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December 2013 - waddling slowly onwards

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LadyMedea Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:36

Our new thread!

itsliz Wed 02-Oct-13 07:12:28

Haha, for a second there cc I thought you meant you were going to make some porridge and coffee for the cat! grin

5am club for me too, although it was closer to 2am this time. Woke DP up by getting up to go to the loo, which made him grumpy for all of about 5 mins until he fell straight back to sleep.
Dozed off again eventually but ended up waking up with DP when his alarm went off for work at 6.

Being unemployed and having no money is rubbish, but it does mean that I can go back to bed for a bit now...!

Featherbag Wed 02-Oct-13 07:26:05

I asked ours if they have brains etc. in a spare parts cupboard, but apparently not hmm

ccsays Wed 02-Oct-13 07:45:03

itslz Yes, looking back that sentence doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? grin

Made DP a coffee and porridge (which makes him feel guilty about being such a sleep grump, heh) and we had a bit of a laugh about it, so all's well. He looks really tired though, I feel quite guilty, especially as today's a day off for me confused

PistachioTruffle Wed 02-Oct-13 07:55:02

I couldn't work out what the 'p' word was either, at least I'm not the only one haha!

Mildred, I hope you manage to get your shift covered!

Sleep has been slightly better the last couple of nights, I'm still waking 3-4 times plus but managing to drop back off instead of lying awake (probably through sheer exhaustion, I'll probably be back in the 5 o'clock club tomorrow)

My skin is terrible at the moment, both flaky and dry AND really spotty hmm

I can't really be bothered to do anything either, unless its shopping for baby stuff which I can't afford at present.

froubylou Wed 02-Oct-13 08:12:15

Morning all

Well touch wood I have slept quite well for me the last few nights. Dozed off around 10am then awake about 4.30am, DP's alarm goes off at 5am, he leaves around 5.45am and I drift back off until 7am. Its still awake a lot earlier than what I would like BUT at least I'm not up at 2am, 3am, 4am etc etc. I usually have a wee, a sip of water then play on candycrush then MN then FB then another forum I use then drift off lol.

Feel so much better for blitzing house properly yesterday. Been decorating kitchen/diner for 2 weekends so it's been a bit upside down and not much point dusting etc when the dining room table is in the lving room. But all clean and shiny and tidy now and loving the new kitchen. Actually done some baking 2 days on the trot lol. So much nicer to be in that I actually want to be in here!

For all you sewing enthusiasts I noticed Aldi had some decent sized packs of thread and sewing kits in yesterday as well as some wool? Didnt notice the price of the wool but the sewing kits were £3.49 which was good value for what you got. Wish I was 'crafty'. Am rubbish at anything like that and really wish I could use a sewing machine and 'run up' my own curtains etc. My MIL was brill at it and was going to teach me but she died before we got around to it.

I did want to mention somebody but can't go back a page to see who it was lol.

We're a bit skint too. Sigh. Be OK next week but I have to work to a budget this weekend. I'm really good at it but DP is rubbish lol. So need to be firm with him. It's nice to go out shopping and stuff and wander around and pick up any bargains but when you just don't have the spare cash you don't have it.

Still have the pram to get, as well as a few other bits and pieces. Seen a Mothercare Xtreme I think it is in the outlet near me for £140 instead of £400. Doesn't have the carrycot which I did want but does lay all the way back. Have decided to get a chunky 3 wheeler travel system for the winter months and going to the ponies and to shows next year, and then invest in a smarter umbrella style buggy for summer. Loved my maclaren when DD was a baby so think I'm going for one of them when baby is old enough to sit up a bit. So don't want to spend a lot on the travel system.

Wish I had a spare £140 quid to get that one to be honest as it is quite smart and will do the job I want it to do. Bet when I have some cash I don't see anything lol.

Off to see if I can squash in any of my coats. Sigh. Its pissing down here and I never got around to buying one. Fuck. Can see the school run being in the car this morning!

NomDeClavier Wed 02-Oct-13 08:32:37

Hi kitty good luck for the growth scan.

Sounds like you have a serious case of p-brain mildred! I agree occy health should be all over you the minute you mention it.

cc my DH does the martyr thing too. Ugh. I've told him in no uncertain terms this time if I tell him to go and sleep elsewhere the he needs to go and bloody well do do. There is no point both of us being overtired.

