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October 2013: no pushing in from the back of the bus, please

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MrsHoratioNelson Tue 08-Oct-13 12:01:49

Stats sheet here

[[ New arrivals here]]

SC - still cooking (pre EDD)
SFW - still f***ing waiting (post EDD)
OWT - on way to theatre (CS)
IP - induction in progress
SWIL - somewhere in labour
LIT - lost in transition

pinkbuttons Tue 08-Oct-13 14:01:53

Checking in and love the title mrsH heres hoping my baby is born on this thread! if it lasts 10 daysnit wont have a choice anyway.

yum to all bakers, am now making lemon drizzle cake.

Glad monitoring all ok pink

nat sorry to hear your struggling today. im having one of those days too and may cry at my appt on Thursday if midwife wont even do a sweep.

Haylebop12 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:03:38

pseudo thanks for that info... Bf lady is coming tomorrow so will definitely ask. Or it might just be a case of teaching him to latch without as I've only tried maybe 7-8 times in two weeks.

nat she's doing better. Sticking to her routine and bedtimes has been key. Still besotted with him, surprised he's got any cheeks left!

pinkbuttons Tue 08-Oct-13 14:08:29

also just watching midwives from last night and would like to slap that lady being so rude to the midwives that are trying to help her baby!

AnythingNotEverything Tue 08-Oct-13 14:09:55

Just checking in ... Nothing exciting to say, but SC @ 38+6 here.

Manically glossing banisters and skirting boards as we're having a new wooden floor and stair carpet fitted from tomorrow. I'm hoping all the time on my hands and knees will get this baby moving!

Good luck to Heff for tomorrow!

Natalieand Tue 08-Oct-13 14:11:04

I have to say where regarding last nights midwives I wonder where the hospital would stand if the baby died, are they actually able to take the decision away from her and just do a c section or would they have to leave her and let the worst happen if she really never did back down ??

OrangeBlossom2 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:11:08

Wow Clapham glad they took all your feedback seriously. Hope you don't feel guilty, sounds like he was completely incompetent.

I buy plastic disposable piping bags from the supermarket which come on a roll. They are much thicker and shaped than ordinary freezer bags but that would be worth a shot. I find them much easier than the cloth one that came with my piping nozzles as you don't have to wash it up and dry it out.

roofio87 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:28:47

checking in - SHB here (I'm trying out a new abbreviation, its Still Had Baby....... not sure where he would have gone though! wink )
all good here, in true scouse baby style we've had trips out so far to Asda and home and bargain!! just wanted to make sure we both get outside every day. also went to register him at gps today!!
hope everyone sc is doing well, sounds like sweeps are being done lots which is good, I was still completely unfavourable at 39+6 so couldn't even have one!!

OrangeBlossom2 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:31:59

Just finished knitting a little hat for the baby. Much quicker than a blanket, just took last night and after lunch this afternoon. I think I will stick to little projects, might look up a mitten pattern to match now. Any other novice knitters I found this pattern good because lots of others I looked at needed double ended or round needles which I don't have and it only uses simple stitches. knitting pattern

xuntitledx Tue 08-Oct-13 14:42:56

clapham - my favourite piping bags are from Lakeland and they're marketed as non-slip I think. They're huge and very robust!

Think I might also make some choux buns this week as you've planted a seed...!

Off to midwife shortly, going to ask for another sweep so will see what happens.

notsoold Tue 08-Oct-13 14:47:47

Sc at 37+4 here!!!
Loving the new thread!!

Batch cooking for family and soups for me when out of hospital.

I don't know who asked but my mum is not italian, my dad is so she learned simple Italian cooking. ..

And dyeing my hair because I am fed up of my greys and certainly of not being able to have the Brazilian blow dry during pg. Half my hair is straight and the roots ( the whole 9 months of it) is really curly. And I miss my toenails and hamds looking lovely with colour, because mw said that no nail varnish from now on....

apperleydapperley Tue 08-Oct-13 15:12:54

ooh a new thread already! just marking really.

I was wondering that too Nat about midwives last night and at what point they would have been able to overrule the mother for her and her baby's own good... felt very sorry for the midwives trying to help her.

clapham yum - profiteroles, i may just have to make some go and buy some now you've mentioned them! The m & s profiterole stack would go down well right about now grin

Hopefully having a sweep too at mw appoint tomorrow, although i'm not convinced baby is anywhere near ready, it seems to have moved upwards and relieved the pelvic pressure i've had for the last three months confused - someone tell it that's the wrong direction!

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 08-Oct-13 15:16:49

Nat from what I have gathered from my colleagues who do clinical negligence law, ultimately they have to get her consent for procedures (including a c section, even a crash one) so they would have had to have respected her wishes.

In practice, I suspect what they would probably have done was to get a couple of doctors in to explain the risks (one to explain, one to witness) and get her to confirm that she didn't want intervention. The hospital would (I think) have had to go to court to take action if she didn't consent and I'm afraid its likely that her baby would have died or been seriously injured by the time that happened - it's difficult to get even an emergency court order in less than about 3 hours. There are judges "on call" as it were, but its a question of the hospital's lawyers getting to one in time.

