39

English - I agree it is confusing and inconsistent. I would however say you seem to have better than mine. My mw earliest appointment was 5weeks after my doctors appointment (this week - so I'm looking forward to it smile ). However my doctor did nothing other than allow me to book a me appointment. I'm still awaiting bp etc. I did ask for higher folic acid dose which after googling she did prescribe.
FX your appointment next week goes well.

Well.....I'm stressed/terrified! 
(sorry if you are reading June thread as I posted there too as I need to talk!smile )
I'm still not feeling great - which my whole team are aware of - but my manager isn't on site with us much, we mainly talk on the phone, so he isn't as aware. 

A girl on my team felt unwell last night so is working from home today. My manager is onsite today and over lunch said "dont worry - I asked her if she was pregnant and she said no - so you don't have any resourcing problems!"

Hmmm......not quite sure how he is going to take my news! Luckily he is my current manager - but not my personnel managers (appraisals etc) I think he was only joking....but made it really awkward for me! 

Im glad I've already decided to keep quiet until 20w or if I show - whichever comes first! I wasn't even worried about him - there's other people I think will take it less well! Aggghhh! 

LemonLovely Mon 18-Nov-13 16:42:21

Hospital update from me: after seeing yet more bad articles (below) about Whipps Cross to follow all the August watchdog exposure, I'm not taking my changes and have cancelled the GP's referral from last week, and have self-referred to the Whittington. Feel like weight has been lifted! When I spoke to the GP's receptionist, she said, being honest, she wasn't surprised. That in itself has told me I've made the right choice!

englishteacher78 Mon 18-Nov-13 16:44:31

Sorry you're having a rough time with it. I'm sure managers aren't meant to say things like that shock.
Every time a female teacher misses a bit of school the boys assume pregnancy. My form asked me if I was ok when I got in - which was sweet - and I was able to truthfully say, yes, I just had to have my flu jab (no lying). I have a year 11 group and they're already stressed as a teacher is leaving for another school in January, I should be fine until they go on study leave in May. But as soon as I start to 'show' you can beat they'll be gossiping/stressing.

DoesZingBumpLookBigInThis Mon 18-Nov-13 17:02:07


sounds like the right decision for you.
just by the titles it looks like you dodged a bullet there.

duvetfan Mon 18-Nov-13 17:18:03

Can someone take me off the list please? Good luck with all your pregnancies. x

ismarah Mon 18-Nov-13 17:58:37

Zing Which end of Surrey are you in? Jaykay and I will both be at Frimley Park..possibly even on the same day! You are very handily full of helpful information, especially for us noobs, so thank you x

English Wanna be old & special needs first timers together? My medical history requires most professionals to google some of the terms! And I have severe allergies which when triggered can result in anaphylaxis, which is bad enough under normal circumstances but potentially fatal for beans. Luckily I've had years to get used to it and manage just fine normally, but suspect I'll have a big red stamp on my folder...

My booking in appt will be three weeks today - I'll be 10+2. I'd like to have a scan before Christmas if possible but not sure it will happen. I seem to be quite laid back about this bean - maybe because I have no more room in my head for anything at the moment - basically until the MW appt. Then I'll probably be a raging hormonal mess with nothing else to think about until after Christmas...

DoesZingBumpLookBigInThis Mon 18-Nov-13 18:02:30


you are very welcome.
ask me anything, anytime - I'm really happy to help if I know the answer!smile

Littleangel21 Mon 18-Nov-13 18:05:24

Thanks all for the early scan advice. Feeling really sick all of this morning and then ate a wagamamas and felt better but still quite rough, just less sick.

My lower back was very sore earlier and I feel the odd period like cramp. Apparently normal. NHS hasn't even been in touch with me yet! I've gone private for the moment as I'm too anxious/impatient!

Is this many of you ladies' first pregnancy?

Littleangel21 Mon 18-Nov-13 18:06:40

Particular thanks to Zing- you've been great at answering queries today.

Duvet- sorry to hear your news, hope you're ok xx

Howly Mon 18-Nov-13 18:12:04

Talulahbelle I'm exactly the same as you! 4+3 Had bad cramps yesterday, boobs don't hurt but feel full and full feeling in my abdomen, tummy making funny noises but that's it! Im exhausted too but I've been on the go since 7am!

duvetfan Mon 18-Nov-13 18:20:18

Thank you littleangel. x

DoesZingBumpLookBigInThis Mon 18-Nov-13 18:22:47

so sorry to hear sad take care of yourselfthanks

LadyGoneGaga Mon 18-Nov-13 18:23:40

Really sorry to hear that, Duvet. sad Take care.

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MrsA2 Mon 18-Nov-13 18:44:05

Sorry duvet x

Zing I found your post very helpful! thank you!

I've got my booking in apt on Wed (I think I'll be 7+6). The MW was lovely on the phone so hopefully will be equally nice in person!

funkymonk Mon 18-Nov-13 18:45:29

So sorry duvet. I can empathize with you after same experience in july. Xxx

Little Angel this is my long awaited first. I had began investigations at a fertility clinic hence am entitled to a 7 weeks scan on the NHS. They say 7 weeks as baby has heart beat from 6 weeks onwards. External scans are possible from 6 weeks. I miscarried at just over 5 weeks and had to have internal ultrasound.

Littleangel21 Mon 18-Nov-13 18:52:07

Hi Funky,

Thanks for your advice.

Sorry hear you had to go through that in July but it seems all too common. I hadn't any idea. I'm 28, newly married and this lovely, incredible baby was a complete surprise. I'm anxious anyway and prone to panic attacks and since finding out I've been worse! I just don't understand how woman can go through this uncertainty and have to carry on working whilst feeling bloody awful! Xx

DoesZingBumpLookBigInThis Mon 18-Nov-13 18:58:40


anxiety and panic attacks (inc hyperventilation) are no fun - I think you'd benefit from counselling.
it really helped me.

but for a quick solution if you start hyperventilating think 7-11 in & out - count to 7 while breathing in and count to 11 while breathing out.
concentrate on nothing else, block everything out until you feel you have control again.
It's a great technique. hth

funkymonk Mon 18-Nov-13 19:52:15

Littleangel please try and stay calm. The stress will be no good for you. It is normal to have worries though!

What symtoms are people having that are around 4 weeks? I'm just having odd cramps but nothing else so far

Babymamatobe Mon 18-Nov-13 20:00:39

My main symptom is lower back pain, neusea on and off and trouble sleeping at night, but that's probably down to my head being full of baby thoughts!!! Lol

Hollyjokes Mon 18-Nov-13 20:21:34

Symptoms for me are tiredness and on/off nausea. I was having cramps all over the weekend but they've eased today. I've been having to join DD in her afternoon nap most days as I just feel totally knackered.

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