The guy next door was beating his dog last night and then he shut it outside so it's been whining and howling since then. Poor thing sad I really need to find out whether here's somewhere I can report it too. It sounds almost human sad

Day 3 of being semi-housebound. Bare bottom potty training might work but I don't see how we'll ever leave the house again. I've managed to introduce DS to the concept that Mummy is tired so he'll play with his cars beside me in bed while I snooze a bit more. Can't wait until they're old enough to get up, pour themselves cereal and switch the TV on by themselves <evil grin> or DS is old enough to babysit his siblings. How old do you reckon before that happens - 5? 6? grin

PinkWitch803 Wed 02-Oct-13 08:43:11

I managed to get back to sleep! But not sure how good it was. DP briefly woke up this morning and was immediately grumpy. He is really crap when he is poorly, and he called me a bad patient! He is asleep again now. Fingers crossed he can fight this cold. He can take all the drugs!

Stom91 Wed 02-Oct-13 09:34:27

Morning all.

Sorry to those that aren't sleeping... I slept ok but had to get up to pee several times.. And both my arms feel like mike Tyson has punched me due to the jabs yesterday ... Mw rang I passed the GTT test woo smile and my iron levels are really good. May celebrate with cake haha.. Going to see my great uncle today as he's not been well since his op... Then off to the range to have a mooch...

DD keep scarring me and only doing small movements.. I haven't felt her this morning yet but been in bed so going to have a shower and try the cold drink and lying on my side thing...

PinkWitch803 Wed 02-Oct-13 09:40:37

Congrats on your test results. I have my 28 week appt this Friday.

My stupid cold has now migrated to my chest which makes me sound like a 20 a day smoker!

mumoftwoboysS Wed 02-Oct-13 10:15:11

Morning! I didn't sleep too badly-woke @ 4 when ds1 said he had lost his teddy, went for a wee, then had to getup for another wee at 6.30!

nom how's the potty training going then? I tried with ds2 a few days ago and nothing then this morning he said he wanted to use the potty and did a big poo in it- the first time he's done anything in it! I was almost crying with joy (god, pregnancy hormones) so now thinking maybe he is ready to do it! Have to go out this morning tho so can't do the housebound thing-it's harder with the second one-we need to go on the school run later so can't just stay in for 3 days solid. May have to use pull ups tho don't really agree with them.

Good start to the day ESP as our new car was delivered too -woohoo! Well DH will be driving it mostly as it's a replacement for his company car but I'll get to use it sometimes and @ weekends- it's a 7 seater so I really feel like a suburban housewife with 2.4 kids now! (Well almost 3!)

Nom that poor dog- where are you living? You should be able to alert the RSPCA?

violetbean Wed 02-Oct-13 10:33:24

Hey all,

Just write a long post and phone swallowed it, argh!

Welcome kitty, hope growth scan went well. The bump measurements are weird. One midwife measured my bump from only just above my belly button and said I was measuring small. 2 weeks later another midwife measured from practically underneath my boobs and said it was measuring perfect. She didn't do much feeling around for the fundus thing so no idea what to think, but am just going with the flow!

Congrats on the GTT result Stom! My arm was red, painful and a bit swollen for 5 days after the whooping cough jab but is absolutely fine now. Glad I had it done. Flu jab next week, joy!

Frouby hope you didn't get too wet on the school run.

Had a rough night's sleep too, very vivid, confusing dream - one of those ones where when you wake up you can't work out if it actually happened. Hope those with insomnia have a chance to rest today, I'm definitely going to take it easy.

Think Nom is in France so no RSPCA - may be wrong though?

Stom91 Wed 02-Oct-13 10:42:40

Thanks smile it's not red or swollen I just have a little dot where the needle went but my god does it hurt lol. Lifting my arm up hurts lol.. The flu jab arm is fine just hurts abit to lay on it.

DP is off to Budapest on sunday for a 2 nights on a stagdo... I ddon't know why but this time I'm really worried.. Cos he'll be drinking loads and he's in a foreign country.... Though it's not different to the one he went on in June.. They're staying in the same place and everything...

WhisperMen Wed 02-Oct-13 11:13:21

Hey everyone,

I am in a horrendous mood today. Everywhere aches, really bad indigestion and I am exhausted but can't sleep because I am in too much pain.

Just had a shower to see if it helped the pain and now I feel fresher but even more exhausted.

Does anyone want to shoot me? I would be most greatful.

kitty213 Wed 02-Oct-13 11:33:54

oh thanks pink803 i didn't expect anyone to be awake so didn't check back, i have my growth scan at 2pm so am looking forward to seeing her again, ill let you know how it goes smile

PinkWitch803 Wed 02-Oct-13 11:39:18

No worries Kitty, being awake most of the time is my new superpower. Only all my other abilities such as thinking and functioning have been reduced to dust.

LadyMedea Wed 02-Oct-13 12:37:22

For everyone suffering from aches and pains I recommend one of these

Like a wheat bag but I think they hold the heat better and they don't stink of lavender (I hate lavender) and they can even go in the washing machine if you spill chocolate angel delight on them. This shape is segmented too so works great for necks and lower backs.