If she was unable to consent (eg because she had passed out) her next of kin would be able to consent for her and then it's their decision. I couldn't tell from the programme who the bloke was - her partner or an adult son? He wasn't exactly trying to reason with her but I'm not sure I'd have wanted to either in his shoes!

I had to turn it off because it was making me too cross - I guess the baby was ok in the end, since they showed her on telly?

textbook Tue 08-Oct-13 15:28:10

Checking in - cheers MrsHN for the new thread grin

Good luck Heffa for tomorrow, fx it all goes smoothly for you x

MoN you've had some excellent advice already on this and the last thread. It must be such a horrendous juggling act for you, and you must remember to look after yourself as well as your family thanks

Clapham I'm also a massive Friday Night Dinner fan - the constantly topless dad is my absolute favourite, and 'shit on it' has definitely entered our household vocabulary grin

Thea is now 2 weeks old (where the hell did the time go?!?) and is now 7lb 7oz, so had regained weight plus 2oz. So pleased, but finding bf very hard atm - it's not that it's difficult, as she feeds brilliantly, but it's the feeling of being totally tied to the bloody bf chair, and not able to share the night feeds with dp. I finally got to sleep at 1am last night, then was up again from 2am until almost 5am, then back up at 7:30am confused I'm totally fucking exhausted to be honest, and having dp snoring in bed the whole time I'm up isn't helping at all, and I'm starting to feel really resentful. Rubbish. Hope everyone else is finding things a bit easier xx

Flyer747 Tue 08-Oct-13 15:29:18

Get you MrsH a font of knowledge. I too suspected it was down to her regarding consent.

Roofio I love a bit of home bargains, you can't beat it. grin

Good luck to those hoping for sweeps or positive news on babies impending arrivals.

OrangeBlossom2 Tue 08-Oct-13 15:32:21

thanks textbook, sounds like you are doing brilliantly for her to have regained her birth weight. Wow two weeks already?! I hope it gets easier soon as her tummy grows and she can take more at once so it is a bit quicker/more time between feeds.

apperleydapperley Tue 08-Oct-13 15:40:33

Thanks for explaining that MrsHN guess that makes sense, thank goodness she consented in time (yes the baby was fine)

textbook can't believe there are babies 2+ weeks old from the thread shock, i guess it goes quickly once they're born - sorry you're finding it tough.

I've just updated the spreadsheet as best i can with births. Just checking - no news from oddlife or warlin?

Flyer747 Tue 08-Oct-13 15:50:03

Textbook thanks you are doing a brilliant job by the sounds of things. X

xuntitledx Tue 08-Oct-13 15:55:41

Back from midwife, no sweep due to unsuccessful one on Friday so she didn't see any point in doing it sad

Follow up appointment booked for Friday when they'll give me another sweep and also an induction date for next week (in case sweep not successful).

Mixed feelings really, still very disappointed at the no-show but also pleased that at least by the end of next week, we'll have a baby.

SHIT ON IT!! (Another Friday Night Dinner fan here and that phrase has well and truly been adopted in this household!)

Smitten1981 Tue 08-Oct-13 15:59:26

Thanks Clapham, haven't been posting much as I haven't got much to say lately apart from moaning how achey my ribs are, but no one wants to hear that - ha ha.

Settling into maternity leave though, I've resigned myself to just gestating for the next few weeks and to stop feeling guilty about not having a routine.

I wish my inept manager would get the sack, he's so awful. Still, won't have to worry about that for much longer grin

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 08-Oct-13 16:12:59

Friday Night Dinner a big hit in those house too.

Flyer you have no idea the amount of useless information at my fingertips. Useful information? Not so much grin

Apperley I think Warlin has had her baby, a little boy I think, but I'm getting confused on FB with RL names and MN names...

Natalieand Tue 08-Oct-13 16:18:35

mrsh glad its not me just getting confused with names. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a different set of people lol

Flyer747 Tue 08-Oct-13 16:20:25

Yeah warlin had her baby was it yesterday or Sunday?! She posted a pic on fb x

legallyblond Tue 08-Oct-13 16:22:26

Textbook - this (constant feeding, especially at night) is really normal at 2 weeks and only lasts a few days - it's a classic growth spurt time. Honestly, bf gets soooo much easier a few weeks in and if you stick with it you will be so grateful (no need to get sterilised bottles, so easy when out and about..).

Re the woman on midwives, don't forget Mrs HN, they could have got a psychiatrist in to declare lack of capacity and then made the decision for her. Capacity is unfortunately something I have to think about all the time at work wink. Tbh though, I doubt she would have lacked capacity....

legallyblond Tue 08-Oct-13 16:23:53

And I need to rejoin Facebook, but I looked at DH's page and its totally changed in three years... confused

claphammama Tue 08-Oct-13 16:37:08

Shit on it untiitled... but hope "a lovely bit of squirrel" will make you feel better tonight grin

textbook, as legally says, the worst should be behind you now! don't give up x

orange no, I don't feel bad about my manager to be honest... it was based on confidential feedback from 7 different people who reported to him and it had to be very bad for them to at on it so quickly and so strongly. My company is very tough like this - there is nowhere to hide when you don't do a good job... and he really was a terrible and very selfish manager...

smitten fear not... your hands will be very full soon!

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