MrsShrubs Wed 02-Oct-13 12:43:25

welcome kitty when are you due? Do you know what you are having?

Had a hormone break down last night, was fine for most of the evening and then started getting a bit ratty, covered my stretchmarks in cream and started to get really really ratty over them and then OH accidently jabbed me in the boob and I just burst into floods and floods of tears, it didn't even really hurt so I've no idea why that set me off. Poor guy didn't know what was going on!

Luckily I'm not doing too badly on the sleeping front at the moment, just having to get up once to go to the loo, fingers crossed it stays that way up until we have little one here waking us up!

kchapper5 Wed 02-Oct-13 12:59:59

Afternoon all!
frouby I've gone for a 3 wheeler for the stables too.
Welcome kitty hope your scan goes well.
mrsshrubs I had a similar meltdown over my weight gain the other day so big hugs on the way to you smile
My current ailment is lower ab/ pubis area pain it feels musculature but every form of movement hurts going to sit down walking rolling over when I'm trying to sleep. I'm going to mention it to my mw at the next appointment but I've got a 29 week one not a 28 sad

froubylou Wed 02-Oct-13 13:00:40

Well anyone that feels shitty is welcome to mine to come and eat some of this yummy-even-if-I-do-say-so-myself cake.

Having a bakewell theme today. Done a big tart for after tea, a dozen small ones to use the last bit of pastry up and then some strawberry marbled fairy cakes to use the last of the mix up.

Just waiting for the little ones to cool down enough for me to check they are as nice as they smell lol.

What I ought to be doing is cleaning the windows inside. But can't reach half of them so waiting til DP gets in to help.

Once this lot of baking is out to oven might be snooze time lol.

WhisperMen Wed 02-Oct-13 13:04:10

ooh frouby that sounds lovely. I wanted to bake today but I don't have the stuff I need and DP took the bank card so I can't go and get them. I'll just have to make do with eating crisps.

froubylou Wed 02-Oct-13 13:04:27

kchapper which one did you go for? I know from experiance that they get a bit battered, not to mention muddy and shitty lol so don't want to spend too much on one. It was either get a decent travel system to use from birth and for best, then a cheapy 3 wheeler off ebay or something for the yard, or spend a bit more on a decent buggy later to save for home and best and relegate travel system to yard.

We intend to be back out showing april time so it needs to be pushable across fields etc. As well as warm enough for the school run over winter when baby is tiny.

Not much to ask for lol.

kchapper5 Wed 02-Oct-13 13:41:08

We went for the cosatto giggle travel system thankfully paid for by my parents. I definitely wanted something sturdy as hopefully either myself or the girl I've just part loaned my mare too will be taking her out to do the late hunt season and then back on the local riders club jumping.
whisper if you do get round to baking please send some my way smile

Roselau Wed 02-Oct-13 15:20:45

i've been really busy today but do not worry, I have now hopped on the 4am train... woke up at 4:16am and could not fall back asleep because of stupid anxieties so featherbag you are not alone. plus baby girl was dancing the jig in there. fell back asleep around 6am only to have my alarm ring at 630.

anyways, while i don't have severe money troubles like some of you, it will still be a big adjustment to go from two salaries to one, and the new job my DH took in the US is paying much less than what he was making here. Thankfully we have savings, but I was hoping to keep them for a downpayment on a house at some point... I am 31 so it would be nice to own a place. But the world has decided otherwise for us. so I'm just rolling with it.

jealous kchapper that your parents are pitching in. My parents are nice and generous in some ways, but quite cheap in others. I think I have pissed my mom off by moving to the US, so they definitely wont contribute to anything because they will feel like their contribution is them coming to visit. not really fair but I hate talking about money things to them so I'm just going to let it go. My MIL is super generous, but she's not buying the stuff we need and i dont know how to tell her. she keeps buying little dresses, and i'd so much rather help with a crib / car seat / stroller etc.

OK off to MW appointment - hopefully it's a bit less useless than last time.

Stom91 Wed 02-Oct-13 15:59:51

Having a proper hormonal moment and all I wana do it balk my eyes out. So tucked into a box of malteasers lol.
Been invited to a masquerade party. I hope dp. Let's us go. I'm really excited as I've always wanted to go to One. I'll be 36 week by then but think it'll do. US good to have a night out before dd arrives x

MrsShrubs Wed 02-Oct-13 16:15:07

thanks kchapper!

Competely feel for you stom just when you think the hormones are under control the crying wants to break out! Def do you some good to have a night out before dd arrives and let your hair down, even if you only go for a couple of hours.

Frouby cake is exactly what I need right now, that all sounds amazing!

Hope MW goes okay rose

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